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How To Find Your Doorway To Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities: Finding A Doorway

Are you looking for your psychic abilities? If the answer is yes, there are other ways to gain psychic abilities, aside from looking for them. The first thing you have to do is find out why you want a psychic ability and which psychic ability you are looking to have. Finding a doorway to your psychic abilities is not hard, but it takes constant practice. Many psychic abilities in the Universe are interesting and useful, but it is not always given to people as they tend to be misused.


Different Psychic Abilities

Popular psychic abilities include healing, psychokinesis, and telepathy. However, people dream about getting more special skills such as remote viewing, clairvoyance, and precognition. Not everyone can wield such strong psychic abilities. Most will start small and work their way towards a bigger goal.

There are a lot of ways to get psychic abilities. One of them is exercising your psychic base power. The other is to find a doorway.


Create A Barrier

Before you start your journey to the Universe, it is important to protect yourself by creating a barrier bubble. This barrier keeps spirits from coming close to you when you project yourself into the spiritual world. For a newcomer, it can be overwhelming when you first enter the psychic plane.

After visualizing a barrier, focus on making it stronger to keep you safe when you connect to the Universe. The barrier can also block out negativity and help you focus on your task at hand. This is a crucial step for everyone, as you might be bombarded with spirits wanting to talk to you or suck your energy dry.


Imagine a string or cord grounding you to your body on Earth. You can now visualize traveling or connecting to the Universe. The first few attempts might fail, but with practice or a guide, you will be able to astral project into the psychic plane. You can call upon a Guide to help you when you are in the psychic plane, or make sure your guide on Earth remains connected to you throughout the journey.

Spiritual Awakening

Focus on your Spiritual awakening. You might feel a change, such as feeling unconditional love or being able to see everything with clarity suddenly. Other signs include feeling complete or having a sense of calm and peace washing over you. Once your spirit awakens, you can visualize a door appearing on your side of the bubble.


Open The Doorway to your psychic abilities

When your predestined psychic ability comes knocking, you can now open the door and let the ability in. Allow the ability to combine with your soul and feel its power. Not all psychic abilities come with instructions, but all come with the rule: psychic abilities are not for harming others.

You cannot use your ability to gain the upper hand by manipulating people. The consequences can be dire. The Universe can take back what it gives, and misusing your psychic power can lead to more pain.

Hunt For The Doorway

Another way to find the doorway to your psychic ability is to hunt for it. For fortune hunters, or if you have a Spirit Animal, hunting for psychic powers is fun and a great way to explore your Spirit Animal’s world. The Universe is vast. Many abilities are available to you if you look for them.

With your Spirit Animal as a guide, look for a door or a sign that helps you recognize the ability for you. Even though you might not be able to find a doorway during your first few visits, this is still a good bonding time for you and your guide. The trick here is to know your limit. Hunting can be fun but also dangerous if you let your spirit energy run too low. Listen to your guide, and use its strengths to find a doorway.


Some cultures encourage you to find your doorway via meditation, where your soul travels into the Universe. During meditation, the doorway might appear to you when you pass a few tests. Usually, the door will appear when you are spiritually ready to receive a gift from the Universe.

With meditation, it is important to make yourself comfortable before the journey. Usually, meditations last about half an hour to an hour, but they can be longer once you are strong enough.

Chances of Receiving the Ability

No matter which journey you choose to take, it is important to remember that we do not always get the ability on our first try. Sometimes it takes months and years before the Universe deems us ready to have a psychic ability, or when the time is right for us to have one.. Do not feel let down or angry, as that will diminish your chances of receiving a psychic ability.

Instead, focus on practicing your innate psychic skills to prove that you have the mental capacity to own psychic ability. Other things to focus on are strengthening your psychic barrier and the relationship with your Guides in the Universe.


Is your ability real? The surest way to validate it is to not believe that you have gotten your psychic ability. Instead of focusing on trying out your new powers, approach your powers with an open mind. Keep a diary and note any interesting unexplainable occurrences and how your body and mind feel when it happens.

Not believing that your ability is real (although you want to) helps keep you in perspective and helps you identify when your psychic ability is in play. This skepticism can also help you determine if the doorway is working or not.

Heal Someone

After establishing that your ability is indeed real, it is time to determine why you are given the power. The Universe gives reason. It is your job to find out what. You might be called upon to heal someone or to help guide someone through a tough time.

You can make a big difference in someone’s life. Your goal is to use the psychic ability to aid. Seek guidance from a Spirit Guide, as they will willingly point you in the right direction.

Find More Doorways

There is no single method to find a doorway to your psychic abilities. You do not have to just stick with one method. If you want a different ability to add to your repertoire, you cannot wield it. Then it is time to exercise your present ones.

Ask your Guide the purpose of you being given the ability, and practice with them until you are comfortable with the power. Once you can perform your ability comfortably, you can proceed to exercise toward a new ability. By now, you should have your barrier up easily all the time. You can now find more doorways towards other psychic abilities.

Exercises For Developing Psychic Abilities

There are many exercises to develop psychic abilities. These exercises can also serve as a doorway towards new powers. You should find a teacher who has experience in psychic abilities. Your teacher should be honest with you when practicing for a new ability or when you travel to the psychic plane to discover more.

doorway psychic abilities

If you are not comfortable with a human teacher, a Spirit Guide is just as helpful. Focus on fulfilling the task that the Universe has given you, and you shall be rewarded well.