Chain Symbolism & Meanings

Chain Symbolism & Meanings

There are many ways to tell the story of your life, through words, pictures, and sometimes just with a tattoo. While before tattoos were more looked down upon, people are starting to overlook that and get more tattoos every year. Young and old people alike are getting newly inked often. While getting a tattoo just because it looks cool is a totally valid reason to get a tattoo, many people like getting tattoos that mean something to them.

Using symbolism is a great way to find a tattoo that fits what you’re looking for. You might want a tattoo that shows how you feel, or you may see a tattoo on someone else and wonder what it means. This article will discuss the symbolism behind chains and chain tattoos. This is a relatively common tattoo pattern, so it’s interesting to learn what it is about and learn why so many people have it. After reading this article you might learn that the chain tattoo is just what you’re looking for when it comes to new ink.

There are a couple of different ways to look at chain tattoos. Firstly, there are completed or connected chain tattoos. These tattoos usually wrap around an arm or leg. All of the chain links are connected. It hardly matters how many there are, just that none of the links are broken. This type of chain tattoo symbolizes something almost completely different than a broken or disconnected chain tattoo. This article will describe the differences in symbolism between these two type of chain tattoos and they discuss some of the things that chain tattoos in general have in common.


Connected Chains – Symbolic Meanings

Connected chain tattoos tend to have a more depressing symbolic meanings than broken chain tattoos. This is more less a symbol for bondage, or a lack of freedom. This could be one of the reasons why chain tattoos in prisons are so common. The chains that link handcuffs are one of the big things that add to the chain’s symbolism.

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When you are chained up, whether in handcuffs or metaphorically, there isn’t much that you can do about your current situation. People in chains may feel repressed, closed off, or limited. Connected chains are not likely to symbolize connections, but disconnects. Ironic, isn’t it?

Broken Chains Symbolism

Broken chain symbol, on the other hand, have a much more positive meaning and symbolism behind them. Broken chains generally just symbolize the opposite of a connected chain. Freedom, liberation, expression, and individualism are all symbolic meanings of a broken chain. You are free from your confinements and you can do what you want. You can take control of your life!

Broken chains can also symbolize disconnected bonds. Depending on what these bonds are can make the meaning better or worse. If you are disconnected from a friend or loved one then the tattoo takes on negative symbolism. If you are are disconnected to something that made you feel burdened or unimportant, then the broken chain symbolizes something more positive.

General Chain Symbol Meanings

Although there are big differences between these two chain tattoos, there are some similarities between them. One similarity is connections, unity and duty. If you are in prison, then it is likely that you will be friends or have something in common with at least one other person in the building. This might help you to feel connected. You may have someone waiting for you on the outside who may help you to feel connected to the outside world.

Even broken chains can symbolize connections – connections to your confined past or connections to others who have the freedom that you do. This also goes the same way with unity. Duty is different. Many military members also have chain tattoos. They have a duty to their country. Prisoners have a duty to do their time. Free men and women have a duty to stay free.

These are just some of the symbolic meanings of chain tattoos. People with chain tattoos are likely to have their own reasons for having the tattoos that they do. If you want to know why they picked a chain tattoo, just ask them. If you have questions about other tattoo symbolism or symbolism in general, then you can read more articles like this one here on Sunsigns.Org.

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