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Weasel Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: Being Observant In Life

Weasel Spirit Animal Symbolism

Animal totems have a significant impact on our lives. These totems can help you to discover yourself and give you a chance to be self-aware. They might assist in understanding the past and applying this knowledge to know how to improve your life. Totems are a means of personal identity. They might help you throughout your life or come to you at a particular time of need. Many ancient cultures believe that animals have a strong connection to the spiritual world. Even now, animal signs are being used all over the world, like this weasel spirit animal.


The meaning of the weasel totem varies in many cultures. In Greek culture, the weasel is seen as an omen of bad luck, especially if a woman is getting married. The weasel is said to be an unhappy bride trapped in a weasel body and bound to destroy the wedding. In Native American astrology, a weasel is seen as a bad sign. It symbolizes being sneaky, conniving, and misleading. Also, in Japanese culture, the scream of the weasel is considered to bring misfortune. In Macedonia and France, the weasel is an omen of good fortune and is not to be killed.


Weasel Associated Traits

Stealthy, Cunning, Skilled, Clever, Revengeful, Observant, Intuitive, Cute, Smart, Loving, Lucky, Cheerful, Playful

Weasel Spirit Animal

Symbolic Meaning Of Weasel

The Weasel spirit animal symbols have small, slender bodies, and, although they might seem cute, they are vicious predators. Nevertheless, they are cheerful and playful. The slim body of the weasel helps them to chase their prey into burrows. They are quick when it comes to taking an opportunity. They take advantage of everything they can drag to a safe place.


The cunning nature of the weasel shows us how to create a safe place for ourselves and stock it up with things we might need later on. It could be people, material things, or random ideas, but a weasel will always have something hidden in its home.

Their eyes point directly forward and follow their noses. People who have weasels as a totem are highly focused on what is in front of them. These people stay focused on their goals.

These animals have a symbolic link to the underworld. Their keen sense of smell and ability to see in the dark is what links them to the secrets of darkness and creation. Weasels have very accurate senses and keen intuition. They look through things, and one can never hide anything from them.


Weasel Totem Symbol

If your animal totem is a weasel, it can help you improve your senses and guide you in the right direction. If you don’t develop your sensibilities, your mind can get stuck in a box – you are capable of a lot of focus but don’t lose the ability to see clearly around you. Having a flexible mind will improve your life and lessen anxiety and unnecessary fears. You can afford to have a light attitude towards dangerous things. Your playfulness and joy will bring you success.

Weasels are extremely fast in maneuvering. Their slender body helps them to do so. If this is your power animal, it teaches you to be quick when trying to avoid danger. You always have to have a safe place where to rejuvenate. You will feel comfortable if you have a place where to escape if you feel threatened.

In nature, these animals produce a scent if under attack, and the tail’s hair gets prominent. This is meant to scare off the predator, but it might not work so well. Therefore the weasel is better off running and hiding in their cave. This also symbolizes your need for more security in your life.

Weasel Power Animal

The weasel animal symbol is a powerful and complicated totem. It can help you in uncovering hidden secrets, even the ones within you. It can help you bring out some of life’s mysteries to the surface.

Weasel people are powerful allies to have. You have the capability of seeing what others do, especially when it comes to competition. You might use a bit of unethical methods, but in the meantime, look innocent – that’s why people usually don’t catch you in action.

It is also true that people do underestimate you. You are a loner and enjoy observing things from afar, but you have high intelligence and capabilities. You can use this in your favor- let your opponents think you are weak; this is how you will get ahead of them.

What Does Seeing Weasel Animal Totem In Dreams Mean?

To see a weasel animal totem bent on a marauding expedition in your dreams warns you to beware of the friendships of former enemies, as they will devour you at an inopportune time. If you destroy them, you will succeed in foiling deep schemes laid for your defeat.

To see a weasel symbol in your dream signifies friendships and betrayal. This beautiful little animal is predatory, hence the meaning in your life. Some old friends or new acquaintances might seem friendly from the first sign but have bad intentions. This person is ready to tell you everything you want to hear, but they will stab you in the back later on.

It is not worth believing this person or hoping for them to change. If a weasel has shown you who that person is, be careful; if you try to trust them, you might get hurt and carry a feeling of mistrust and stupidity with you. It may also signify your general distrust towards others.

Seeing Different Colored Weasels

Alternatively, a weasel totem in your dream might also signify that you have been dishonest and ambitious. This attitude may repulse other people and deny you opportunities to benefit. Although it is sometimes necessary to use your cunning nature, be sure not to hurt other people by doing so.

A white weasel in your dreams is a warning for your pets. They might have some health issues, or they can also foresee the death of an animal.

A grey weasel or one with spots on its fur signifies the need for white lies in your life. In your career, this signifies taking extraordinary actions that might seem a bit unethical. In your personal life, it means achieving your personal goals with kindness and empathy. Try changing your tactics, and use a little bit of the cunning nature of a weasel.

If a weasel is licking your face in your dream, this means you are going to get a new and great friend. This new person probably needs support, but you will be significantly rewarded afterward for your patience and empathy towards them.

If the animal is attacking you, it may foresee a conflict. You must not get into this conflict because it might last for a very long time. It is best if you deal with the problem calmly and don´t respond to provocation.

Weasel Spirit Animal: Conclusion

The Weasel Spirit Animal has many qualities and a fascinating nature. Despite their small body, they have a lot of capabilities. Learn from the nature of the weasel – it has good looks and a fun nature. In the meantime, it still is a predator. They are to be trusted, and they can make a good friend – for example, the very popular ferrets are also from the weasel species. Cute, smart, and loving, but they will not hesitate to steal from your plate. Keep that in mind when meeting a weasel.

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