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Gemini Gemini Love Compatibility

Gemini Gemini Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Gemini and Gemini emotionally, mentally and sexually? Read on…

Gemini Gemini love compatibility is the most amazing combination of the Zodiac. Okay what do you call a four people group? Foursome! This two are creatures of broad mind and are a harbor of creativity. Freedom is their haven and the ability to express oneself is a great honor to them. They want to win in all they do. Victory makes them sleep at night and failure makes them dull and moody. The Gemini and Gemini soulmates will wake any drool party and make it cool. Yes they do get all the invites to all the get-togethers at least to cheer every one up.


The Gemini personalities are very interesting. They possess an expression that is very intriguing. This Gemini Gemini couple treasure the existence of irony, sarcasm and criticism. This is because they think they are always right on all issues at hand. They want their methods followed even if they have to put their partners under duress. This kind of intellect overshadows the necessities of a relationship.

Things like love, sensitivity, care and genuine emotions are not shown in a Gemini and Gemini relationship. This should not be the case. Geminis are advised to take their relationship to be the most important thing in life overriding all the fuss. This will keep the Gemini and compatibility going and make it a total success.

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Gemini And Gemini Love Compatibility – Positive

The Gemini and Gemini friendship is controlled by Mercury. This is the obvious symbol of communication. They will discuss their issues and they will stay up expressing their feelings about the ruling party especially if they support the opposition.


Yes, they will gossip about the new neighbor and how weird the new kids in the block are. They also enjoy traveling far and wide. They will go halfway across the world to do shopping. This is the kind of people they are.

Gemini signify Air thus they think too much and concentrate on logic. They love more rationally than emotionally. Like the air they have a very minute concentration span. They cannot sit down and listen to a speech in a conference. They always zone out.

Gemini is a mutable sign. The Gemini and Gemini in love are very flexible when it comes to decision making. They discuss their options and cut their losses when need be. This is the only couple that is able to practice the art of compromise with less difficulty. They have a very peaceful relationship they consider harmony a crazy type of bliss.


Success is a guarantee for the Gemini and Gemini love compatibility. Other than their reckless expenditures now and then, they are financial giants. They will succeed in life no matter what. They will work towards a better future every day of their lives. They are regarded highly by the community all coming from their many investments. They are very wealthy people at the end of the road. They live a normal life but they spoil themselves when need be. The Gemini man will buy that sports car and the Gemini woman will get those diamonds she badly needs.

Social is Gemini zodiac‘s middle name. These people are social beings and will attend cocktails and get togethers. They also entertain the crowd a lot so everyone invites them to their parties and brunches. The problem here is when these two meet, they both have so many friends everywhere and are invited by all of them. Here they may have to create a formula to forego some of the events and it may get very tricky. If this couple get a way to indulge in each other’s circle then they will enjoy their love and not have unnecessary arguments.


In this Gemini Gemini compatibility, both like simultaneity and change. They want to be in love with a different person everyday. They want their lover to change everyday. From this look to the other look, from this hairstyle to the other. The Gemini Gemini in bed like variety and they will give it as long as it’s given to them. If this does not happen, then they are very likely to cheat on their partners and it may be a long road to a good relationship.

In a Gemini Gemini marriage, these people have the most amazing sex life. This couple get to it like its the only thing to do in the world or its the last thing to do in this universe. They understand each other’s sexual mind. They thrive in the satisfaction of their partners. They will go to all lengths just to make things sexually right in bed and out of it. Their hunger for each other is always evident when they are caught in there neighbors closet during a party. Yes its crazy like that. (Read about Gemini sexuality).

Gemini Gemini Compatibility – Negative

Gemini star sign have a problem of being overly moody. The two get into very good moods then they change very drastically. The interesting thing is that the partners still get surprised by the change while they themselves do the same unknowingly. They do not get moody at the same time and this may make a perfect day bad for one partner.

Worst case scenario for the Gemini and Gemini compatibility is when they are making out and they are almost having sex then one’s mood changes. Yes they are capable of doing this. Unfortunately there is no remedy around this. Understanding by the other person who is not moody at the time is the only solution.

Gemini men and women are busy bodies. They have a million ideas which they want to see through. They are the kind of people who own a stall, a hotel and a salon. They invest in almost all areas and are not scared of taking risks or giving a chance to a project they have just thought about.

For this reason, the Twins venture in many areas and it is hard for all of them to fail. The only risk in this practice is there tendency to throw money every where. This might not yield much. The Gemini Gemini love compatibility hence is advised to slow down on all the investing. At least stick with the good ones and concentrate on them instead of obsessing over the next thing.

Gemini And Gemini Compatibility – Conclusion

Have you fallen for your identical Twin? Take it slow and go with the flow. In a Gemini Gemini compatibility, let them into your life without thinking of all the bad decisions you have made in the past. Do not pull back just to prove that you do not want them that badly. This may push them away.

Be open when having conversations and do not fear that you are too talkative. Be you and they will fall in love. Do not do anything to trigger the bad moods but be very understanding when they crawl in. You will be shocked by the similarities both of you share. Get into the love maze!

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