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Gemini Woman Sexual Traits

Gemini Woman In Love

The Gemini woman is just as seductive as the Virgo. With her flirtatious nature, she really enjoys teasing members of the opposite sex. She is extremely attractive and beautiful and has a very open mind about everything in general. This is why you will find that the Geminis like to discover their sexuality at a much earlier age than usual.

Some Gemini women will even explore it with their female friends; hence their warm acceptance of threesomes. However, as much as the Gemini woman is completely open-minded and comfortable with her sexuality, she is very careful the moment the opportunities arise.

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Gemini Woman In Relationships

The Gemini female is a fun-loving character who when exposed to one second of boredom, could put her relationship to a complete end. This fact makes it a little bit difficult to seduce her.

One minute she is down with you for anything but the next, she jumps ship and forgets you ever existed. You will need to keep her thoroughly entertained all the time.

Being in a relationship with a Gemini woman could be something closely related to a roller coaster ride. She enjoys being up and about and is not a fan of routine. You might find that she enjoys participating in a wide variety of activities.

Be it yoga classes after work to hiking, rock-climbing, golf on the weekends, she will do them all. She is an enthusiastic individual who is full of energy and pumps the same into her relationships. So be physically and mentally prepared for all sorts of sporadic activities.

Gemini women enjoy bonding with their partners via words, being conversational in nature. They will want to know about people and places too. If you want to be on the same level with your Gemini crush, you have to be more than a good listener.

This means that you also have to be good with words because they are attracted to people who produce witty remarks especially on their first few dates.

Gemini Woman Sexuality Traits

When it comes to sexual relationships, the Gemini girl prefers to have more than one person around her so that she can have more people to share her ideas with. The Gemini zodiac sign finds this very satisfying, maybe even more than sex. With this in mind, it is highly possible for the Gemini woman to fantasize more about sexual experiences as opposed to taking part in them.

These fantasies happen especially if they are of a more wild nature such as orgies. In addition to that, she will have a group of very close friends with whom she flirts with but does not get deeply involved. Therefore, if you want a serious love or sexual relationship with a Gemini woman, then maybe you should think twice.

She is not exactly the commitment type and if she does eventually end up there, it might take a long while. So if you really like her, be patient. This astrology sign also don’t thrive well in faithfulness or love compatibility. However, they do not really expect it from their partners as well.

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