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Fitness Workout For Gemini

Gemini: Right Kind Of Workout

With the kind of chaotic energy the Gemini zodiac sign person has, you need to find a fitness workout that satisfies your need for variety. Because you have trouble standing still, you do better with cardio exercises and high-impact workouts. You will have trouble maintaining a routine so enjoyment is key.


Fitness Workout For Gemini

Fitness Sports For The Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini, symbolized by the twins, has a hard time sticking to one thing, so your exercise regimen should be different every week. But because you are so active this should not be a problem. One week you can try something with a group, like fast-paced sports such as basketball or hockey.


The next week you can do something by yourself such as rock climbing or rollerblading. There is no shortage of possibilities for keeping you active. Swimming, gymnastics, machines at the gym, Zumba – all of these and more are perfect for this air sign. These activities have enough variety in and of themselves to keep you interested and keep your heart rate up at the same time.

playing basketball

Gemini: Exercise Workout Regime

As long as you remember to work out regularly, and not just once every couple of weeks, you will see positive results. This is where it will be tough for the Gemini sun sign, though, because you aren’t used to waiting for things.


You want instant gratification, meaning patience is not your strong suit. But since you enjoy high-energy exercises you will probably see results sooner than those doing lower-energy workouts.

You just have to make sure to maintain a steady workout regimen, since you aren’t likely to keep track of your progress in any way. Try using an easy computer program to track things like calorie intake, exercise time, and weight loss. They are quick and easy to use, and you can move on to something else immediately. The only thing you’ll probably have to slow down for is eating.


But just as important as staying active is having downtime, and you can make yourself sick if you don’t get any relaxation. Try watching an action flick or playing an exciting video game to unwind and refocus your energy on slowing down a bit.

Fitness Workout For Gemini

Gemini: Healthy Diet & Food

Since you are always on the go, it’s probably not unusual for you to eat on the go as well. This means fast food, TV dinners, or meals that don’t require a lot of fresh ingredients. Even though you hate planning, it’ll allow you to prepare some healthier meals on the weekend and be able to take them with you during the week.

A steady exercise workout and a balanced diet are necessary to stay healthy, so make some lists of your goals and stick to them. You love learning, so do some research on easy and healthy recipes.

Geminis should try gyms that offer 24-hour services to accommodate you whenever you have the time in your busy schedule. If you approach this aspect of your life as you do everything else, it will fit right into your active lifestyle. And you won’t have to rely on unhealthy means to maintain it.

It’s important to engage in some mindless activity once in a while to recharge your batteries, both physically and mentally. You can fit everything else into your busy lifestyle, so don’t forget this part. It’s just as important to rest as it is to keep moving healthily, so try to include both.

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