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10 Natural Foods That Boost Metabolism

10 Natural Foods That Boost Metabolism

We all find our bodies and mind at times experience a drop in energy. It is at these times we are most vulnerable in terms of giving in to sweets, unhealthy sodas and junk foods!

So what can we eat instead that tastes good and provides us with a healthy, natural pick me up?

This article looks at 10 foods that we can turn to when needing our snack or energy fix.

So here they are:

#1. Banana Smoothie

The picture below says it all. What could be more refreshing, delicious but also healthy than a banana smoothie. Bananas themselves provide you with energy. For sweetening use honey, which is a natural sweetener. Also you can add in some sweet berries if you want to mix things up a bit! Also if you really want to be a bit naughty you can add some ice cream, just a spoonful or so!

banana smoothie

#2. Carrot Cake

No icing preferred! This will give you a welcome pick me up and carrots are unusually sweet.

#3. Dried Fruits & Nuts

This is a really healthy snack to have stored in your office desk drawer. Dried apple is especially tasty and refreshing. If you are concerned with fibre and have had any issues with constipation (from too many hours at that desk!) eat dried apricots and prunes.

dried fruits

#4. Salad

Yes, that is right a green salad has a lot of energy boosting power without the calories. Add a bit of balsamic or other vinegar for flavour or even salad dressing and you have yourself a powerful energy boosting meal.

#5. Fruits

Fruits are a welcome energy booster either on their own or as a fruit salad. Just make sure the liquid of the fruit salad comes from the fruit and that it is not sugar-laden.


#6. Lean Meat

Any lean meat ideally with salad are ideal with healthy larger snack or meal pick me ups. Once again just make sure you have low fat sauces and of course mineral water or a glass of wine. Either of these is preferable to soda or soft drinks.

lean meat salad

#7. Dark Chocolate

A little bit of dark chocolate is okay. Do I see you smiling from ear to ear?:-). The reason, dark chocolate actually contains more antioxidants than fruits. It is good for the heart, mind and as we all know, the soul!

dark chocolate

#8. An Apple

Yes the humble, simple apple. Perhaps it is why the old English saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true.


#9. Water

Although not a food it is more than just any old liquid! It is the source of life and has the quality of a food. Whilst we can survive many days without food we cannot survive even 36 hours without water! Quality, clean water also contains as much if not more nutrients than many foods!

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#10. Green Juices

These green vegetable juices have been around since the 1970’s. However in 2013 they made a big come back. Now nearly everyone is at some time or another having a green juice, said to be the elixir, the juice of longevity of our decade!

Essentially it contains kale, lettuce, spinach, banana (adds sweetness and offsets bitter taste) and a dash of honey. The real value of green juices are they give you a natural energy boost that is sustained all through the morning or afternoon, unlike coffee where you get a temporary energy lift.

Also the properties of the drink are anti-cancer, anti-diabetes and general all round well being. They also provide overall protection against infection keeping colds and other bugs at bay while making you feel naturally great! You can also add some celery and gingko balboa. Celery will actually give you energy and causes you to lose weight while gingko biloba is great for boosting those brain cells to power you through a long afternoon at the office.

green juice

So next time you try and make the excuse that all healthy foods taste unpleasant think of all of the above foods. They not only taste great but they are very good for you too.

Also…don’t feel bad about snacking. Remember Winnie the Pooh when you were a kid. When he had elevenses and from memory twos or three o clocks. Snacking mid-morning and mid-afternoon is an effective way to eat, to supplement main meals with healthy small snacks, re-vitalizing your reserves to work or play optimally. It is just what you reach for when you say “I feel like a snack”:-)

Okay, you are allowed 2-3 pieces of the pile above, no more! Moderation is the key. Then 2 more pieces as a reward when you get home from work…oh and maybe another two since you have been so good saying no to McDonalds, the usual six coffees, the bag of sweets you were going to buy but bought a smoothie instead!

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