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Calorie counter

Calorie Counter

The Calorie Calculator is a tool to allow you to determine the approximate number of calories required to maintain your weight and health. This is an estimate and your level of activity must also be taken into account as well as the need to get a complete range of nutrients. Get your free Calorie Counter Calculation.

In the current decade going forward, we have all become obsessed with health issues. One of the major issues is the maintenance of health and an appearance that is generally thought to be appealing. For a woman this requires her to be slim, and so diets are more the rule than the exception.

To gain good employment and social status a woman must look like a model, though this is not a typical look for an adult female in good health.

For this reason we have all become very aware of calories. A calorie is a unit of measure indicating he amount of energy contained in a food. The energy we need for our daily tasks is provided by our meals.

However the body needs a specific number of calories. So we calculate the calories needed based on: weight, height, gender, age, and activity level. When we eat more calories than we use we will gain weight and may become obese.

Because food is a necessity of life we cannot just stop eating.  We get the calories we need from the various foods we consume.  The Harris-Benedict equation is used to determine the correct number of calories that should be eaten. This equation provides the BMR (basal metabolic rate). There is then an adjustment done based on activity level to determine the calories needed for weight loss.

If someone has been eating 5000 calories a day but they require 2100 then they will need to cut back on the calories that they consume quite severely. But they will probably not drop much below 1500 calories daily to be sure they get all the nutrients they require.

After the BMR is determined, any needed adjustments are made; a linebacker will need more calories than a secretary because of the level of physical activity as an example. This set number of calories is a guide but you also need to discuss this with your doctor and possibly a nutritionist. Extreme measures are often not safe so do be sure the calorie count is appropriate before you go on a diet.

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