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Theodor Billroth

Birthday :

April 26, 1829

Died On :

February 6, 1894

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Bergen auf Rugen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

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Theodor Billroth still reminds us that creative and radical product trend in the medical industry. Theodor was one of the total medical surgeons of the 19th-century. His surgical career didn’t prevent him from aiming for his musical talent. In short, he was a multi-talented persona. He is defined as the patriarch of advanced abdominal surgery. He became the very first person to achieve a scientific analysis in the music industry. His passion for learning allowed him to visit countable medical facilities. All ages loved his charming personality. That’s where a surgeon of all time name chipped in.He used his free time to complete his medical books and research papers.

Early And Childhood Life

On April 26, 1829, Theodor Billroth was born in Austria, a Swedish origin. Before joining the University of Greifswald, he attended his lower education in the same locality. He then entered the University of Gottingen. He received his doctorate from the University of Berlin. By the end of his doctorate, he commenced his educational tour. Billroth visited many medical schools in London, Prague, Edinburgh, and Vienna.


Early Career

During his course of health, Theodor Billroth gained a pseudonym name as the surgeon of great initiatives. From 1853 to 1860 he served as a doctor in Berlin. He then went to work as a professor in the course of 1860 to 1867 at University of Zurich. His passion for medical surgery made him to volunteer where he worked at Weissenberg and Mannheim hospital. This happened during the Franco-German War.

By the end of 1867, Theodor Billroth served as a professor of surgery at University of Vienna. He gained several distinctions, and in the process, he wrote medical books and papers including General Surgical Therapy and Pathology. In 1871 Theodor became the first person to achieve an esophagostomy surgery successfully. He followed it up with gastrectomy in 1881 and Laryngectomy in 1873.But this didn’t mean that he was as perfect as possible. In fact, he was about to kiss his death when one of his patients died due to wrong applications.

Theodor big success came in 1881 where he performed a cancerous pylorus surgery. By a good chance, the surgery was a success. This is what started the new and modern type of surgery in medicine field. In the long, Theodor also specialized in plastic surgery.


Later Career

Putting aside the daunting medial illustrations, Theodor Billroth loved music to the core. He knew how to play the violin, piano as well as writing different compositions. He befriended Brahms where he also participated in one of his rehearsals. By the end of his musical journey, he wrote an inspirational essay titled who is musical. The book was published after his demise where it illustrated different music genre from tonal variations to rhythm balance. This was regarded as the first scientific method in the field of music.


Health And Legacy

From 1887 Theodor Billroth battled with a lung infection. He breathed his last in 1894 in Austria-Hungary. He will forever remain as the Founding Father of modern abdominal surgery.

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