Red Buttons Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Red Buttons

Birthday :

February 5, 1919

Died On :

July 13, 2006

Also Known For :

Comedian, Film Actor

Birth Place :

New York City, New York, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


Red Buttons was born on February 5th, in 1919. He was a well-known comedian and an actor. Due to his remarkable acting and comedic skills, he earned himself a Golden Globe and an Oscar Award.

Early Life

Red Buttons was born Aaron Chwatt on February 5th, in 1919. His birthplace was in New York City. He was the son of Michael and Sophie Chwatt. When he clocked 16, he landed on a job as a hotel porter in City Island. The uniform that he wore while working here is what led to his nickname “Red Buttons.”



Later, in 1942, Red Buttons kicked off his acting career on Broadway with his role in Vickie. He played alongside Uta Hagen and Ferrer. Shortly after, during the same year, he featured in Wine, Women, and Song.

The following year, Buttons was drafted into the army. Here, he continued acting as he entered the army’s Broadway show called Winged Victory. Other stars that he played with included the likes of Karl Malden, John Forsythe, Lee J. Cobb and Mario Lanza. In 1944, he featured in the movie Winged Victory, Directed by George Cukor.

When the war ended, Buttons maintained his performance in Broadway productions. In the early 1950s, Buttons began his TV show called The Red Buttons Show. This show was aired on CBS for three years.


Rise to Stardom

In 1957, Red Buttons featured in Sayonara. He starred alongside Marlon Brando. Button’s remarkable performance garnered him an Academy Award for the category of Best Supporting Actor. Following the recognition that he gained from the film, Buttons landed on several film roles including Hatari!, Five Weeks in a Balloon, The Longest Day, When Time Ran Out, 18 Again! and The Poseidon Adventure.

Still, on TV, Buttons is best remembered for his guest appearances in shows such as Little House on the Prairie, The Eleventh Hour, and Knots Landing. Buttons’ last role on TV was with his presence in ER.

Buttons contribution to the film industry was honored by being given a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Personal Life

In 1947, Red Buttons wedded Roxanne Arlen. This marriage did not last long as the two went separate ways shortly after. His second marriage was to Helayne McNorton in 1949. This marriage also ended in divorce in 1963. Buttons wedded Alicia Pratts as his third and last wife. They got married in 1964 and lived together until Buttons lost his life.



Red Buttons passed away on July 13th, in 2006. His cause of death was as a result of heart disease. He was 87 years old when he died. 

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