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Raymond Fernandez

Birthday :

December 17, 1914

Died On :

March 8, 1951

Birth Place :

Hawaii, Hawaii, United States Of America

Zodiac Sign :


Raymond Fernandez was born on December 17, 1914. He was an American Serial Killer. He and Martha Beck are known as ‘The Lonely Hearts Killers.’ He died at the age of Thirty six years.

Early Life

Raymond Fernandez was born Raymond Martinez Fernandez on December 17, 1914, in Hawaii. He was born to Spanish Parents. He later moved to Spain. He later served as a Merchant Marine in Spain. He after that after World War II served as a British Intelligence. He later left for the United States to search for a job.

He was involved in an accident in which a steel hatch fell on his head and fractured his skull which might have likely led to the deterioration of his social and sexual behavior. He was later imprisoned for a year for stealing some clothes. He was then converted to believe in voodoo and black magic which he later claimed that gave him charm over women and irresistible power.



Raymond Fernandez met Martha Beck with whom they had a close relationship since then. He later returned to New York where she followed him after she was fired from her job. They later developed a strong bond between themselves. He later told Beck of all the criminal plans that he did and tend to do. They later lived as siblings not to raise any alarms. In 1949, they committed murder together after Beck came home and found him in bed with her then engaged fiancée Janet Fay.

She then smashed Fay’s head with a hammer and Fernandez followed by strangling her to death. They later fled away. They later went to Wyoming Township, Michigan. They later met Delphine Downing who was an old widow with her daughter who was two years old with whom they lived with. After Downing became agitated, he gave her sleeping pills to relax her. Beck after that choked the daughter nearly to death after she saw her crying being insecure that she might release the message of her mother’s situation.

Fernandez then later shot the widow thinking that when she became conscious, she would see the marks around her daughter’s neck. Beck then later drowned the daughter in a basin of water due to her crying. They later buried the dead bodies under the basement. They were later arrested after neighbors raised the alarm following the missing of the widow and her daughter. He then denied committing seventeen murders. They were later convicted of Janet Fay’s Murder and sentenced to death by electric chair.


Personal Life

Raymond Fernandez married and had four children whom he abandoned later. He died on March 8, 1951, after being executed in the electric chair. He died at the age of Thirty Six years.

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