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May 17, 1990

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Fashion, You Tube

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PiinkSparkles is a beautiful and attractive Canadian beauty and fashion enthusiast. She is also a great YouTube blogger and a model. She is famously known for her YouTube channel, 'PiinkSparkles' that has over 950, 000 subscribers. Besides 'PiinkSparkles,' she has two other channels, 'PinkBarbieDolly' and 'SocksVsbarbie.' With more than 1200 videos on 'PiinkSparkles,' she has videos ranging from shopping tips to makeup tutorials. She has so many fans who learn fashion tips and trends from her. On Instagram, PiinkSparkles has over 164, 000 followers. 

Childhood and Early life

PiinkSparkles, whose real name is Samantha, was born in Canada on May 17, 1990. Her mother's name is Stacy. She has two siblings, a younger brother, Derek and an older sister, Chelsey. From an early age she has had a very close relationship with her mother, she even calls her 'best friend'.'She also adores and respects her father, and looks up to him. 

As a child, Samantha loved to eat custard. She grew up loving to watch the television. Samantha also played a lot of sports when she was in school, especially basketball, volleyball, and badminton. She loved mathematics too and was one of the best in her class when she was in high school. 



PiinkSparkles created her YouTube channel on September 21, 2009; she later went on to post her first video on May 1, 2010. The video, '3 quick and easy hairstyles for school', was a tutorial on how to make beautiful, natural hairstyles for teenagers. This video had nearly 150, 000 likes and made her gain over 5000 subscribers. 

Samantha has two other YouTube channels, 'PinkBarbieDolly' where she mostly posts some regular vlogs and vegan recipes. She features her brother in her other YouTube channel, 'SockzVsbarbie,' which has 300, 000 subscribers. In the channel, she does nonspecific challenges. Her channel's most viewed video is, 'Most EPIC Present Ever,' which she uploaded in July 2014. The video currently has more than 5.5 million views. 


Beyond Fame

Besides being attractive, Samantha is very humble and full of life. She appears as a cheerful personality and always maintains optimism in all her videos. Like every lady, she loves to look great and keeps a healthy diet to help her stunning natural beauty to flourish. She says that every woman is beautiful and that there is nothing extraordinary about her. Her goal is to make all women love and appreciate their beauty, and feel confident. 


Personal life

PiinkSparkles loves to stay fit and eats lots of vegetables to fill up her body with nutrients. Her hobby is traveling, and she hopes to travel with her family all around the world in future. 'Four Christmases' is her best festive season movie and her favorite TV show is 'Breaking Bad.' Her favorite color is pink and light blue. She also loves tattoos. 

PiinkSparkles recently stopped to live with her family after moving in with her boyfriend in Dalton. The two have a dog, and a cat and are planning to get married in the future. The couple also has a different YouTube channel, 'The Challenge Champ,' where they post challenges. 



PiinkSparkles is a fashion enthusiast and frequently blogs about many fashion sites for latest reviews of products and gives advice on accessories and make-up.

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