Napoleon III Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

Military Leader

Napoleon III

Birthday :

April 20, 1808

Died On :

January 9, 1873

Birth Place :

Ajaccio, Paris, France

Zodiac Sign :


Napoleon III was a 19th-century French leader who served as a French Emperor. Before taking control of his native home, Napoleon III chaired different governmental seat. But his future projected that he would once come to rule Europe. Determination and effort gave him a chance to shape France during his reign. He was born on April 20, 1808, in Paris, France and he took his reign after his nephew Napoleon I who was exiled in 1815. Above all, Napoleon III had plans on how he will come to regain the French throne.

Early Life

In 1832 Napoleon III began his reign by writing military tracts and several political ideals. After the exile of Napolean I in 1836, Napoleon III was chosen as the President of the Second Republic. He remained in the seat till 1850 where he was selected as an emperor in 1870. April 20, 2008, marked the 200th anniversary of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 1848 after the fall of Bourbon monarchy, Napoleon III formally returned to France. At that time French Constitution allowed four years term in the Presidential seat. However, in 1853 Loise Napoleon forced himself in the government. After eleven years, the Second French Empire was set. That is where Napoleon was declared as Napoleon III, Emperor of France.

Beside his reign, there is an interesting story behind his connection with Camden Place and Chislehurst. He came to know Emily Rowels, a young beauty through his father who owned Camden Place. Louis Napoleon visited her more than thrice a week. The plan was that Emily was to pay attention to the deals that they made with Napoleon III. It came to be known that Emily provided 100% of assistance when Napoleon III escaped from the French prison in 1846.

His second attention went to another English beauty, Elizabeth Howard. Beside the two, Louis-Napoleon had different romantic attachments. In all, Napoleon III Empire didn't live for years. Reason being that Louis-Napoleon was removed from his seat due to the disastrous battle of Sedan in 1870.


Later Life and Legacy

After Louis dethronement, his son, The Prince Imperial, and wife, Eugenie escaped to England. He was later released in 1871 and went to England where he stayed till his final years. He thought one day that he would come to regain back his seat. After two years, Napoleon III underwent an operation. Unfortunately, Napoleon III died on January 9, 1973, in London, England.

Despite his reputation as a war-maker and dictator, Napoleon would be remembered as the first man to modernize France. He made sure the rebuilding of Paris was done as well as the creation of the modern financial system. Not to mention he also built the France Railways Network. He is acknowledged as the first ruler to have taken good care of the French economy.

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