Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Biography, Life, Interesting Facts


Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.

Birthday :

July 25, 1915

Died On :

August 12, 1944

Birth Place :

Hull, Massachusetts, United States Of America

Zodiac Sign :


Childhood and Early Life

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was born on the 25 July 1915 and was the eldest child of Rose Fitzgerald and Joseph Kennedy. He was the brother of  President John F. Kennedy b.1917. Other siblings were: Rosemary b.1918, Kathleen b.1920, Eunice b.1921, Patricia b.1924, Robert b.1925, Jean b. 1928 and Edward b.1932.



Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. attended Choate School in Connecticut in the USA. He did a year’s course with the London School of Economics in 1933, before enrolling at Harvard University (1934-1938). He then went on to Harvard Law School but left before he had completed his studies (1941) because of World War II (1939-1045). He volunteered as a U.S.Navy flier and was presented with his wings in May 1942.


World War II

Initially, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. flew in patrols in the Caribbean and then in September 1943; he was sent to fly B-24’s with the British Naval Command. Kennedy was killed in action on the 12 August 1944 while flying on a top-secret mission when his plane exploded over the English Channel.  He had been given the opportunity to go on leave and encouraged his crew to do so, but he remained behind and volunteered for the special assignment.


Awards and Achievements

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross and the Air Medal. A destroyer USS Joeseph P. Kennedy Jr. was named in his honour and is now on display in a museum in Fall River, Massachusetts. His parents established the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation in their son’s honour in 1946.

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