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John Lee Love

Birthday :

September 26, 1889

Died On :

December 26, 1931

Birth Place :

Fall River, Massachusetts, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


John Lee Love

John Lee Love perfection stretched to unknown places. Reinforcing inventing ideas was his best bet yet. He is mostly known for patenting portable pencil sharpener. The black inventor came to end the local needs of sharpening their writing tools with the knife or rotary blade sharpener. Of course, it was a time-consuming and tedious ordeal. All that came to a standstill when Love went up to the challenge and gave headlines to none other than “Love Sharpener.” By the same token, he also invented something out of the ordinary; stay put.


Early & Childhood Life

There is little to no information about John Lee Love background. It’s presumed John Lee Love was born in Massachusetts, Fall River, on September 26, 1889. Lee passed his day time as an incredible carpenter in Fall River. The locals praised him for his carpentry and more unique designs plus high IQ.

It was in 1897 that he thought of applying for a patent specifying how he wants to improve a more portable pencil sharpener. He added that the device could be an alternative for ornament. His invention proved that the pencil could form an incredible shape once it’s put in the sharpener and whirled by hand.


Love Sharpener & Plasterer’s Hawk Invention

In contrast to the traditionally used sharpening mechanisms, The Love Sharpener blade was more convenient. Rather than being sizable blade Lee used a smaller knife where he encompassed it with a wood case. The result remains furnished to the customer’s satisfaction. What’s exciting and more appealing is that the device fits comfortably in the palm of one’s hand. In other words, a person has control over it. Another thing, the pencil shavings stay within the casing. As a matter of fact, Lee’s pencil sharpener design carries the day with convenience and design.

With his previous discovery, John Lee also conceived in detail an improved plasterer’s hawk.  Thus a tool that holds firmly to plaster and is used by plasterers or masons. It usually has a wood/metal board and handles for ease of use. In 1895, Lee improved the device when he instilled an aluminum board and a handle. Upcoming reviews suggest that it is more portable and lightweight.



Although Lee continued to live his decent life, his discoveries are second-handed far and beyond. The design remains to be the most fathomed designed. That’s a number reason why the method projected even to the unknown. Probably fame didn’t call because he passed at 42 years of age.

John Lee Love and nine fellow passengers died on December 26th, 1931 near Charlotte, North Carolina when the car they were traveling in crashed into a train.

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