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Jackie Chan

Birthday :

April 7, 1954

Also Known For :

Martial Arts

Birth Place :

Hong Kong, China

Zodiac Sign :


Chinese Zodiac :


Birth Element :


Jackie Chan, the Hong Kong martial arts film actor, is famously known for his remarkable stunts around the globe. He comes with a comedic and robust pose that has enabled him to walk on the strings of success. Despite his decent background, he endured uncountable injuries and had to work hard for him to be accepted as the legendary star. There is no single time that Jack came to use any particular effects aid while in the act of practice or acting.

When Chan was in the process of filming the ‘Armour of God’ movie, Jack almost died. He is defined as the most significant start in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. In all, he managed to forge his acting ability by combining high-rise kicks escorted with modish humor. He is known for notable movies and episodes such as Who Am I?, Enter The Dragon, Forbidden Kingdom, Shanghai Noon and much more.

Childhood And Early Life

On 7th April 1954, Chang Kong Sang was born to Lee-Lee who was a housekeeper and Charles Chan, a butler. He spent his childhood days in China, Hong Kong, Victoria Peak where he was born. The results of China Civil Wars in 1960 caused his family to immigrate to Canberra, Australia. Jackie's parents had to borrow some money just to make sure that he was delivered safely through surgery. This came as a result of his birth weight of 12 pounds.

During his childhood days, his father used to wake him at wee hours to practice Kung Fu. His dad believed that Kung-Fu lessons would teach him more patience, character, courage, and strength. When he turned seven years old, he took a head cook job in Australia. This is where Charles Chan intervened and brought him back to Hong Kong at the Chinese Opera House.

It is a state house that is meant to cultivate someone’s talent and manifests its end ambitions and values. Though the people who controlled Chan’s new staying place were quite brutal, Jackie Chan was destined to live there for ten years.

During his ample time at the China Drama Academy, Chan learned different martial arts. From acrobatics, acting and singing, he managed it all. It was tough for him to live in a harsh environment but he didn’t have a place to call home.

Therefore, he waited for his send-back to come. According to the opera house rule, if their master or mistress died, they had to change their names. So, in respect to his tutor, Jackie obliged to the rules and changed his name to Yuen Lau.


Rise To Stardom

Before moving out of the academy Jackie Chan and his friends acted in several films such as Seven Little Valiant Fighter and Little Wong Tin Bar. He later formed a team with his fellow actors Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung. Later on, the three worked together hence the name ‘Little Brothers’ was created.

After ten good years of patience, Jackie Chan left the Opera house at the age of 17. This was when he started to make his films, but they were flops because of Bruce Lee’s come-back. He later managed to come up with his very own style and brought up a mix of action and comedy in between.

In rising to perfection, he became famous in the Asian movie industry. But little did he know that it was only for a short time and lacked a fruitful acting opportunity. He opted to go to Australia in search of greener pastures. He spent several years working as a stuntman. I mean Jackie comes with a relentless kind of reputation, and he would try any style of martial arts.



When still in Australia, Jackie Chan used to work on a construction site and a restaurant. It was confusing and very annoying for him to balance between the two. He aimed to follow his acting dream. Unfortunately, he didn’t have an option for a white-collar job. Reason being that he wasn’t taught to read and write when at the Chinese Drama Academy.

In 1976 at 21 years of age, he received a telegram from Willie Chan who majored in Hong Kong movie industry. He was in search of a bold and fierce character for a new film ‘New Fist of Fury’ produced by Lo Wie. There and then Willie and Jackie agreed, and he ended up being his manager and closing friend.

Once he stepped in Hong Kong, Willie controlled his first-time career. Chan recognizes Willie as the main ladder to his success. Unfortunately, the movies that he participated in weren’t that successful. It was concluded that his talent wasn’t used accordingly, so he took many roles without success.

It was until then that Jackie Chan opted to follow his comical and martial art style. Afterward, he managed to play three emerging films such as Snake in Eagle’s Shadow, Drunken Master and his first directing job Fearless Hyena. To his shock, all were blockbusters.


Later Life

Around the 80s, Jackie Chan started his acting fame journey. His fans began to nickname him as Pao-Pao, Little Jack, and Jackie. Unfortunately, many years passed before he attained his name in the Hollywood charts. He tried to make movies, but all were in vain. Reason being that his directors tried effortlessly to make him like the American movie stars.

Jackie wanted to take up his distinct style from the beginning to the end. He returned to his hometown and focused more on success in Asia. All was not lost till he played ‘Rumble in The Bronx’ which raised him into the American mainstreams. The action film gave him a place in the heart of America box office. He followed it up with Rush Hour, and others followed. In the process, Jackie earned several awards such as The MTV honor, Academy Honorary Award in 2016, Blockbuster Entertainment, Hong Kong Film award and much more.


Jackie’s Healthy Lifestyle

In his early years, Jackie Chan was conscious about his health. So he used to maintain the low carbs, sodium, and fat as a routine. To increase his muscles more, he ate lots of proteins. But as he continues to age, Jackie routines are now more relaxed than usual. Instead of doing a 50-minute walk, he would reduce it to 20. Till now exercise plays a significant role in his life and it will always be his end to end routine.


Personal Life

Besides being a film actor, Jack Chan is also a singer. In 1984, he managed to release over 100 songs in different languages. He is capable of singing in English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Cantonese. He is also passionate about leading humanitarian work in Hong Kong. He has worked day and night to aid many causes and actions.

When it comes to a relationship, Jackie Chan married Joan Li in 1982. The couple has one child a son called Jaycee Chan. Jackie was once frustrated when the news broke about his son’s was held in possession of marijuana. He has undergone criminal charges and was jailed for six months and a $320 fine. Jackie Chan had an out of wedlock affair with Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, they had a daughter in 1999; Etta Ng Chok Lam. He has never acknowledged his daughter in public eye.

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