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Birthday :

January 25, 1942

Died On :

January 5, 2014

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Birth Place :

Maputo, Mozambique

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Eusebio aka the Black Panther was famously known as the most profound soccer player in 1960s. In 1965 he received a European of the Year award. Eusebio rose to fame at 15 years old. He first joined de Lourenco Marques, and later on, he was formalized to play in the FIFA International Football Hall of Champions. It was here that he was named as the top ten players of the 20th-century under World Soccer Magazine and IFFHS. In 1966 Eusebio led his team with nine goals as well as completing his tenure with a World Cup the same year. He was known as the pilot in football fraternity.

Eusebio Personality

Eusebio was a middle-height man who possessed striking eyes that defined his confidence. Sociable and commitment were the order of his days. He was known as the real knowledge seeker who never lost hope on anything. While still an amateur, he was defeated, but he rose like a fresh rose flower in the morning. Besides his active persona, Eusebio was a great entertainer at heart. He knew how to connect with all kind of people. In short, he possessed a unique charm that made others gravitate when he was around.


Childhood And Early Life

On 25 January in 1942, Eusebio da Silva was born in Maputo, Mozambique to Elissa Anissabeni and Eusebio Kino. As a child, Eusebio spent his life in an impoverished town of Mafalda. He honed his football skill by joining a newspaper soccer team. After a short time, he teamed up with de Lourenco Marques Sporting Club. His high competence and aptness caught the attention of several managers in the field. For instance, manager of Lisboa e Benfica Sporting Club, Bela Guttmann gave him a chance to showcase his skill in his team.


Football Career

At 19 years old, Eusebio joined Benfica team in 1961. Despite his young age; his speed was up to the mark. He passed out of world moves and athletic shots that declared a goal. Even though Mozambique became a Portuguese colony, countable of Europeans had never witnessed an African player of such unforeseen talent. This is what led to his pseudonym name the Black Panther or Black Pearl.

In 1962 Eusebio rose to fame by scoring twice in Benfica European Cup against Real Madrid. He was declared as the winner of the European Football Player of the Year in 1965.Above all, he is remembered for his performance in the course of World Cup in England. He managed to score twice against Brazil and went home as a happy man. During the match, he again showed his prowess by defeating the Soviet Union with nine goals scored.

In 1968 and 1973 Eusebio made his team proud by winning Golden Boot. In the process, he also helped the Benfica club to win eleven Premier-Liga titles. In 1975 he resigned as Benfica player where he joined the Metros-Croatia club. After several years, he retired in 1979 at 37 years old.


Personal Life And Legacy

By the end of his retirement, Eusebio finished ninth in the International Federal of Football Statistics and History. He was subsequently known as the most productive player who made his country proud. In 2011 Eusebio was diagnosed with pneumonia and his health continued to deteriorate the following months. He gathered himself up where he joined the UEFA Europa League Final in 2013, Netherlands. In the mid of 2014, the soccer legend breathed his last due to heart failure at 71 years old.

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