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David Cameron

Birthday :

October 9, 1966

Birth Place :

London, United Kingdom

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Early Life

David Cameron’s family life involved being the son of Ian Donald Cameron who followed the career path of being a stockbroker. His business inclined dad, Ian Donald passed away on the 8th of September 2010. Cameron was the youngest son of Ian Donald and Mary Fleur.

London was Cameron’s birthplace, and his birth date was the 9th of October 1966. David excelled academically and remained at the top of his class. Cameron schooled at the Heatherdown Preparatory School and the Winkfield School in Berkshire. Winkfield School, in particular, was the school which was attended by British royalty - namely Prince Andrew as well as Prince Edward.

His academic history includes attending Eton College in Berkshire. His choice of Eton’s College showed that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Eton’s College was the college that both David’s father and older brother attended. Cameron was keen on the arts and despite a proven and significant academic record; he fell victim to drug addiction. Before taking his O-Levels, Cameron was found guilty of smoking cannabis.

The fact that David confessed to smoking led to him being fined. He was found innocent of not having a role in selling drugs and thus did not face expulsion. He did endure a strict punishment which entailed being grounded. He also suffered a "Georgic" punishment - he had to write additional Latin text.

Regardless of the cannabis addiction setback that he faced, David Cameron was successful in 12 O-Levels. The success led him to study a further three A-Levels in History of Art, History, and Economics with Politics. His results were noteworthy as he managed to score three A’s.


The Gap Year and Testimonial

David Cameron was lucky enough to have received excelled after making his completing his exam at the University of Oxford. His completion of his A-levels from Eton College led to him opting to take a year off studying. His gap year lasted nine months, and in this time he kept himself busy by contributing research to Tim Rathbone. Along with this, within three months of his gap year, he participated in the debates at the House of Commons.

His father’s firm business foothold allowed him to get a job in Hong Kong. During his three months in Hong Kong, he worked in an administration post for Jardine Matheson.

His travels to and from Hong Kong led him to be approached by two English speaking Russian men at the Soviet Union. This interaction with the Russian men had been seen as a deliberate try by KGB to get him to work for them.

The gap year ended with David choosing to pursue his studies at Brasenose University. His preferred degree which he studied for in Oxford was the Bachelor of Arts degree. And entailed getting exposed to subjects like Philosophy, Politics, and Economics was part of the bargain.

Cameron has proved to have obtained much positive feedback from his tutors and professors during his studies at Brasenose. One such Professor called Vernon Bogdanor had positive comments about Cameron. He said David was undoubtedly one of the most responsive and excellent from all those that he had taught.

The remarkableness of his academic endeavors and his reference as a student doesn’t stop with Bogdanor’s words. Guy Spier who accompanied Cameron to his tutorials mentioned that he was a remarkable learner.


Early Acclaim

David’s Bachelor’s degree in Arts was not his final stop. In fact, David Cameron completed an honors degree in the year 1988. After achieving this honor, he became a part of the Conservative Research Department by lending his advisory assistance to Norman Lamont as well as to Michael Howard.

His job description entailed being the Director of Corporate Affairs. He served as the director offering his service to Carlton Communications for some seven odd years. In his candidacy for Stafford Parliament, he had lost in the year 1997. Despite the slip of victory, Cameron was appointed a Member of Parliament at the Oxfordshire constituency of Witney.

Cameron faced a promotion two years after his appointments, and he eventually became in charge of policy co-ordination in the year 2005.This was not the last of his job victory. He was again victorious in the Conservative leadership elections. This election took place in 2005.


Notable Mentions

David Cameron was born into Britain’s royalty being part of the legacy of King William IV. The October born Cameron had excelled academically as well as in career and as such had received a high standard of education. Cameron is known for making the British Conservative Party a contemporary platform for politicians. David Cameron had won over the party members with his poise and elegance. Cameron did all he could to get his party ready for the general elections in 2010.

His reign extended to being elected as Prime minister in the year 2010. This followed the resigning of the celebrated Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. In 2015 Cameron led the party to an election win two years ago. Cameron offered Conservatives significant roles in the House of Commons.


Life as UK Prime Minister

Under Cameron’s reign as Prime Minister, the Conservatives were given many seats in parliament. David Cameron as Prime Minister was a great negotiator as he managed to involve the Liberal Democrats. By the tender age of forty-three, Cameron was one of the youngest Prime Ministers to lead Great Britain.


Loss of Office

David Cameron gave up his Prime Minister role last year. This was the result of Britain voting to exit the European Union in what is now reputed as “Brexit.”

Cameron’s decision to resign from his post was marked with as much controversy as Britain’s decision to be independent of the European Union. Cameron’s leave from his Prime Minister post was undoubtedly an emotional one.


David Cameron like his father established a stable marital life for himself. In 1996 he tied the knot with wife Samantha Sheffield. They are proud parents of four children.

Despite a happy family life, David Cameron did lose his firstborn who suffered from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. His child who battled these illnesses died at the early age of six.

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