Daniel F. Malan Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

Prime Minister

Daniel F. Malan

Birthday :

May 22, 1874

Died On :

February 7, 1959

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Riebeeck West, Western Cape, South Africa

Zodiac Sign :


Daniel F. Malan famously referred to as D.F Malan was a South African politician born in 1874. Between 1848 and 1954, he served as prime minister of South Africa. During that time, the apartheid system firmly laid down its foundations. Later, he was succeeded by Johannes Gerhardus Strijdom.

Additionally, Malan was the founder of ATKV, the Afrikaanse Taal- en Kultuurvereniging (The Afrikaans Language and Cultural Society). He greatly advocated for the acceptance of the then-emerging language Afrikaans.

Besides politics, Malan was also Dutch Reformed Church’s minister. He served in the position for a long time before switching to politics. Apart from studying theology, Malan also had a B.A in science and music. Also, he graduated from Victoria College after studying philosophy.

Early Life and Career

Daniel F. Malan was born on May 22, 1874, in Riebeeck West, South Africa. His name Malan was of French origin, specifically, Jacques Malan. Jacques was a French refugee.

Malan attended Victoria College, Stellenbosch where he studied Music and science. After graduating with his B.A, he trained as a minister for Dutch Reformed Church in Stellenbosch seminary.

Thereafter, Malan attained M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Stellenbosch (initially Victoria College). He then joined the University of Utrecht in 1900 where he studied for his Doctorate in Divinity. By 1905 he was done with his studies and returned to South Africa.


A career as Dutch Reformed Church’s Minister

Malan served an assistant minister for six months in Dutch Reformed Church at Heidelberg, Transvaal. Between 1906 and 1912, he was served at Montagu.

Afterward, he was stationed in Graaff-Reinet where he remained till 1915. He had the privilege of traveling to many places during his time as minister including Belgian Congo.


Political Career

The National Party was formed in 1914 in South Africa. Shortly after, Malan became a member. Later, in 1915, NP founded the Cate branch and with Malan as the provincial leader.

Malan became Member of Parliament representing Calvinia in 1918, marking his initial entry to parliament. After serving in the position till 1938, he again held the same position but this time representing Pikitberg.

In 1924, Prime Minister J. B. M. Hertzog came into power under the National Party. He appointed Malan as the minister of Education, Interior, and Public Health. Malan served in that post until 1933.

The following year, Malan led Purified National Party. It was an opposition party which he led for 14 years. During the Second World War, Malan was against South African involvement. In 1948, he was elected prime minister after defeating candidates from United Party. Malam would then hold the position for six and a half years later retired at the age of 80.


Personal Life

Malan was married to Maria.



The South African politician died at the age of 84 on February 7, 1959, in Stellenbosch, Cape Province, South Africa. In the same year, his work "Afrikaner nationalism and my experiences on the road to it"(Afrikaner Volkseenheid en my ervaringe op die pad daarheen) was published.

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