Muhammad Ali Bogra Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Bogra

Birthday :

October 19, 1909

Died On :

January 23, 1963

Also Known For :

World Leader

Birth Place :

Barisal, Barisal, Bangladesh

Zodiac Sign :


Born in Barisal, Bangladesh on October 19, 1909, Muhammad Ali Bogra was also known as Shahebzada Muhammad Ali Bogra was raised by his paternal grandfather, Mawab Bahadur Sir Nawab Bahadur Sir Nawab Ali Choudhury. His father was Nawabzada Altaf Ali.


Muhammad Ali Bogra began his education in Calcutta at Hastings House. Next, he went to Calcutta Madrassah. Finally, he attended the Presidency College at Calcutta University.


Family Life

Muhammad Ali Bogra married Begum Hamida Muhammad Ali and had two sons with her. Then he married his 2nd wife Aliva Saddy on April 2, 1955. When he married Aliva, he commented that “Polygamy was Muslim’s answer to divorce.” It was after that 2nd marriage that woman activists in the country protested against him and his marriage.



At a young age, Muhammad Ali Bogra was an active member of the waqf board because he had a high interest in politics. He was elected to the legislature of undivided Bengal in Calcutta by the Muslim League Assembly in 1937. This was the beginning of his political career.

Muhammad served as the minister of health for the Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy’s Cabinet. He was made the minister of local self-government and the minister of finance from 1943 to 1946. He was elected in 1947 to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan when Pakistan was born.

He went on a diplomatic mission in Burma during May of 1948. Mohammed Ali Jinnah assigned it to him. Muhammed Ali Jannah was the governor-general at the time.

Muhammad Ali Bogra went on a diplomatic mission in Burma during May of 1948 when Mohammed Ali Jinnah assigned it to him. During this same time, Muhammed Ali Jinnah suffered a heart attack, and Nazimuddin took his place the following year in 1949 as a new governor-general. Nazimuddin then sent Muhammad to Canada as the first high commissioner of Pakistan. He was then made the ambassador of the US in 1952 during some political and social turmoil in Pakistan.

Although Muhammad Ali Bogra protested, they made him Prime Minister of Pakistan in April of 1953. Ghulam Mohammed appointed him. Ghulam was the governor-general at the time. He also became president of the league party by a unanimous vote. There were thousands of tons of wheat ordered by the US President Eisenhower and shipped to Pakistan. This was to help the country while it was still new.

The Bogra Formula was outlined in 1953. It was to form a bicameral legislature. This meant that Parliament would have an upper house ten seat from each province, which would have 50 total seats.

The Population from all of the providences would determine the lower house. West Pakistan would have 135 seats, and East Pakistan would have 165 seats for a total of 300 seats. In this formula, it said that if the president came from the west, then the prime minister would come from the east. Just as if the president came from the east then the prime minister would come from the west. This is what the plan was. But the leaders of the country didn’t want this, so they didn’t allow it to happen.

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