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Cam Newton

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May 11, 1989

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

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Cam Newton was christened Cameron Jerrell Newton on the 11th day of May 1989 in the American state of Georgia. His father was Cecil Newton while his mother is named as Jackie Newton. Fulton County is the precinct where the Newtons’ made their home, and this is where you find the Megachurch Pastor, Creflo Dollar, The RnB Crooner, Monica as well Josh Smith, who stars for the Atlanta Hawks. Seaborn Lee Elementary School hosted Cam Newton in his early years, and he displayed lots of energy from then. He moved on to Cramp Creek for his Middle School and here, he set up a reputation for bumping up with teachers at every turn. He was eyeglass-donning and wore an afro like an emblem. He came to the school as a 6th grader.

Cam was noticeable for his tall frame though he did cut a scrawny look in high school. He was able to muster some 15 pounds at this level so that by his senior year, he was 230 pounds. Cam cut a different look in his senior year that was noticeably different from his junior years’ frame. He already had a knack for ball throwing at this level and notched a few competitive football successes at school.

A Near Destiny-Miss

Cam Newton made his way to the University of Florida and featured in 2007 for the Florida Gators football team in 2007. While still at the University of Florida, Newton was once arrested after he was identified a suspect when a laptop got stolen. This had no down effect on Cam as he managed to regain his mojo and focus on his push for highs.


Early Acclaim

While at Westlake, Cam Newton was often on the line up for the football team at the school. He played the role of a wide receiver intermittently. Other members of the 2004 team were able to rise to become college-level players at Tennessee State, Duke University, Marshall and a host of others.It was more of the norm at Westlake that first-year students often got playing time at the college level. Cam cut a niche for himself and was good on the ball to hold down a place in the team. In his sophomore year, his growth in the game was outstanding, and he had an array of opportunities waiting for him. 

While playing in 2005 at Westlake, Cam Newton was able to cover 638 yards alongside nine interceptions in 23 touchdowns. He put in the throw-ins over 2,500 yards and a perfect completion in 118 counts from a total attempt in 189 times. By the time he was a senior, his throw-ins had come to 1,400 yards in the field on 1,000 yard-runs. Cam caught the eye of many scouts as a top prospect in the quarterback sensation. Many offers of scholarship he got while in high school were counted to top the 40 mark. Eventually,  he was recruited by Urban Meyer who was the coach for the University of Florida. Cam got the quarterback role even when Tim Tebow was already with the team.


Common Attribution

Cam Newton’s first year at Auburn University was during the 2010 season, and after wins over Arkansas State, there was a huge boost to his playing acclaim. In 2011, Cam was with the NFL, and he played for Carolina Panthers. He was able to show such playing quality that led to rave reviews. He also has the distinction of becoming the first player to bag the Heisman Trophy in recent history.


A Shiny Light

When he got the 20 touchdowns mark and surpassed it within a season, he set a record in college football as the third player with such achievement. The 2010 season was considered historic for the Auburn Tigers in the BCS Championship win, and he was on the lead for his side. Cam also broke nine records as a rookie while playing for the Carolina Panthers as a 2011 1st overall draft. By 2015, Cam anchored the Panthers to 2016 top 50 in the Super Bowl and bagged the NFL Most Valuable Player award.


Other Notable Mentions

Cam Newton’s sign-on contract was in more than hundred million dollars with the Carolina Panthers for five years. This is apart from the twenty million dollars he got a signing bonus. He was also given an annual salary that will not drop below the twenty million dollars mark. In 2017, Cam was given a base salary of thirteen million dollars in addition to a bonus of ten million dollars upon signing. His workout bonuses came to five hundred thousand dollars as well. On the whole, he was worth a dead cap measure of thirteen million dollars.


Injury Scare

In the fall of 2016, Cam Newton suffered an injury to his shoulder in his side’s matchup with the Chargers of San Diego. He nursed his injury and featured in the last three matches of his team for the season. Despite having time-off with rehabilitation therapies, there was no improvement, and Cam had to go under the surgeon’s knife in Q1 of 2017. The team’s head physician announced that the surgery went well according to plan. His rotator cuff tear was remedied in the theater, and he was sent home to observe a rest. His return to the pitch was pegged at three months after the surgery.


Cam Newton had a son named Chosen with his girlfriend in the year 2015. Kia Proctor is the name of his heart-throb.

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