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Ann Woodward

Birthday :

December 12, 1915

Died On :


Birth Place :

Pittsburg, Kansas, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


The golden word, love, is a silent killer to many and a soft spot to scarcely any. It's certain that those with deep pockets are poles apart with the average in society. Money rules them, and television vividly reveals their devotion. What's interesting is that the general public embraces their pause, take and action. Following the next episode, it centers on homicide and thorough investigation. Later on, the culprit is cleared off her mistake. Afterward, anyway, stay put for a sickly sweet tale. The drama, wait! The real-life scene is opened and closed by none other than Ann Woodward. Expect more puzzles than clues here.

In Detail-

Attending fashionable and up to the trend, gatherings were Ann's best deals. With paying attention to her appearance, she turned out into a well-paid showgirl. Her poise, dramatic and overacted character, ushered her into the show business. Entertaining others became her in-thing. It wasn't that long that the beautiful damsel joined modeling and acting in NY.

At 26 years of age, she gained 'the most beautiful girl in radio' title. In between, the English rose, fell in love with a well to do grantee, William Woodward Jr. He served as the frontier of Hanover National Banks. With jubilation at her disposal, Ann's family disapproved the relation from the start. Even then, the wedding bells rang in 1943.

Before meeting with the one, Ann Woodward was known as a kind spirited girl. Besides, she turned out as one of the leading members in the acting industry. Her life was full of energy and at the same time wild.


Background Check

Mrs. Woodward or rather Ann Crowell saw her first on 12th December 1915 in Kansas, US. She was a daughter to Mr. Col. And Mrs. J. C Crowell. She joined the Kansas City Junior College and went in search of her dream.

Soon Ann Crowell served as a model under John Robert Powers. For the time being, she changed her name to Ann Eden and later took an actress role. Being described as the prettiest girl by radio, lucky chances began to crop up in all directions.


Love Tale; more than a miniseries

Even after society disapproval, the duo proved that 'true love' still existed. They settled in their luxurious home and Ann continued to showcase her socialite expertise. Further, two sons were born, James and William. However, sources claim that it wasn't that all rosy but thorns projected their lap of luxury. It reached a point where her love life tapered with her fame.


Darkly Intriguing Mystery

Billy tried his level best to love this woman every other day. But who was he to Ann Woodward, she had already seen and found it all. In short, dear beauty was ready for anything. One thing that pinched her soul was her loss of wealth plus social status.

With bated breath, Billy asked his wife for a break-up or rather divorce. That happened in 1947. Ann clocked 32 years, and they had only lived together for four years. On tenterhooks, Mrs. Woodward declined his proposal. Reason: she cared so much about her reputation and more so her riches.

In 1955, a consistent burglary took place near Ann’s neighborhood. The event mixed up the local's emotions but later on tranquility prevailed. One incident that astonished many was when Ann believed that she heard a burglar in her homestead. Without her consent, she fired her smooth-bore gun twice, taking his husband's life. In a nutshell, it is still unknown whether it was a planned plot or an accident.


Winding Up

In sum, Ann was accused of a sudden murder of his husband. With fear and confusion, she bought a house in a nearby apartment where she lived. To protect and rescue herself, she mentioned that she thought an intruder came to kill her and suddenly fired two shots without a second thought. Surprisingly, she was never charged for the murder.

With a blink of an eye, Mr. Woodward's death closed Ann's career. Loneliness paved in, and Ann Woodward took an overdose of sleeping pills and died. She saw her last in 1975. Again, his two sons Jimmy and William died of suicide when each jumped out of a fifth-floor window on distinct patterns. Jimmy died in 1976 while William breathed his last in 1999. It sounds like a narrative but learning and teaching lesson to the living.   

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