Cash Nasty Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

Childhood And Early Life

Social Media star Cash Nasty was born Cassius Jeremy Clay on the 4 December 1990 in Vidalia, Louisiana.

Rise To Stardom

Cash Nasty worked at Walmart as an assistant manager before finding fame with a joint YouTube Channel he started with his girlfriend AshONasty, CashnAsh vlogs. His initial YouTube channel was WhatChaMaCalling. Focusing on extreme comedy and raging, he featured in most of the videos. The format was to meet in a particular place and perform comedy and interact with the public humorously and unpredictably.


The webcasts became popular and attracted thousands of view, currently over 1.2 million. Cash Nasty’s fame has extended across social media.

Personal Life

Cash Nasty has a longtime girlfriend AshONasty who is also his business partner in CashnAsh vlogs. The couple has an Instagram account: cashnastygaming with over 300K followers.

Philanthropic Works

Cash Nasty is active in charity work with special focus on helping homeless children.