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Famous Events For March 14

Famous Events For March 14 – Today In History

March 14: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 14  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 14th March 1489: Queen of Cyprus, Catherine Cornaro, the last of the Lusignan dynasty, today sold her kingdom to Venice.
2. 14th March 1629: The Massachusetts Bay colony was today granted the Royal Charter.
3. 14th March 1647: During the thirty-year war, France, Bavaria, Colon, and Sweden signed a treaty of Neutrality.


18th Century – What Happened on March 14 – The 1700s

4. 14th March 1743: In Boston’s Faneuil Hall, the first American town meeting was held today.
5. 14th March 1757: British Admiral John Byng was today executed for neglect of duty on board of HMS Monarch by a firing squad.
6. 14th March 1794: The cotton gin was today patented by Eli Whitney.

19th Century – March 14 This Day That Year – The 1800s

7. 14th March 1864: Samuel Baker today discovered what he called Lake Albert Nyanza which was another source of Nile.
8. 14th March 1889: Inventor Ferdinand von Zeppelin today patented his “Navigable Balloon”.
9. 14th March 1891: To prepare for the first telephone links across the channel telephone cables were laid along the bottom of the English Channel using the submarine Monarch.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 14th – The 1900s

10. 14th March 1900: Mendel’s Law of Heredity was today re-discovered in Holland by Botanist Hugo de Vries.
11. 14th March 1900: With the ratification of the Gold Standard Act, US currency went on the gold standard.
12. 14th March 1901: The Governor of Utah Heber M Wells today vetoed a bill that would have relaxed restrictions on Polygamy.
13. 14th March 1901: The German Chancellor von Bulow today declared that the agreement Germany signed with England to restrain foreign aggression and maintain open trade does not apply to Manchuria.
14. 14th March 1903: The US Senate today ratified the Hay Herran treaty which gave the US the guarantee of the right to build a canal at Panama whereas the Columbian Senate rejected the treaty. A deal was signed in November with the newly independent Panama.
15. 14th March 1904: The government’s claim that Northern Securities Company was an illegal merger between Great Northern and Northern Pacific Railway Company was today upheld by the US Supreme Court.
16. 14th March 1907: By a presidential order the US excludes Japanese laborers from entering the country.


17. 14th March 1909: The Amsterdam Social Democratic Party, A S D was today formed.
18. 14th March 1910: The largest US oil well gusher near Bakersfield, the Lake View gusher was vented to the atmosphere.
19. 14th March 1912: King Vittorio Emanuel III survived an assassination attempt in Italy today with some injuries.
20. 14th March 1913: Industrialist John D Rockefeller today donated $ 100 million to the Rockefeller Foundation.
21. 14th March 1913: The South African Supreme Court today ruled that all marriages not performed as per Christian rites and/or not registered with the Registrar of Marriages are invalid. All Hindu and Muslim marriages were accordingly declared invalid.
22. 14th March 1914: Henry Ford today announced a new process of assembly of automobiles, the continuous motion method, which reduced the assembly time from 12 ½ hours per car to 93 minutes per car.
23. 14th March 1914: Today a peace treaty was signed between Serbia and Turkey.
24. 14th March 1915: The German battleship Dresden was sunk by the British navy off the Chilean coast.
25. 14th March 1918: A peace treaty with the Central powers was today ratified by an All Russian Congress of Soviets.


26. 14th March 1920: From the statistics obtained from the application records of the local immigration offices of various Spanish cities, it was found that during this time in history, they had been immigrating to America at record rates.
27. 14th March 1923: Today President Harding filed an income tax report. He became the first US President to file an income tax report.
28. 14th March 1926: A train fell into Rio Virilla in Costa Rica killing 248 and injuring 93.
29. 14th March 1931: The first theater was built for rear movie projection in New York City.
30. 14th March 1932: The founder of Kodak Company George Eastman today committed suicide.
31. 14th March 1933: Tree conservation began by Civilian Conservation Corp.
32. 14th March 1935: 36-Folsom became the first line to use 1-man street cars.
33. 14th March 1936: Addressing a crowd of 300,000 people, Adolf Hitler said that Germany’s only judge is God and itself.
34. 14th March 1937: Pope Pious XI published anti-Nazi-encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge.
35. 14th March 1938: Prime Minister Mussolini extended the hand of friendship to Hitler, Britain on the other hand fought to try to keep Austria’s independence before the country was absorbed by Germany.

36. 14th March 1939: Today the Republic of Czechoslovakia which was created in 1918 was dissolved paving the way for Nazi occupation following the 1938 Munich agreement.
37. 14th March 1940: A truck carrying migrant workers collided with a train outside McAllen in Texas. The accident left 27 dead and 15 injured.
38. 14th March 1941: Companies owned by Jews have forbidden Holland by Nazi occupiers.
39. 14th March 1943: Franklin D Roosevelt, the President of America, became the first president to fly in an airplane while in office.
40. 14th March 1943: The Krakow Ghetto was liquidated today during World War II.
41. 14th March 1945: In Germany a 22,000 pound “Grand Slam” bomb, the heaviest bomb to be used in World War II, was dropped on the Bielefeld runway viaduct by the Royal Air Force Dum buster Squad.
42. 14th March 1945: RAF bomb cuts off Hannover-Hamm rail link.
43. 14th March 1947: Moscow today announced that it held 890,352 German P.O.W.s in the U.S.S.R.
44. 14th March 1947: A 99-year lease for naval bases in the Philippines was today signed by the United States.
45. 14th March 1948: Freedom train arrives in San Francisco today.

46. 14th March 1948: According to the new proposed law, British women who married foreign nationals would retain their citizenship automatically unless they chose to formally announce that status.
47. 14th March 1951: During the Korean War, UN forces recaptured Seoul for the second time.
48. 14th March 1956: The first commercial videotape recorder was today demonstrated by Ampex Corporation.
49. 14th March 1957: The Sastroamidjojo-led government in Indonesia resigned today.
14th March 1958: The USSR today performed an atmospheric nuclear test.
50. 14th March 1958: Arms shipment to the Batista government in Cuba was today suspended by the US government.
51. 14th March 1958: The US performed its nuclear test at the Nevada test site today.
52. 14th March 1958: The African National Congress was today prohibited by South Africa’s government today.
53. 14th March 1958: The Recording Industries Association of America was created today.
54. 14th March 1960: The British Radio telescope Jodrell Bank is all set to make a new record when it makes contact with the American satellite Pioneer V at a distance of 407,000 miles.
55. 14th March 1960: A train crash in Bakersfield California leaves 14 dead.
56. 14th March 1962: The disarmament conference began in Geneva without the participation of France.
57. 14th March 1964: Jack Ruby was today found guilty of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald by the Dallas jury.
58. 14th March 1965: The Israeli cabinet today approved the establishment of diplomatic relations with West Germany.

59. 14th March 1967: Today the body of John F Kennedy was shifted from a temporary grave to a permanent grave.
60. 14th March 1969: Barbara Jo Rubin today became the first woman jockey to win at Aqueduct.
61. 14th March 1971: The South Vietnamese troops flee Laos.
62. 14th March 1972: Two members of the IRA were shot dead by British soldiers today in the Bog side area of Derry.
63. 14th March 1976: The US performed its nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
64. 14th March 1976: The 1971 Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with the Soviet Union was today formally abrogated by Egypt.
65. 14th March 1978: South Lebanon today was invaded by 22,000 strong Israeli forces hitting the PLO bases.
66. 14th March 1979: A Trident aircraft crashed into a factory near Peaking in China killing at least 200 people.
67. 14th March 1979: It was revealed by the Census Bureau report that 95% of Americans are married or would get married.
68. 14th March 1980: A Polish plane with a 14-member US boxing team crashed while making an emergency landing near Warsaw. 87 people were killed in the crash.
69. 14th March 1981: Three Pakistani hijackers surrendered in Syria after exchanging 100 passengers and crewmen for 54 Pakistani prisoners.
70. 14th March 1983: For the first time in its 23-year history, OPEC agreed to cut its oil prices by 15%.

71. 14th March 1984: The Sinn Fein president, Garry Adams was attacked by gunmen in central Belfast. He was hit in the neck and the shoulders and his car was riddled with bullets.
72. 14th March 1988: As per records as of this date a total of 88 citizens of Bangladesh, who were being smuggled to work as slaves or for prostitution in India and Pakistan have been rescued.
73. 14th March 1989: Under President George W Bush the US banned imported assault guns.
74. 14th March 1990: Mikhail S Gorbachev today became the president of the Soviet Congress.
75. 14th March 1990: In Libya a manufacturing unit that is suspected to have been used to produce chemical weapons was set on fire allegedly by a team supported by the US and Israel. Consequently, Libya closed its border and maintained high security.
76. 14th March 1991: After the Iraqis leave, the Emir of Kuwait returns to Kuwait City today.
77. 14th March 1991: After being accused by US officials that he had received money from drug traffickers, Bolivian interior minister Guillermo Capobianco resigned from office.
78. 14th March 1991: The “Birmingham Six” who were earlier sentenced to 16 years in jail for their involvement in an IRA pub bombing, were today set free after the court agreed that the police had fabricated evidence.
79. 14th March 1992: The Soviet newspaper “Pravda” suspended its publication.
80. 14th March 1994: The Mexican Banker and billionaire Alfredo Harp Helu was kidnapped today.
81. 14th March 1995: Norman Thagard, the American astronaut today became the first American to enter space in a Russian rocket.
82. 14th March 1996: US President Bill Clinton today committed $100 million to an anti-terrorism pact with Israel to track down and root out Islamic terrorists.
83. 14th March 1997: An Iranian military plane crashed today killing 80 people.
84. 14th March 1998: An earthquake strikes Iran rendering 10,000 people homeless.

21st Century – March 14 This Day In History – The 2000s

85. 14th March 2002: The conviction of a Libyan intelligence agent for the bombing of Pan-Am flight 103 in 1988 was today upheld by a Scottish appeals court.
86. 14th March 2002: An accounting firm in the US, Arthur Anderson was today charged by federal prosecutors for obstruction of justice, securing its first indictment in the collapse of Enron.
87. 14th March 2003: Robert Blake who was jailed for the murder of his wife Bonny Lee Bakley was today released on a $ 1.5 million bail.
88. 14th March 2004: Russian President Vladimir Putin wins his second term as president of the Soviet Union.
89. 14th March 2004: In Spain a new Socialist government was elected to power following the Madrid terrorist bombing which was blamed on the support of the conservative government for the US-led Iraq war.
90. 14th March 2005: Following the murder of their ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February, one million people took to the streets in protest in Beirut in Lebanon, demanding Syrian withdrawal and arrest of his killers.
91. 14th March 2008: Iran went to the polls today. The conservatives are likely to win the election in which the opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were barred from running. A turnout of more than 50% was reported in the elections.
92. 14th March 2010: The continued war between drug portals over territory in Mexico has left 13 people dead in Acapulco and 11 dead elsewhere in the country.
93. 14th March 2011: The government of the UK today announced that immigrants from outside the European Economic Area are barred from working as chefs in takeaway restaurants in the UK.
94. 14th March 2009: Today an audio message said to be from the Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was released which accuses the moderate Arab leaders of conspiring with the West against Muslims.
14th March 2012: A Belgian coach carrying children, returning from a ski trip crashed into a wall in a Swiss tunnel. Twenty-eight people which included 22 children were killed and 24 other children were injured.
14th March 2013: Gunmen stormed a bar in Cancun Mexico. Seven people were killed in the shooting.
95. 14th March 2013: The newly elected Pope Francis holds his first mass in the Sistine Chapel today delivering his homily to the Cardinals.
96. 14th March 2013: A series of car bombings in Bagdad Iraq left 25 people dead and 50 wounded.
97. 14th March 2013: In China, Xi Jinping was today named as the new president of the People’s Republic of China.
98. 14th March 2014: To combat air pollution the city of Paris in France announced today that it will run its public transportation system for free for three days. The country was experiencing unusually warm temperatures which caused smog.

99. 14th March 2016: President Putin today ordered Russian troops to move out of Syria today.
100. 14th March 2016: NASA today released data to show that Feb 2016 with a temperature of 1.35°C above the long-term average was the warmest month.

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