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March 14 Famous Birthdays

March 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 14th are Pisces who are familiar with psychic practices. They find comfort in wearing a gemstone which is used for improving their psychic abilities. They may find a friend who is mutually interested in the same things they are.

Famous March 14 people trust their friends till they become an inseparable part of their lives. However, if that trust is broken, it is almost impossible to mend the friendship. Personally, the March 14 famous birthday traits are extremely appealing to others. They seem to lure the most interesting people. But as a downfall, they have a tendency to become too attached to them and this can be a turn off. This is mainly due to their overactive imagination.


Professionally, the mind of the famous people born on March 14th is what others want to use. They have a great gift to organize events and put the right people together. They need to take care of themselves, however as the body and the mind function as a whole. When one is affected, so is the other.


People are drawn to the magnetic personality of the famous people born on March 14. On occasion, Pisces with 14th March birthday will like to dabble in the supernatural as they like things that are different. They are likely to be slow to give their heart but when they do, it generally lasts for a long time.


March 14th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14th March Good Traits:

  • Visionary
  • Extraordinary
  • Devoted
  • Imaginative
  • Charming
  • Intelligent

14th March Bad Traits:

  • Obsessive
  • Aloof
  • Moody
  • Shallow
  • Hasty
  • Extremist

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March 14th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aamir Khan, 1965, Movie Actor
Abby Ryder Fortson, 2008, TV Actress
Ada Louise Huxtable, 1921, Journalist
Adam Lasher, 1987, Rock Singer
Ahmad Brooks, 1984, Football Player
Aidan Heavey, 1953, Entrepreneur
Aiden Lewandowski, 2005, Dancer
Aki Hoshino, 1977, Model
Albert Einstein, 1879, Scientist
Albert II of Monaco, 1958, Royalty
Albert II of Monaco, 1958, Royalty
Alexey Pajitnov, 1956, Entrepreneur
Algernon Blackwood, 1869, Novelist
Anar Rzayev, 1938, Novelist
Andrew Fleming, 1963, Screenwriter
Angelica Dipippa, 1995, Family Member
Anita Kaushik, 1992, Reality Star
Anita Morris, 1943, Stage Actress
Anna Ewers, 1993, Instagram Star
Anne Marie Kortright, 1982, Model
Ansel Elgort, 1994, Movie Actor
Anthony Bennett, 1993, Basketball Player

Anthony Lloyd, 1984, Soccer Player
Aravane Rezai, 1987, Tennis Player
Aric Almirola, 1984, Race Car Driver
Arthur Moats, 1988, Football Player
Ashley Russell, 1980, Model
Betsy Brandt, 1973, TV Actress
Bill Jefferson, 1947, Politician
Bill Rexford, 1927, Race Car Driver
Billy Crystal, 1948, Movie Actor
Billy Sherwood, 1965, Guitarist
Blade Icewood, 1977, Rapper
Bob Charles, 1936, Golfer
Bob Goalby, 1929, Golfer
Bob Grant, 1929, Radio Host
Bobby Jenks, 1981, Baseball Player
Brandon Wallace, 1985, Basketball Player
Bret Von Dehl, 1993, Rock Singer
Brian Maxwell, 1953, Entrepreneur
Brian Quinn, 1976, Comedian
Brian Smith, 1954, Rugby Player
Brianna All4TubeKids, 2002, YouTube Star
Brice Rivera, 1997, Vine Star
Bridgette Caquatto, 1994, Gymnast
Brooklyn Chase, 1985,
Bruce McKenna, 1962, Screenwriter
Bryan Clark, 1964, Wrestler
Buck Barrow, 1903, Criminal
Cam Meekins, 1993, Rapper
Casey Jones, 1863, Engineer
Cash Colligan, 1989, Bassist
Catalina Selman, 2001, Star
China Zorrilla, 1922, Movie Actress
Chris Clark, 1960, Novelist
Chris Klein, 1979, Movie Actor
Christina Hopkins, 1988, Reality Star
Christine Jones, 1995, YouTube Star
Colby O’Donis, 1989, R&B Singer
Colleen Kelly, 1998, YouTube Star
Cookieswirlc, 1997, YouTube Star
Corey Ashe, 1986, Soccer Player
Corey Bowler, 1997, YouTube Star
Corey Stoll, 1976, TV Actor
CRAVETAY, 2000, Pop Singer
Daniel Avidan, 1980, YouTube Star
Daniel Gillies, 1976, TV Actor
Danny Meyer, 1958, Entrepreneur
Darcy Wakaluk, 1966, Hockey Player
Daryl Smith, 1982, Football Player
David Robert Holmes, 1971, TV Show Host

Demetrius Joyette, 1993, TV Actor
Denis Hutchinson, 1932, Golfer
Dennis Cee, 1995, YouTube Star
Deon Grant, 1979, Football Player
Diane Arbus, 1923, Photographer
Ebziie, 1993, YouNow Star
Edward Heyman, 1907, Composer
Edwin Vazquez, 1982, Reggae Singer
Eleanor Bron, 1938, Movie Actress
Elise Neal, 1966, TV Actress
Emily Murphy, 1868, Civil Rights Leader
Este Haim, 1986, Rock Singer
Etan Cohen, 1974, Screenwriter
Eugene Cernan, 1934, Astronaut
Eva Angelina, 1985,
Ferran Adria, 1962, Chef
Finlo Clarkson, 1997, Family Member
Frank Borman, 1928, Astronaut
Frank Vatrano, 1994, Hockey Player
Frankie Ryan Manriquez, 1994, TV Actor
Gabriella Ferrari, 1991, Model
Gary Anthony Williams, 1966, TV Actor
Gary Dell’Abate, 1961, Music Producer
Geoffrey Sandford Reed, 1892, Politician
Georg Philipp Telemann, 1681, Composer
George Wilson, 1981, Football Player
Giovanni Bonamy, 1990, Model
Giovanni Schiaparelli, 1835, Scientist
Gonzalo Soriano, 1913, Pianist
Gotoku Sakai, 1991, Soccer Player

Grace Park, 1974, TV Actress
Hailey Knox, 1999, YouTube Star
Hank Ketcham, 1920, Cartoonist
Hannah Cowley, 1743, Playwright
Heidi Somers, 1989, YouTube Star
Horton Foote, 1916, Playwright
Huseynaga Sadigov, 1940, Politician
Ian Black, 1985, Soccer Player
Izzi, 1993, YouTube Star
Jacques Brautbar, 1979, Guitarist
James Frain, 1968, TV Actor
James Jordan, 1979, TV Actor
James Nachtwey, 1948, Photographer
James R. Clapper, 1941,
James Vince, 1991, Cricket Player
Jamie Bell, 1986, Movie Actor
Jan Crouch, 1938, Entrepreneur
Jasmine Murray, 1992, Pop Singer
Jason Gavin, 1980, Soccer Player
Jasper Carrott, 1945, Comedian
Jean Butler, 1971, Dancer
Jerry Greenfield, 1951, Entrepreneur
Joe Allen, 1990, Soccer Player
Joe Collier, 1992, Model
John McCallum, 1918, Movie Actor
John Wain, 1925, Poet
Johnny Flynn, 1983, Soul Singer
Jona Lewie, 1947, Pop Singer
Jonah Dills, 2000, Instagram Star
Jonnie Allen, 1992, YouTube Star
Jonny Gray, 1994, Rugby Player
Jonny Mizzone, 2002, Banjo Player
Jose Juan Vazquez, 1988, Soccer Player
Joselyn Cano, 1991, Instagram Star
Joseph P. Bradley, 1813, Supreme Court Justice
Josh Hunt, 1982, Australian Rules Footballer
Josh John, 1982, Instagram Star
JT Miller, 1993, Hockey Player
Julienne Irwin, 1993, Country Singer
Kailyn Lowry, 1992, Reality Star
Kamel al-Khola’ie, 1881, Composer
Kash Doll, 1992, Rapper
Kate Maberly, 1982, Movie Actress
Kayne Gillaspie, 1979, Fashion Designer
Keaton Tyndall, 1992, TV Actress
Kevin Brown, 1965, Baseball Player
Kevin Williamson, 1965, Screenwriter
Kiana Tom, 1965, TV Show Host
Kirby Puckett, 1960, Baseball Player
Kizzy, 1979, Pop Singer
Kolbeinn Sigporsson, 1990, Soccer Player
Kristian Bush, 1970, Country Singer
Kristjan Jaak Peterson, 1801, Poet
Kylie Rae Tyndall, 1992, TV Actress
Laila Robins, 1959, TV Actress
Laney Madsen, 2001, Gymnast
Larry Johnson, 1969, Basketball Player
Lee Petty, 1914, Race Car Driver
Leonardo Bistolfi, 1859, Sculptor
Leroy Bonner, 1943, Guitarist
Les Brown, 1912, Jazz Singer
Liesel Prtizker Simmons, 1984, Movie Actress
Lil Kesh, 1995, Rapper
Lionel Wilson, 1915, Politician
Louis Spencer, 1994, Family Member
Lucy Hobbs Taylor, 1833, Doctor
Luke Conard, 1981, YouTube Star
Margaret Dongo, 1960, Politician
Mark Falgren, 1988, Drummer
Mark Fish, 1974, Soccer Player
Mark Murphy, 1932, Jazz Singer
Martin Dempsey, 1952, Politician
Mary Cheney, 1969, Family Member
Matthew Booth, 1977, Soccer Player
Maurice Merleau-Ponty, 1908, Philosopher
Max Benitz, 1985, Movie Actor
Max Shulman, 1919, Screenwriter
Meg Mathews, 1966, Family Member
Megan Follows, 1968, Movie Actress
Melissa Marie Green, 1989, Pop Singer
Melissa Reeves, 1967, Soap Opera Actress
Mercedes McNab, 1980, TV Actress
Meredith Salenger, 1970, Movie Actress
Merlin Santana, 1976, TV Actor
Mia Angelynn, 2010, Star
Michael Berry, 1941, Scientist
Michael Bland, 1969, Drummer
Michael Caine, 1933, Movie Actor
Michael Fincke, 1967, Astronaut
Michael Jorgensen, 1989, eSports Player
Michael Martin Murphey, 1945, Country Singer
Michael Muir, 1963, Punk Singer
Mike Lazaridis, 1961, Entrepreneur
Mike Muir, 1963, Punk Singer
Mike Rashid, 1982, YouTube Star
Mike Wilner, 1970, Sportscaster
MonkeyVsGaming, 1996, YouTube Star
Moon Hee-joon, 1978, Pop Singer
Mu Shiying, 1912, Novelist
Naina Yeltsin, 1932, Political Wife
Nery Mantey Niangkouara, 1983, Swimmer
Nia Crooks, 1980, Reality Star
Nick Goepper, 1994, Skier
Nicolas Anelka, 1979, Soccer Player
Nina Diaz, 1988, Rock Singer
Oliver Coleman, 1983, TV Actor
Ollie Halsall, 1949, Guitarist
OmarGoshTV, 1982, YouTube Star
Oscar Rosenstroem, 2002, Star
Pamela Ayres, 1947, Poet
Paolo Contis, 1984, TV Actor
Park Ji-bin, 1995, TV Actor
Patrick Patterson, 1989, Basketball Player
Pavel Volya, 1979, TV Actor
Penny Johnson, 1961, TV Actress
Perla Hudson, 1975, Family Member
PeteZahHutt, 1997, YouTube Star
Quincy Jones, 1933, Music Producer
Rachel Hilbert, 1995, Model
Raymond Aron, 1905, Philosopher
Raymond J. Barry, 1939, TV Actor
Rey Washam, 1961, Drummer
Rhiannon Fish, 1991, TV Actress
Rick Dees, 1950, DJ
Rita Tushingham, 1942, Movie Actress
Robbie Peralta, 1986, MMA Fighter
Robert Clark, 1987, TV Actor
Robin Weisman, 1984, Movie Actress
Rohit Shetty, 1973, Director
Roxxsaurus, 1996, YouTube Star
Roy Budd, 1947, Pianist
Ry Doon, 1985, Vine Star
Ryan Cartwright, 1981, TV Actor
S Truett Cathy, 1921, Entrepreneur
Sam Macaroni, 1975, YouTube Star
Sammi Giancola, 1987, Reality Star
Santino Marella, 1979, Wrestler
Sarah Ulmer, 1976, Cyclist
Saroj Dutta, 1914, Poet
Sasha Clements, 1990, TV Actress
Sasha Grey, 1988, Model
Sean Mathias, 1956, Director
Season Hubley, 1951, TV Actress
Shofu, 1991, YouTube Star
Simon Lane, 1978, YouTube Star
Simon van Kempen, 1964, Family Member
Simone Biles, 1997, Gymnast
Siti Saleha, 1990, TV Actress
Slaiman, 1993, YouTube Star
Sophia Webster, 1985, Fashion Designer
Stephen Curry, 1988, Basketball Player
Steve Dash, 1944, Movie Actor
Steve Kanaly, 1946, TV Actor
Steven Markovic, 1985, Basketball Player
Tamara Tunie, 1959, TV Actress
Taylor Hanson, 1983, Pop Singer
The Gamer From Mars, 1995, YouTube Star
Thomas R Marshall, 1854, Politician
Thomas R Marshall, 1854, Politician
Tianna Gregory, 1990, Instagram Star
Tim McKee, 1953, Swimmer
Tom Coburn, 1948, Politician
Travis Brody, 1984, Entrepreneur
Trevor Bowers, 1983, Soccer Player
Trevor Colden, 1994, Skateboarder
Tyler Colt, 1999, Rock Singer
Victor Gustav Bloede, 1849, Scientist
Vijay Yadav, 1967, Cricket Player
Walter Parazaider, 1945, Saxophonist
Wes Unseld, 1946, Basketball Player
William Clay Ford Sr., 1925, Entrepreneur
Wolfgang Petersen, 1941, Director
Zella Lehr, 1951, Country Singer


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