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June 14 Famous Birthdays

June 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 14 are perhaps a Gemini who love learning. They find learning fun and useful. They can tell a lot by looking around their environment. They have an assortment of unusual things that generally tell a story.


As a parent, they will teach values that were instilled in them as a child. They will likely be the strongest provider for their child(ren) which means they will not be able to spend a lot of time with them. In a relationship, famous people born on June 14 may want to be the center of attention rather than putting their partner first.


Generally, famous people born on June 14 are hard to say no to. So, needless to say, they are spoiled. Otherwise, they can be found curled up with a good book spending quality time alone. They seem to like it this way as it is not easy for them to trust anyone totally. However, they are a lot of fun and a romantic at heart.

Famous people born on June 14th likely have a home is filled with a unique and interesting deep-rooted charm. One of Gemini’s favorite pastimes is watching documentary TV. But they can be emotionally reserved.


June 14th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14 June Good Traits:

  • Bold
  • Daring
  • Wise
  • Witty
  • Charming
  • Astute
  • Interesting
  • Intelligent

14 June Bad Traits:

  • Unstable
  • Shy
  • Moody
  • Hasty
  • Impulsive
  • Wastrel

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June 14 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Henley, 1994, Soccer Player
Ahmad Zahir, 1946, World Music Singer
Alan Carr, 1976, Comedian
Alan White, 1949, Drummer
Aleph Portman-Millepied, 2011, Family Member
Alex Mytton, 1991, Reality Star
Alexander Sokurov, 1951, Director
Alfred Farag, 1929, Playwright
Alicia Craig, 1982, Runner
Alina Boz, 1998, Instagram Star
Alois Alzheimer, 1864, Doctor
Alonzo Church, 1903, Philosopher
Amanda Mair, 1994, Pop Singer
Andre Carrillo, 1991, Soccer Player
Annia Hatch, 1978, Gymnast
Antony Sher, 1949, Stage Actor
Arantza Fahnbulleh, 1991, Vine Star
Ardian Bora, 1992, YouTube Star
Arthur Erickson, 1924, Architect
Ava Taylor, 1995,
Barry Melton, 1947, Guitarist

Ben Ebbrell, 1987, YouTube Star
Ben Halloran, 1992, Soccer Player
Benjamin Booker, 1989, Rock Singer
Billy JD Porter, 1992, TV Show Host
Birdy Sweeney, 1931, Movie Actor
Blake English, 1994, Pop Singer
Bob Murawski, 1964,
Boy George, 1961, Pop Singer
Brad Will, 1970, Activist
Brian Turang, 1967, Baseball Player
Brianne Tju, 1998, TV Actress
Bruce Bowen, 1971, Basketball Player
Bryan Breeze, 1991, YouTube Star
BryBry, 1993, YouTube Star
Bryce James, 2007, Family Member
Burl Ives, 1909, Folk Singer
Burton Greene, 1937, Pianist
Callum McGregor, 1993, Soccer Player
Cameron Russell, 1987, Model
Camila Pitanga, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Campbell Brown, 1968, TV Show Host
Carolyn Chute, 1947, Novelist
Ceca, 1973, Folk Singer
Celeste Desjardins, 1996, Model
Charles Carter, 1874, Magician
Chauncey Leopardi, 1981, Movie Actor
Che Guevara, 1928, Activist
Chou Tzu-yu, 1999, Pop Singer
Chris Degarmo, 1963, Guitarist
Chris Milligan, 1988, TV Actor
Chris Ryan, 1996, YouTube Star
Christian da Silva Fiel, 1989, Soccer Player
Cliff Edwards, 1895, Movie Actor
Consequence, 1977, Rapper
june-14-famous-birthdaysCourtney Halverson, 1989, TV Actress
Cy Coleman, 1929, Jazz Singer
Damian Vaughn, 1975, Football Player
Daniel Newman, 1981, Movie Actor
Daniela Crudu, 1989, Model
Danielle Soibelman, 1999, TV Actress
Danny Martinez, 1985, MMA Fighter
Dapper Laughs, 1990, Vine Star
Darien Townsend, 1994, Rapper
Darko Ropin, 1996, YouTube Star
Darryll Holland, 1972, Horse Jockey
Daryl Sabara, 1992, Movie Actor
David Fonseca, 1973, Pop Singer
Dayo Okeniyi, 1988, Movie Actor
Debbie Arnold, 1955, TV Actress
Demi Louise, 1993, Rock Singer
Derrick Dereleek, 1987, YouTube Star
Diablo Cody, 1978, Screenwriter
Diana Estrada, 1997, YouTube Star
Don Newcombe, 1926, Baseball Player
Donald Trump, 1946, Entrepreneur
Dorothy McGuire, 1916, Movie Actress
Eddie Mekka, 1952, TV Actor
Edward Edwards, 1933, Criminal
Elaine Carrington, 1891, Screenwriter
Emil Christensen, 1984, eSports Player
Emily Graslie, 1989, YouTube Star
Emma Byrne, 1979, Soccer Player
Eric Fields, 1982, Boxer

Eric Heiden, 1958, Speed Skater
Eric Le Van, 1964, Pianist
Erika Bierman, 2001, Movie Actress
Ettore DeGrazia, 1909, Painter
Eva Lind, 1966, Opera Singer
Evan Sabara, 1992, Family Member
Faizon Love, 1968, TV Actor
Frank Clark, 1993, Football Player
Fred Baur, 1918, Scientist
Fred Baxter, 1971, Football Player
Fred Funk, 1956, Golfer
G Toengi, 1978, TV Actress
Garland Green, 1942, R&B Singer
Gemma Howe, 1999, YouTube Star
Gene Barry, 1919, TV Actor
Georg Henrik von Wright, 1916, Philosopher
George Hugh Niederauer, 1936, Religious Leader
Gianna Nannini, 1956, Pop Singer
Grace Jackson, 1961, Runner

Griffin Kane, 2003, TV Actor
Haley Hudson, 1986, TV Actress
Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811, Non-Fiction Author
Harry Turtledove, 1949, Novelist
Heather McDonald, 1970, Comedian
Heber C. Kimball, 1801, Religious Leader
Hermione Way, 1985, Entrepreneur
Jack Bannon, 1940, TV Actor
Jack Hayward, 1923, Sports Executive
Jack Miller, 1961, Race Car Driver
Jack Pepper, 1902, Stage Actor
Jacob Boyle, 1991, Pop Singer
James Hobley, 1999, Dancer
Jamie Green, 1982, Race Car Driver
Jamie Greenberg, 1977, Makeup Artist
Jan Rabson, 1954, Voice Actor
Janis Hansen, 1940, TV Actress
Jay Roach, 1957, Director
Jaylon Smith, 1995, Football Player
Jeremy Dyson, 1966, Screenwriter
Jeremy Sinden, 1950, Movie Actor
Jerrel Jernigan, 1989, Football Player
Jerzy Kosinski, 1933, Novelist
Jesus Guzman, 1984, Baseball Player
Jesy Nelson, 1991, Pop Singer
Jianhao Tan, 1993, YouTube Star
Jim Lea, 1949, Guitarist
Joao Rojas, 1989, Soccer Player
Joe Arpaio, 1932, Law Enforcement Officer
Joel Crouse, 1992, Country Singer
John Daido Loori, 1931, Religious Leader
John Edgar Wideman, 1941, Teacher
John Louis, 1941, Motorcycle Racer
John McCauley, 1989, Rock Singer
John Simmons, 1918, Bassist
Jordan Hayes, 1987, TV Actress
Jordan W. Clark, 1990, Twitch Star
Joshua Radin, 1974, Rock Singer
JR Martinez, 1983, TV Actor
Julia Joyce, 1998, TV Actress
Junior Walker, 1931, Jazz Singer
Jura Margulis, 1968, Pianist
Kara Killmer, 1988, TV Actress
Kathleen Raine, 1908, Poet
Katie Yeager, 1993, Reality Star
Katya Elise Henry, 1994, Instagram Star
Ken Case, 1925, News Anchor
Kendall Holt, 1981, Boxer
Kenny Drew Jr., 1958, Pianist
Kensey Johns, 1759, Lawyer
Kevin Fonteyne, 1990, TV Actor
Kevin McHale, 1988, TV Actor
Kevin Roche, 1922, Architect
Kim Schifino, 1982, Drummer
King Diamond, 1956, Metal Singer
Kirron Kher, 1955, Movie Actress
Kostas Manolas, 1991, Soccer Player
Kristian Luuk, 1966, TV Show Host
Kumar Birla, 1967, Entrepreneur
Kyle Herbert, 1969, Voice Actor
Kyle Smith, 1966, Journalist
Lang Lang, 1982, Pianist
Laquon Treadwell, 1995, Football Player
Laurence Michael Yep, 1948, Children’s Author
Laurence Rickard, 1975, Comedian
Laurie Colwin, 1944, Novelist
Lee Briers, 1978, Rugby Player
Len Berman, 1947, Journalist
Lensey Namioka, 1929, Children’s Author
Leon Wieseltier, 1952, Philosopher
Leticia Lima, 1984, TV Actress
Louis Garrel, 1983, Movie Actor
Luciana Souza, 1966, Composer
Lucy Hale, 1989, TV Actress
Luda Kroitor, 1982, Dancer
Luisa Spaniel, 1998, Movie Actress
Luke Holland, 1993, Drummer
Lupe Cuevas, 1994, YouTube Star
Lynda Lopez, 1971, News Anchor
Mack McLarty, 1946, Politician
Madison Ivy, 1989,
Marcus Miller, 1959, Composer
Margaret Bourke-White, 1904, Photographer
Mark Cosgrove, 1984, Cricket Player
Mark Pellizzer, 1980, Guitarist
Marla Gibbs, 1931, TV Actress
Matthew Hilton, 1965, Boxer
May Allison, 1890, Movie Actress
MC Ren, 1969, Rapper
Melia Maccarone, 1991, Guitarist
Michael Cade, 1972, TV Actor
Michael D. Duvall, 1955, Politician
Michele Maturo, 1990, Model
Mike Dignam, 1990, Pop Singer
Mike Donahue, 1876, Football Coach
Molly Parker, 1972, TV Actress
Mona Simpson, 1957, Novelist
Namrata Shrestha, 1985, Movie Actress
Nikolai Rubinstein, 1835, Pianist
Nyanners, 2007, YouTube Star
Omer Bhatti, 1985, Rapper
Paolo Bonolis, 1961, TV Show Host
Pascale Hutton, 1979, TV Actress
Pat Summitt, 1952, Basketball Coach
Paul Grayson, 1987, Rugby Player
Paul Monash, 1917, Film Producer
Paul O’grady, 1955, Comedian
Peter Lemer, 1942, Pianist
Peter Madrigal, 1984, Reality Star
Philemon Yang, 1947, Politician
Pierre Salinger, 1925, Politician
Piet Keizer, 1943, Soccer Player
Portia Beaman, 1987, Reality Star
Pritam Chakraborty, 1971, Composer
Rachel DeMita, 1990, TV Show Host
Raj Thackeray, 1968, Politician
Ralph Barnes, 1899, Journalist
Rambo Amadeus, 1963, Pop Singer
Ray Luzier, 1970, Drummer
Regan Burns, 1968, Movie Actor
Rene Char, 1907, Poet
Rick Brunson, 1972, Basketball Player
Rob Chapman, 1975, YouTube Star
Robert Lepikson, 1952, Politician
Robert M. Lafollette Sr., 1855, Politician
Rod Argent, 1945, Pop Singer
Rowan Williams, 1950, Religious Leader
Ryan Magee, 1994, YouTube Star
Ryan McCartan, 1993, TV Actor
Sam Perkins, 1961, Basketball Player
Sami Kapanen, 1973, Hockey Player
Sammy Watkins, 1993, Football Player
Samuel Bottomley, 2001, TV Actor
Sandra Hunt, 1959, Referee
Sangeeta, 1947, Movie Actress
Sarah ‘Sunshine’ Schubert, 1993, Comedian
Sean Klitzner, 1983, Comedian
Siobhan Donaghy, 1984, Pop Singer
Sirantony Sher, 1949, Movie Actor
SoCloseToToast, 1991, YouTube Star
Spooner Oldham, 1943, Pop Singer
Starrah, 1990, R&B Singer
Steffi Graf, 1969, Tennis Player
Steny Hoyer, 1939, Politician
Stephen Wallem, 1968, Stage Actor
Sullivan Stapleton, 1977, Movie Actor
Sutan Amrull, 1974, Reality Star
Suzanne Reuter, 1952, TV Actress
Tami Chynn, 1984, Pop Singer
Tammy Hembrow, 1993, Instagram Star
Tay Allyn, 1989, Pop Singer
Taylor Hatala, 2003, Dancer
Teila Tuli, 1969, TV Actor
Thomaz Costa, 2000, TV Actor
Tim Long, 1969, Screenwriter
Toni Savevski, 1963, Soccer Player
Tonyvtoons, 1999, YouTube Star
Torrance Coombs, 1983, TV Actor
Traylor Howard, 1966, TV Actress
Tyler Johnston, 1987, TV Actor
Tyrone Magnus, 1977, YouTube Star
Val Valentino, 1956, Magician
Vittorio Brumotti, 1980, Cyclist
Walter T. Kerwin Jr., 1917, War Hero
Ward Hunt, 1810, Supreme Court Justice
Weston Dressler, 1985, Football Player
Will Patton, 1954, Movie Actor
Xavier Arellano, 2000, YouNow Star
Yasmine Bleeth, 1968, TV Actress


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