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Famous Events For June 13

Famous Events For June 13 – Today In History

June 13: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 13  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 13th June 1373: The Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Alliance was signed in London today. It is the world’s oldest extant.
2. 13th June 1392: In France, the attempted assassination of Pierre de Craon Van Clisson failed.
3. 13th June 1611: John Fabricius dedicated his earliest Sunspot publications today.


4. 13th June 1665: The English fleet beat the Dutch today in the battle of Lowestoft off Suffolk in England.

18th Century – What Happened on June 13 – The 1700s

5. 13th June 1707: Hungary under Ferenc Rakoczi II, declared itself independent today.
6. 13th June 1721: England today signed the Treaty of Madrid.
7. 13th June 1753: A secret military treaty was signed by Austria, Great Britain, and Modena today.
8. 13th June 1774: Rhode Island prohibited the importation of slaves. It was the first colony to do so.
9. 13th June 1777: The submarine diving suit was patented today by Leonard Norcross.
10. 13th June 1792: The French government was today dismissed by King Louis XVI.
11. 13th June 1798: California was founded today by Mission San Luis Rey de Francia.


19th Century – June 13 This Day That Year – The 1800s

12. 13th June 1854: After making improvements to the keyboard and enhancing the sound, Antony Faas today patented the 1st US accordion.
13. 13th June 1865: President Andrew Johnson of the US, today proclaimed reconstruction of confederate states.
14. 13th June 1866: The 14th Amendment (Civil Rights) was today passed by the US House of Representatives.
15. 13th June 1868: Louisiana today elected Oscar Dunn an African American as its Lieutenant Governor. He became the first African American to become a Lt. Governor.
16. 13th June 1871: A Hurricane struck Labrador killing about 300 people.


17. 13th June 1878: Congress of Berlin began today. It determined the territories in the states in the Balkan Peninsula following the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78.
18. 13th June 1886: There was a devastating fire in Vancouver British Columbia. It destroyed nearly 1000 buildings.
19. 13th June 1888: The Department of Labor was created today by the US Congress.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 13th – The 1900s

20. 13th June 1900: Rioting and Arson spread throughout Peking in China, during the night when word of the German Minister to China, Baron Von Kettler’s beating of young boxers with his walking stick got around.
21. 13th June 1902: The Upper House of Prussia granted 350 million marks to Poland today.
22. 13th June 1907: Tamarack in California recorded the lowest temperature ever for 48 US states in June. It recorded 2° F.


23. 13th June 1910: A one-day round trip from New York to Philadelphia was today accomplished by pilot Charles Hamilton.
24. 13th June 1910: A physician of South California, William D Crum was appointed US minister to Liberia.
25. 13th June 1917: Germany’s Gotha G bombers carried out the deadliest air raid on London during World War I. It resulted in 162 deaths.
26. 13th June 1920: The US Post Office after various instances of babies being sent by parcel, today said children cannot be sent by parcel.
27. 13th June 1922: The longest recorded attack of hiccups began today. Charli Osborne got hiccups. It continued for 68 years. He died 11 months after it stopped.
28. 13th June 1924: Bene Berak, Palestine was founded today.
29. 13th June 1924: France elects Gaston Doumergue a protestant as President. He became the first protestant to become President of France.

30. 13th June 1925: The transmission of synchronized pictures and sound was demonstrated today by Charles Jenkins.
31. 13th June 1925: In an ongoing battle between the beer-running gangsters and law enforcement agencies in Chicago, 3 people were killed in a gunfight between the Police and Gangsters.
32. 13th June 1927: Aviator Charles Lindbergh, in his aircraft “The Spirit of St Louis” completed the epic journey from New York to Paris and became a Hero.
33. 13th June 1930: In Greece during a hailstorm, 22 people were killed by hailstones.
34. 13th June 1932: Great Britain and France signed a peace treaty today.
35. 13th June 1933: The first Sodium Vapor lamps were installed in New York today.
36. 13th June 1933: The Federal Home Owners Loan Corporation was authorized today.
37. 13th June 1933: Nazi politician Herman Goering today established the German Secret State Police (Gestapo-Geheime Staats Polizei) today.

38. 13th June 1937: Soviet General Stalin today executed Russian officers Tuchachevski, Jakir, Putna, and Uberevitch.
39. 13th June 1940: Paris evacuated before the German advance.
40. 13th June 1942: The US Office of Strategic Services was formed today.
41. 13th June 1942: Germany today laded 4 saboteurs on the Long Island.
42. 13th June 1942: The Office of War Information was opened today by the United States. Elmer Davis was the head of the office.
43. 13th May 1944: Germany today launched 10 V1 Rockets, which are jet-propelled pilotless planes capable of delivering a ton of cruise missile explosives, against Great Britain today.
44. 13th June 1946: The first transcontinental trip from California to Maryland was completed by flight in one day today.

45. 13th June 1946: The king of Italy, King Umberto II abdicated today.
46. 13th June 1947: The first baseball night game between the Red Sox and White Sox was played in Fenway Park today.
47. 13th June 1950: The “Groups Area Act” assigned different residential and business areas for different racial groups was today accepted by the South African Parliament.
48. 13th June 1951: In Korea, the US armed forces reached Pyongyang today.
49. 13th June 1952: A Swedish Dakota was shot down by Soviet fighters over the South Sea killing 8 people.
50. 13th June 1953: Alec Bedser took 14 wickets for 99 runs (7 wickets in each innings) in a cricket match against Australia.
51. 13th June 1953: There was a heatwave in the US with Pittsburg recording 112°F and the overall temperatures across the states upwards of 100°F.

52. 13th June 1953: Jim Peters today created a world record in marathon with a time of 2:18:40.2.
53. 13th June 1955: In Le Mans in France, 77 people were killed by a Mercedes racing car.
54. 13th June 1956: The last of the British troops vacated the Suez Canal Zone in Egypt.
55. 13th June 1963: The Profumo Scandal has put British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan under pressure as 4 members of his cabinet are considering resignation over his handling of the scandal.
56. 13th June 1966: Chief Justice Earl Warren of the Supreme Court, in the case Miranda Vs Arizona, delivered a landmark decision “that criminal suspects must be informed of their right to consult with an attorney and of their rights against self-incrimination before questioning by the police”. It is now termed a Miranda warning.
57. 13th June 1967: The Soviet Union today moved a resolution condemning Israel’s aggression in the six-day war and immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from Arab territory in the United Nations Security Council and demanded an immediate vote on the resolution.
58. 13th June 1967: The Supreme Court today got its first African American Judge when Thurgood Marshal was nominated as Supreme Court Justice.

59. 13th June 1971: The New York Times today started publication of sections of Pentagon Papers which is a top-secret study of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War by the Defense Department.
60. 13th June 1972: The first major storm in 1972, Hurricane Agnes and Florida took the brunt of the hurricane as it hit the coastline suffering a damage of $10 million.
61. 13th June 1974: The International Monitory Fund today established an “oil facility”, a special fund to give loans to nations whose balance of payment has been adversely affected by high oil prices.
62. 13th June 1978: Israeli Defense Forces withdrew from Lebanon today.
63. 13th June 1980: The United Nations Security Council called upon South Africa to free Nelson Mandela the anti-apartheid activist.
64. 13th June 1986: In the face of civil unrest, the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner and South Africa Bishop Desmond Tutu met South African President P W Botha to discuss the nationwide state of emergency declared by him.
65. 13th June 1986: US President Ronal Regan today criticized the state of emergency in South Africa.
66. 13th June 1991: Boris Yeltsin became the first popularly elected Russian president today after the Russian elections. The Communist Party which had ruled since the revolution in 1917 suffered a heavy defeat.

21st Century – June 13 This Day In History – The 2000s

67. 13th June 2002: Forest fires in Colorado, which destroyed 100,000 acres of land. After raging for one week the fire is now under control with 2800 firefighters fighting the fire.
68. 13th June 2005: The month-long trial of popular megastar Michael Johnson who was accused of child molestation concluded today. He was found not guilty of all charges.
69. 13th June 2005: The movie “War of the Worlds” directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, premiered in Tokyo, Japan today.
70. 13th June 2006: The US Energy Department has released a report that the State of Colorado is sitting on at least a trillion barrels of oil in the form of oil shale. Most of the resource (about 70%) is located in federally owned and managed land.
71. 13th June 2009: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today won his re-election with 62.6% votes polled in his favor. Opposition parties clashed with the police after the election suspecting corrupt practice.
72. 13th June 2011: Christ Church in New Zealand was today struck by an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale.
73. 13th June 2012: 93 people were killed and 300 people were wounded in a series of bombings in Iraq.
74. 13th June 2012: Wild wildfire, the largest recorded so far is raging in Colorado and New Mexico and has already consumed over 275,000 acres since May. Hundreds of firefighters from several states are fighting to contain the fire.
75. 13th June 2013: The US Supreme Court in a unanimous decision today ruled that human DNA cannot be patented. It also ruled that artificially copied genes can be claimed as intellectual property.
76. 13th June 2015: Floods in Tbilisi Georgia killed 12 people. It also resulted in the freeing of animals from the city Zoo. Bears and Hippos were seen roaming on the streets of the city.
77. 13th June 2017: Jeff Sessions the US Attorney General today testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee and denied a secret meeting with Russians.
78. 13th June 2018: The FIFA Congress today voted to award the 2026 World Cup to joint bidders USA, Canada, and Mexico.
79. 13th June 2018: Over the diesel scandal Volkswagen was today imposed a fine of € 1 million on them.
80. 13th June 2018: A report published in the “Nature” journal states that Antarctica is melting at an accelerated rate, 200 billion tons a year, 300 trillion tons in 25 years.

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