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9 Great Feng Shui Tips for a Home Office

What Are The Best Feng Shui Tips for a Home Office?

Work, work, work. We have entered into the modern age of employment. Heading to the office has become a part of our culture. For some, it is extremely consuming and takes away their free time. Here are some Feng Shui Tips for the home office. For others, it’s just a means to an end, and their personal life is more important. For some, it is a part of their lives, but only a part.


Going daily to the office can become a bit of a grind. So, these days, some people have decided to work from home if they can. It cuts down on transportation time and fuel emissions. It saves money and can be much more peaceful, reducing stress.

People have decided to create a home office where they can separate their home from the office while also working from the comfort of their own homes. But, if one is an ardent Feng  Shui follower, they understand that creating this home/work environment can be tricky.


Just because the office is in the home doesn’t mean it should affect work effectiveness or productivity. It can also be hard to maintain a good and relaxing vibe when a work environment exists within the home! So, here are a few Feng Shui tips when deciding to build an appropriate home office.

How Can I Bring Good Luck To My Home Office?

#1. Try to put it a good distance from the bedroom!

These are two energies that should not be mixed. While the office should be a place of production, achievement, and success, the bedroom is a place of peace, restoration, and relationship-building. Create as much division and distance between these two areas. Having a separate entrance into the office would be ideal!


#2. Include the right decorations and artwork

Metal and water are appropriate elements to be used in the office. Metal is an earth element representing practicality, productiveness, and groundedness. Water is representative of wealth and success! It is important to create a balance of the elements. Use the Bagua to guide the placement of the décor.


#3. Think about the amount of light and air in the room

Even though the office is a workplace, it should be a comfortable and inviting place. One doesn’t want to dread heading in there every morning. Windows will be an excellent addition to the room. Open them up on lovely days to add fresh air and natural light ever so often. Don’t have too many or too strong artificial light fixtures, or they can deaden the space.

#4. Consider furniture placement

The desk should be in the commanding position. To take control of the room, it should face the doorway but not in line with it. This will attract success and achievement. Do not have it back to the door or facing a wall with other furniture pieces. Attempt to create a balance in amount and placement.

#5. What color should your Feng Shui Home Office Be?

There is no real correct answer for this, but research the meanings of each color in Feng Shui. Maybe don’t go with a drab, dreary color. Use a color that inspires energy, creativity, and peace, such as green. Color is crucial. It should be an energizing yet welcoming place to work.

#6. Personalize it

Work can be a stressful thing all on its own. So why not include objects that bring calmness or a smile? These could be pictures or loved art pieces.

Placing vision boards in the office can also be a great idea. Vision boards inspire confidence and courage in achieving goals and remind one of why they’re working so hard. Place them prominently as reminders to know the purpose.

Personalize the office away from the corporate feel people usually get in public offices. It can drain life and energy.

#7. Bring nature in!

Think about getting some lovely green plants to add to the office. Not only is it naturally soothing, but it also adds great Feng Shui to space and purifies the air.

#8. Keep the outside world of the house out

To further create the division, it is helpful not to let children or pets into the room. Keep the door closed. It shouldn’t be considered an equal part of the home’s relaxing, warm environment. It is its own space with an energy that needs to remain intact.

#9. Keep it clutter-free, organized, and clean

This is one of the essential tips. Chi constantly improves when an area is cleaned, de-cluttered, and organized. It can flow smoothly, and it brightens up the energy of the room. This is especially important for the office because the room is most likely to get a little out of control.

When one enters their workspace, they should feel stress-free. Everything in its place, with no dust lingering or extra clutter lying around, brings in a good chi. Clean and organize the space weekly. Go through items to make sure they’re necessary. There’s no need to keep things that aren’t used or have no purpose!

Conclusion: Feng Shui your Home Office

These tips are specifically for a home office, although some can be applied to a public office if they’re allowed by the company (adding plants, for example). A home office should be a place of creativity, productivity, effectiveness, achievement, hard work, and success. But, it shouldn’t be a stressful area that creates a knot in the stomach every time you enter.

It can be warm, friendly, energetic, and calming while also achieving its other goals. Working from home can be an incredible luxury for a few, but it should be handled correctly. It should not interrupt the rest of the home’s balance and good energy. The work world and the personal world are their entities. Too often, people blur the lines and drag one or the other into the opposite sectors.

Keep it divided. Add a separate entrance, placing it far away from the bedroom. Keep the door closed. Maintain its own creative and productive energy. It should not affect the rest of the house’s chi.

This can be a fun project to embark on! It can be a big job but considering décor, furniture, furniture placement, plants, lighting, wall color, etc., it can be refreshing and exciting!

The more comfortable, the less stressful, and the better the home office is, the more productive, less anxious, and more successful the individual will be! These decisions are critical. So, start using these Feng Shui tips. Enjoy a successful and comfortable home office today!

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