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Famous Events For June 8

Famous Events For June 8 – Today In History

June 8: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 8  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 8th June 452: Attila the Hun invaded Italy.
2. 8th June 793: Vikings raided Northumberland on the northeastern coast of England. They plundered the monastery and St. Cuthbert Convent at Lindisfarne.
3. 8th June 1405: On the orders of Henry IV, Richard le Scrope, the Archbishop of York, and Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Norfolk were executed.


4. 8th June 1551: The Duke of Ontario Farnese of Parma was excommunicated by Pope Julius III.
5. 8th June 1624: A severe earthquake strikes Peru.
6. 8th June 1632: Prince of Orange, Fredrik Henry, conquered Sittard today.
7. 8th June 1663: The Spanish fleet was beaten by the British and Portugal fleets in the Battle of Amegical.
8. 8th June 1690: The Mazagon Fort in Bombay, India was razed by Siddi general Yadi Sakat.

18th Century – What Happened on June 8 – The 1700s

9. 8th June 1783: In Southern Iceland the Laki Volcano began eruption which lasted for 8 months, killing 10,000 people and causing widespread famine throughout Asia and Europe.
10. 8th June 1786: For the first time, commercially manufactured Ice Crème was advertised in New York City today.


11. 8th June 1789: The proposed Bill of Rights was today introduced in the US House of Representatives by President James Madison.
12. 8th June 1790: This day marks the repayment of the first loan of the U.S. which was negotiated and secured in Sept 1789 by Alexander Hamilton.

19th Century – June 8 This Day That Year – The 1800s

13. 8th June 1809: The first reflective goniometer was invented by William Hyde Wollaston.
14. 8th June 1812: After the assassination of British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval, Robert Jenkinson became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
15. 8th June 1824: Noah Cushing of Quebec patented a washing machine today.
16. 8th June 1829: The first municipal swimming pool in the UK opened today in Liverpool.


17. 8th June 1846: British troops today defeated Bantu in the Battle of Gwanga.
18. 8th June 1861: Executive approval was accorded today to the US Sanitary Commission.
19. 8th June 1861: Tennessee voted to join the confederacy seceding from the Union.
20. 8th June 1862: During the Peninsula Campaign, Confederates were defeated by the army of Potomac at the Battle of Cross Keys.
21. 8th June 1863: As Grant’s army began shelling the town of Vicksburg in Mississippi, the residents of the town fled into the caves.
22. 8th June 1864: During the National Union Party’s Convention at Baltimore, Abraham Lincoln was nominated for President for the second term.
23. 8th June 1869: The first Vacuum Cleaner was patented in Chicago by Ives W. McGaffey.
24. 8th June 1872: The US Congress authorized the penny postcard today.
25. 8th June 1886: In the British House of Commons today the First Home Rule Bill for Ireland was defeated by 343 votes to 313 votes.


26. 8th June 1887: The punch card calculator was today patented by Herman Hollerith.
27. 8th June 1889: In Los Angeles Cable Car service began its operation today.
28. 8th June 1896: In the first ever case of car theft the Peugeot of Baron de Zuylen was stolen by his mechanic in Paris.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 8th – The 1900s

29. 8th June 1904: US Marines deployed to protect US citizens, and landed in Tangiers, Morocco.
30. 8th June 1905: During the Russo-Japanese War President Roosevelt sent identical letters urging to end hostilities to both Japan and Russia and offered to mediate in the peace process.
31. 8th June 1912: Universal Pictures was today incorporated by Carl Laemmle.

32. 8th June 1906: The American Antiquities Act which was proposed originally in 1882, was today signed by President Theodore Roosevelt. It was used to set aside American resources by an executive order.
33. 8th June 1908: To improve relations between England and Russia, King Edward VII of England paid a visit to Czar Nicolas II of Russia.
34. 8th June 1915: In a disagreement with the US handling of the sinking of Lusitania, Woodrow William’s Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryan resigned today.
35. 8th June 1937: In the New York botanical gardens, the world’s largest flower a 12-foot Calla Lilly bloomed today.
36. 8th June 1940: The discovery of a new element, element 93, neptunium, was announced today.
37. 8th June 1941: Pro-German Syria was overthrown by British and French troops.

38. 8th June 1942: Singer and Actor, Bing Crosby recorded “Silent Night” today.
39. 8th June 1944: Counter attack at Normandy by SS-Panzer Korps.
40. 8th June 1944: Frans Duwaer, the Dutch resistance fighter was arrested today.
41. 8th June 1944: General Montgomery landed in Normandy and set up headquarters in Chateau de Creully.
42. 8th June 1946: Anti-colonial defiance was called for in Indonesia by President Sukarno.
43. 8th June 1949: Siam today changed its name to Thailand.
44. 8th June 1950: In Belgium, Jean Duvieusart, became the Prime Minister today.
45. 8th June 1950: Sir Thomas Blamey became Field Marshall. He was the only field marshmallow in Australian history.
46. 8th June 1953: The Supreme Court today ruled that segregation in restaurants in Washington DC was unlawful.

47. 8th June 1953: A tornado hit Flint in Michigan killing at least 116 people and injuring more than 850.
48. 8th June 1957: An “Anti-rightist” witch hunt was ordered by Mao. This was executed by Deng Xiaoping.
49. 8th June 1963: American Heart Association campaigned against cigarettes. It was the first agency to do so.
50. 8th June 1965: In Vietnam the US troops were today ordered to fight offensively.
51. 8th June 1967: In what was described as a tragic error, Israeli forces raided the US Navy ship USS Liberty in the Mediterranean killing 34 crew members and leaving 171 wounded.
52. 8th June 1968: The capture of Jams Earl Ray in London, the suspected assassin of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was announced by the authorities today.
53. 8th June 1968: Bermuda adopted its constitution today.

54. 8th June 1969: General Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator, closed Spain’s frontier with Gibraltar.
55. 8th June 1969: US President Richard Nixon met his counterpart President Thieu of South Vietnam and announced that 25,000 US troops would pull out by August.
56. 8th June 1971: North Vietnam demanded that the US should stop aid to South Vietnam.
57. 8th June 1972: Cricket commentator Tony Greig, made his test debut as a batsman for England against Australia at Old Trafford. He scored 57 and 62 runs.
58. 8th June 1973: Spain today appointed Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco as its Prime Minister.
59. 8th June 1974: A military and economic contract was today signed by the US and Saudi Arabia.
60. 8th June 1975: The USSR today launched Venera 9 for Venus landing.
61. 8th June 1975: In Germany, two passenger trains collided near Munich killing 35 people.
62. 8th June 1979: The first computer public information service “The Source” went online today.
63. 8th June 1982: A Brazilian Boeing 727 flight crashed into a mountain killing 135 people.
64. 8th June 1982: Actor and US President Ronal Regan today addressed the British Parliament in his “ash heap of history” speech.
65. 8th June 1986: Kurt Waldheim, an alleged Nazi, was today elected President of Austria.
66. 8th June 1986: Assadabad satellite station was today attacked by Iraqi jets.

67. 8th June 1987: The labor government in New Zealand today legislated nuclear weapons and nuclear-powered vessels in New Zealand. New Zealand became the only nation to legislate against nuclear power.
68. 8th June 1988: According to an announcement by Nippon Airlines, painting eyeballs on jets reduced bird collision by 20%.
69. 8th June 1991: Washington DC holds a victory parade for its success in the Gulf War.
70. 8th June 1994: A massive earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck North Bolivia.
71. 8th June 1995: US marines in Bosnia rescued downed US Airforce pilot Captain Scott O’Grady.
72. 8th June 1996: China today performed a nuclear test at Lop Nor in the People’s Republic of China.
73. 8th June 1996: Panama became a member of the Berne Convention copywrite treaty.

21st Century – June 8 This Day In History – The 2000s

74. 8th June 2007: Illness forced George Peterson, the Jazz legend to cancel his appearance at the Carnegie Hall All-Star performance, held in his honor.
75. 8th June 2012: In Pakistan, 18 people were killed and 35 others were injured in a bus bombing incident.
76. 8th June 2013: Serena Williams of America beat Maria Sharapova 6-4,6-4 in the French Open Tennis tournament.
77. 8th June 2014: In Las Vegas, a couple ambushed a restaurant killing 2 police officers, one civilian, and themselves.

78. 8th June 2017: There was a hung parliament in the British General Elections today with Prime Minister Teresa May and the Conservative party losing majority.
79. 8th June 2018: IMF today agreed to lend 50 billion dollars to Argentina.
80. 8th June 2018: IBM and NVidia today launched “Summit”, the world’s most powerful supercomputer. It can process 200,000 trillion calculations per second.

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