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Famous Events For July 17

Famous Events For July 17 – Today In History

July 17: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 17  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 17th July 1054: Holy Roman Emperor Henry III crowned his son Henry IV as King.
2. 17th July 1203: Crusaders aboard a Venetian fleet launched an attack to begin the siege on Constantinople.
3. 17th July 1245: Emperor Fredrick II Hohenstaufen was banned for the 3rd time by the Pope.


4. 17th July 1429: Dauphin, the heir apparent of France was crowned King Charles VII of France.
5. 17th July 1453: The French army defeated Talbot-led English forces at the Battle of Castillon, which turned out to be a turning point in the 100-year war.
6. 17th July 1473: Nijmegen was conquered by Charles the Stout.
7. 17th July 1505: The founder of Protestantism Martin Luther entered an Augustinian Monastery at Erfurt.
8. 17th July 1549: in Belgium Jews were expelled from Ghent.
9. 17th July 1583: Dunkirk was conquered by Spanish and Walloon troops today.
10. 17th July 1585: Antony Babington’s murder plot against Queen Elizabeth I was discovered by the British Secret Service today.
11. 17th July 1603: The forces of King James arrested explorer Sir Walter Raleigh today.
12. 17th July 1686: Several Protestant powers held a meeting at Lüenburg to discuss the formation of an evangelic league of defense “Confederatio Militiae Evangelicae” against the Catholic League.


18th Century – What Happened on July 17 – The 1700s

13. 17th July 1712: A ceasefire treaty was signed today by Great Britain, Portugal, and France.
14. 17th July 1717: “Water Music” composed by George Fredrick Handel Premiered on the Thames River in London today.
15. 17th July 1740: Prospero Lambertini was chosen today as Pope Benedictus XIV.
16. 17th July 1732: Following the murder of Peter III, Catherine II became the tsarina of Russia.
17. 17th July 1775: The first military hospital was approved today.
18. 17th July 1791: During the French Revolution members of the French National Guard led by General Lafayette, opened fire on a crowd of Jacobins at Camp de Mars in Paris killing up to 50 people.
19. 17th July 1794: Philadelphia’s Bethel African Meth Episcopal Church was organized by Richard Allen today.


19th Century – July 17 This Day That Year – The 1800s

20. 17th July 1821: Spain gave up Florida to the US today.
21. 17th July 1841: “Punch”, the British humor and satirical magazine commenced its publication today with the publication of the first issue of the magazine.
22. 17th July 1850: The first photograph of a star (Vega) was taken by Harvard Observatory today.
23. 17th July 1856: More than 60 people were killed in the Great Train Wreck of 1856 which occurred at Camp Hill and Fort Washington in Pennsylvania.
24. 17th July 1858: HMS Lutine’s bell which was recovered from the wreckage of the ship is hung from the rostrum of Lloyd’s Underwriting Room.
25. 17th July 1861: Paper money was authorized by the US Congress today.
26. 17th July 1862: The US army was today lawfully permitted to accept blacks as laborers.
27. 17th July 1867: The Harvard School of Dental Medicine, the first dental school in the US was established today.
28. 17th July 1879: In Hawaii, the first railroad was opened today.


29. 17th July 1885: In Wimbledon Men’s Tennis Championship, William Renshaw the defending champion defeated his twin brother Ernest Renshaw 6-1, 2-6, 4-6, 6-2, 6-2.
30. 17th July 1890: In South Africa, Cecil Rhodes became the Premier of Cape Colony today.
31. 17th July 1893: Arthur Shrewsbury became the first batsman in cricket to score 1,000 runs in test cricket.
32. 17th July 1897: The first ship carrying gold from Yukon arrived in Seattle today.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 17th – The 1900s

33. 17th July 1902: Son of the poet Tennyson, Lord Tennyson was named as a successor to Lord Hopetown, the first governor-general of Australia.
34. 17th July 1903: The Russian Social Democratic Workers Party met first in Brussels and then in London because their leaders were forced into exile by the Russian Government.

35. 17th July 1912: In Sweden, the International Athletic Federation “IAF” for formed today.
36. 17th July 1917: The name of the British Royal family changed from the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor by a Royal Proclamation by King George V today.
37. 17th July 1918: In Siberia, the Romanov royal family and several of their retinues were executed by the Bolshevik firing squad in the basement of Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg.
38. 17th July 1919: Finland adopted its constitution today.
39. 17th July 1929: The USSR severed its diplomatic relations with China today.
40. 17th July 1933: The Lithuanian research aircraft Lithuania, after successfully crossing the Atlantic Ocean, crashed in Germany under mysterious circumstances.
41. 17th July 1936: General Francisco Franco of Spain along with Emilio Mola, led a right-wing uprising that started the Spanish Civil War.
42. 17th July 1943: Germany’s rocket base Peenemunde was bombed by the RAF today.

43. 17th July 1944: At Port Chicago in California two ammunition ships exploded killing 322 people.
44. 17th July 1944: Soviet troops marched in Poland after crossing the Bug River.
45. 17th July 1945: At the Potsdam Conference in Germany, Churchill, Truman, and Stalin held their first meeting today.
46. 17th July 1948: The Republic of South Korea proclaimed its constitution today.
47. 17th July 1950: In South Africa, the Suppression of Communism Act became a force.
48. 17th July 1951: The Western New England College was chartered in Springfield, Massachusetts today.
49. 17th July 1954: Construction work of the Disney Land project commenced today.
50. 17th July 1954: In West Germany, Theodor Heuss was today re-elected as President.
51. 17th July 1955: Arco Idaho was the first city in the US to be lit by nuclear power.
52. 17th July 1955: The grand opening of Disneyland was telecast in Anaheim, California.
53. 17th July 1958: The US today conducted an atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak today.

54. 17th July 1959: Serfdom was abolished in Tibet today.
55. 17th July 1962: The Senate today rejected Medicare for the aged.
56. 17th July 1962: The US today performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
57. 17th July 1964: Don Campbell established a speed record of 690.91 kph (429.31mph) for a turbine vehicle.
58. 17th July 1964: Great Britain conducted its nuclear test at the Nevada test site today.
59. 17th July 1964: Anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela, who was recently sentenced to life imprisonment was today awarded Joliot Curie Gold Medal for Peace.
60. 17th July 1972: At Quantico, for the first time two women began training as FBI agents.
61. 17th July 1974: France performed a nuclear test at Mururoa atoll today.
62. 17th July 1975: In the first US/USSR linkup in space, Apollo 18 of the US linked up with Soyuz 19 of the USSR today.
63. 17th July 1975: In an attack that represented the first major breach in the February Truce, the Provisional Irish Army triggered a remote-controlled bomb near Forkill which killed four British soldiers.
64. 17th July 1976: East Timor was today annexed by Indonesian President Suharto.
65. 17th July 1979: English cricketer David Gower scored 200 not out against India at Edgbaston. Powered by his double hundred England scored 633 for five wickets.

66. 17th July 1980: Ronald Reagan today formally accepted the Republican Party’s nomination as US President.
67. 17th July 1980: There was a military coup in Bolivia. General Garcia Meza became President.
68. 17th July 1981: USSR performed a nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalatinsk in USSR.
69. 17th July 1984: The National Minimum Drinking Age Act, prohibiting people under the age of 21 from buying or possessing alcohol was passed today by the US.
70. 17th July 1987: Iran and France broke off diplomatic relations today.
71. 17th July 1989: The US today conducted the first test flight of its stealth bomber.
72. 17th July 1995: It was announced by Forbes magazine that Bill Gates with a net worth of $12.9 billion is the richest man in the world.
73. 17th July 1998: Eighty years after the death of Tsar Nicholas II and their family, Russia today buried them.

21st Century – July 17 This Day In History – The 2000s

74. 17th July 2004: Nelson Mandela, the former South African President gave a call to the world for commitment to take action against AIDS.
75. 17th July 2012: In a bar shooting in Tuscaloosa Alabama, 17 people were wounded today.
76. 17th July 2013: Basketballer LeBron James and Tennis player Serena Williams won the 21st ESPY Awards.
77. 17th July 2014: A five-hour humanitarian ceasefire proposed by the United Nations affected between Israel and Hamas.
78. 17th July 2015: Scientists today solved the problem of sleeping sickness in two villages in North Kazakhstan. It was attributed to an increase in carbon monoxide caused by uranium mining.
79. 17th July 2018: Barack Obama delivered a speech in honor of Nelson Mandela and warned of “Strongman Politics” in Johannesburg, South Africa.

80. 17th July 2018: In Jordon, archaeologists discover the oldest evidence of bread made from wild grains in a 14,000-year-old dig in the Black Desert.

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