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Famous Events For July 16

Famous Events For July 16 – Today In History

July 16: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 16  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 16th July 1054: Michael Caerularius, Patriarch of Constantinople was excommunicated from Constantinople.
2. 16th July 1099: In Jerusalem, Crusaders herded Jews into a synagogue and set fire to it.
3. 16th July 1212: In the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, the combined armies of Castile, Aragon, Navarre, and Portugal badly defeated the Almohads, bringing an end to the Muslim power in Spain.


4. 16th July 1338: The Agreement of Rhense confirming Emperor Louis IV was signed by six Electors of the Holy Roman Empire today.
5. 16th July 1429: John of Arc and the French army entered the historic city of Rheims.
6. 16th July 1439: To stop the Black Death from spreading, kissing was banned in England.
7. 16th July 1519: Theologist John Eck and founder of the Protestant school of thought Martin Luther had a public debate at Pleissenburg Castle in Leipzig, Luther denying the divine right of the Pope.
8. 16th July 1548: In Bolivia, the city of La Paz was founded on this day.
9. 16th July 1618: The first Dredger was patented by Captain John Gilbert in Britain.
10. 16th July 1661: The Bank of Stockholm issued the first banking notes in Europe.


18th Century – What Happened on July 16 – The 1700s

11. 16th July 1755: John Adams, the second US President graduated from Howard today.
12. 16th July 1769: Mission of San Diego, the first mission in California was founded by missionary Father Junipero Sena.
13. 16th July 1782: The opera “Die Entführung aus dem Serail” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart premiered in Vienna today conducted by Mozart.
14. 16th July 1789: Following riots that broke out upon the dismissal of Finance Minister Jacques Necker in France, King Louis XVI of France reinstated him.
15. 16th July 1790: The city of Washington in the District of Columbia was declared as the permanent capital of the United States by the Congress today.
16. 16th July 1798: The US Public Health Services was formed on this day and the US Marine hospital was authorized.


19th Century – July 16 This Day That Year – The 1800s

17. 16th July 1801: Concord signed by Pope Pious VII and Napoleon today.
18. 16th July 1845: The first regatta was held by the New York Yacht Club today.
19. 16th July 1867: Ready-mixed paint was patented today by D.R.Averill.
20. 16th July 1867: Reinforced Concrete was patented by Joseph Monier today.
21. 16th July 1880: In Canada, Dr. Emily Stowe became the first woman who was licensed to practice medicine.
22. 16th July 1894: Striking white miners killed many Negro miners in Alabama.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 16th – The 1900s

23. 16th July 1900: It was reported in London that all foreigners in Peaking and China had been massacred and soon afterward the report was exposed as false. Although it was exposed as false, it helped in mobilizing relief for foreigners.
24. 16th July 1900: In Manchuria, Russia launched an offensive against the Chinese.
25. 16th July 1901: As a result of an outcry against the treatment meted out to Afrikaners in concentration camps during the South African War, the Fawcett Commission headed by Millicent Fawcett was established.
26. 16th July 1902: K.S. Ranjitsinhji made his test cricket debut at Old Trafford against Australia.
27. 16th July 1912: B A Fiske patented a naval torpedo launched from an airplane.
28. 16th July 1920: China joined the League of Nations today.

29. 16th July 1921: With the encouragement of the British, Greece King Constantine launched a drive to take Asia Minor from nationalists led by King Mustafa Kemal.
30. 16th July 1924: A conference begins in London over the German recovery of payments.
31. 16th July 1925: King Feisal opened the first parliament in Iraq in Bagdad today.
32. 16th July 1926: The first under-sea color photos were taken by National Geographic today.
33. 16th July 1935: Oklahoma City installs the first automatic parking meter.
34. 16th July 1936: In Rochester city in New York, the first X-ray photo of arterial circulation was taken.
35. 16th July 1940: Operation Sealion: Adolf Hitler issued orders to prepare for the invasion of Britain.
36. 16th July 1941: Seattle, Washington recorded its highest temperature of 100°F today.
37. 16th July 1942: In Paris, 13,152 Jews were arrested by French police today.
38. 16th July 1942: Jews from Holland were transported to extermination camp today.

39. 16th July 1945: Trinity Site, Alamogordo in New Mexico was the first detonation of a nuclear weapon as a part of the Manhattan Project.
40. 16th July 1945: Cruiser Indianapolis departed from San Francisco with the atomic bomb.
41. 16th July 1946: For their “Battle of Bulge” crimes, 46 members of the SS were today sentenced to death in Dachau by US court martial.
42. 16th July 1955: In the British Grand Prix, Juan Manual Fangio of Argentina finished 2nd to fellow Mercedes Benz driver Stirling Moss to clinch his third Formula One driver’s championship.
43. 16th July 1956: King Faisal of Iraq commenced his visit to England.
44. 16th July 1957: US Marine Major John Glen made the first transcontinental supersonic flight across America and established a speed record of 03:28:08.
45. 16th July 1960: A record crowd of 205,000 people witnessed the World Cup Soccer match between Brazil and Uruguay.
46. 16th July 1961: A new long jump record of 27’2” was established today by US athlete Ralf Boston.
47. 16th July 1963: A record water flow of 190,000 Cubic feet per second in the Amazon River.

48. 16th July 1964: Barry Goldwater was chosen as the Republican presidential candidate by the Republican convention today.
49. 16th July 1965: The road tunnel through Mount Blanc between France and Italy opened today.
50. 16th July 1966: In South Africa number of individuals were banned under various laws, prominently the Suppression of Communism and Riotous Assemblies Act. The total number of persons banned reached 936.
51. 16th July 1966: Nigeria became a European Economic Community associate member. It was the first Anglophone independent state in Africa to do so.
52. 16th July 1967: In the town of Jay in Florida, barracks ignited by a prison brawl kill 37.
53. 16th July 1969: The US launched the Apollo spacecraft carrying the first men on the moon.
54. 16th July 1970: The constitution of Iraq comes into effect.
55. 16th July 1971: In Spain, Francisco Franco appointed Juan Carlos as his deputy.
56. 16th July 1973: During the Watergate hearings, the existence of tapes was revealed by Butterfield.
57. 16th July 1979: Saddam Hussein became President of Iraq succeeding Ahmed Hassan al-Baker.

58. 16th July 1980: The railway to Russia was blocked by Polish railway workers.
59. 16th July 1980: In Detroit, Republicans nominated Ronald Regan for US President.
60. 16th July 1981: India performed a nuclear test at the Pokhran test site.
61. 16th July 1982: NASA today launched Landsat 4 to generate a thematic map of Earth.
62. 16th July 1983: In Britain’s worst helicopter accident, a helicopter crashed off the Isles of Sicily killing 20 people.
63. 16th July 1985: Royal permission was accorded to the Bill to abolish the Greater London Council.
64. 16th July 1987: Great Britain performed its nuclear test today at the Nevada test site.
65. 16th July 1988: Olympic sprinter Carle Lewis ran 100 meters in 9.78 seconds. He was said to have received assistance from the wind.
66. 16th July 1989: In South Africa, the country’s largest labor federation, the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions, held its third annual congress and intensified its campaign against apartheid.
67. 16th July 1990: Ukraine declared its independence today.
68. 16th July 1994: In a tussle over fishing rights a French fishing boat was sunk by Spanish fishing boats.

69. 16th July 1999: The Piper Saratoga aircraft which was being piloted by John F Kennedy Jr crashed off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard killing Kennedy, his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and his sister-in-law Lauren Bessette.

21st Century – July 16 This Day In History – The 2000s

70. 16th July 2003: Professional cyclist Lance Armstrong and tennis player Serena Williams won the 11th ESPY Awards.
71. 16th July 2004: Mayor Richard M Daley opened Millennium Park to the public. It is considered to be the first and the most ambitious architectural project in the early 21st century for Chicago.
72. 16th July 2005: J. K. Rowling’s 6th book in the Harry Potter series “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” was published worldwide today. 9 million copies were sold in 24 hours.
73. 16th July 2007: In Japan, an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 and an aftershock of magnitude 6.6 occurred off the Niigata coast today. In addition to causing the death of 8 people and injuring at least 800 more, it also damaged the nuclear power plant.
74. 16th July 2008: In Malaysia, politician Anwar Ibrahim was arrested on charges of sodomy.
75. 16th July 2013: In India 27 children were killed and 25 more were taken ill and admitted to the hospital after eating food contaminated with insecticide.
76. 16th July 2014: In Syria Bashar al-Assad was sworn in as President for a third term.
77. 16th July 2014: The strike on Gaza was intensified by Israel.
78. 16th July 2015: Five people were killed and several others were injured in a shooting in Chattanooga at a US military recruitment center and a naval reserve training center.

79. 16th July 2016: Donald Trump the Republican Presidential nominee today announced that Indian Governor Mike Pence is his Vice-Presidential running mate.
80. 16th July 2018: Scientists at Carnegie Institute of Science discovered 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter taking the total of the planet’s moons to 79.

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