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The Number Of Gold: What Does It Entail?

The Number Of Gold: A Deeper Understanding

The number of gold, or ownership of the golden section, or divine proportion, chairs the architectural harmony of the world. It is that mysterious number where mathematical logic, the divine Logos, the creator of the universe, and the innate sense of beauty in man are so revealing.


Its link with the number 5 represents the relationship between the fixed side of the Pentagon and its large segment. It also represents the diagonal and side regular pentagon, which is always equivalent to a large segment. Their values of 1618.

On the number of gold were established canons of beauty of the human face. For example, In ancient Greece were built many temples and monuments such as the Parthenon, the cathedral of Strasbourg and the pyramid of Cheops, and the set laws of music, philosophy, and metaphysics.


The Numerology and the Yin and Yang

In ancient times in China, the number used to set the world order. In the doctrine of Yin and Yang, numerology is based on opposing forces, yet complementary. The trinity Cielo-Tierra-hombre, square, the 5 elements, and the 8 trigramas, thus guide the hidden speculation.


Some science using numbers we can highlight, as only some of the arts of numbers, the timing, astrology, the 5 elements, and I-Ching.


Astrology as art, the system consists of 12 branches of the land and 10 trunks of heaven. One of its aims is to inspect the readiness of the 28 constellations, the displacement of 5 planets, the moon, and the sun, in a manner that achieves the appropriate negative and positive images. We stress that to a large number of ancient civilizations, was used by emperors in their governments.


Astrologers enunciated 4 groups of 7 constellations each, in other words, 28 constellations, 72 stars negative belonging to the Earth, and 36 stars charitable celestial employed in the construction of pentáculos. The amount of the same way the sacred number 108, which can be highlighted in Asia, as a whole, because as we see are 108 accounts Buddhist rosary, and 1080, 108, 54 or 24 accounts of the rosary of Chinese origin and Buddhist Tantric.

In the five elements

We defined the 5 elements as the main essences of the body, from the 5 virtues durable.

In calendar

The timetable provides for the disposal of the 4 seasons. It also reveals the overlap periods of the moon, sun, and planets. It also adjusts times equinox and solstice. To some extent, it predicts the actual moment of birth and death, heat and cold.

The Number of Gold In I-Ching

The l-Ching also called the Book of Mutations or Yi-King has a chapter about the numbers, called Hi-T’seu. The chapter teaches numbers representative of Heaven. The odd 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, which together provide 25, and pairs belonging to the Earth, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, which together result in 30. This old letter states further that the numbers divinatory can evoke the universe and all the things that traditionally tend to “overcome the 10 thousand.”

Some concepts derived from analysis of 64 hexagrams of 6 lines, each form 384 lines, of which 192 are pairs and 192 odd. The yin or pairs correspond to the 2 / 3 of odd. Collectors of I-Ching established that there were 24 hexagrams of 192 line pairs, which results in 4608 essences female.

These scholars did not multiply 192 lines odd by 40 hexagrams resulting (64-24), but multiplicándolos by 36. This is achieved as a result of the 6912 essences male, coupled with the feminine, resulting in 11520. Which refers to the figure of the 10 thousand beings, all of the things.

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