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July 16 Famous Birthdays

July 16 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 16 will succeed at what they set out to accomplish. They think about their future and set out a plan to make it happen.

Additionally, having an inside look at their future, they are optimistic at the possibilities. They say that imagining, acting and believing in a manner that they have already accomplished their goals will possibly aid in obtaining everything they want.


As a gift, famous people born on July 16 know what people are thinking and feeling a lot of times before they even say it. When looking for a lover, they are actually looking for a mirror like image.

It could be someone who is fun loving, generous and pleasant to be around. Oh and, someone has the ability to see both sides of an argument. The career choice that could be best for the famous celebrities of July 16 is one that allows them to help other people.


Famous celebrities born on July 16th are typically mysterious people. They have a way of reading people that is unbelievable. This intuitive quality allows them the ability to choose their soul mate with confidence.


July 16 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

16 July Good Traits:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Fair
  • Insightful
  • Positive
  • Prophetic
  • Understanding
  • Devoted

16 July Bad Traits:

  • Introvert,
  • Detached
  • Frustrated
  • Slow
  • Lavish

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July 16 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aamna Sharif, 1982, TV Actress
Aaron Connelly, 1991, Soccer Player
Abbondio Sangiorgio, 1798, Sculptor
Adam Lind, 1983, Baseball Player
Adam Scott, 1980, Golfer
Aijah Alexis, 2003, YouTube Star
Alaina Johnston, 2001, Dancer
Alexander Luria, 1902, Scientist
Alexander Saxton, 1919, Non-Fiction Author
Alexander Wachs, 1990, YouTube Star
Alexandra Shipp, 1991, TV Actress
Ali Khamenei, 1939, World Leader
Amiah Miller, 2004, TV Actress
Ana Paula Arosio, 1975, TV Actress
Anatole Paul Broyard, 1920, Novelist
Andrew James Allen, 1987, TV Actor
Andrew Stone, 1902, Screenwriter

Andrija Ankovic, 1937, Soccer Player
Andros Townsend, 1991, Soccer Player
Andy Abraham, 1964, Pop Singer
Angharad Rees, 1944, TV Actress
Ann Turkel, 1946, TV Actress
AnnaLynne McCord, 1987, TV Actress
Antony Ressler, 1959, Business Executive
Arilena Ara, 1998, Pop Singer
Arthur Moreira Lima, 1940, Pianist
Aruna Asaf Ali, 1909, Civil Rights Leader
Assata Shakur, 1947, Criminal
Avalon Young, 1994, Pop Singer
Aydian Dowling, 1987, Entrepreneur
Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, 1990, World Music Singer
Barbara Lee, 1946, Politician
Barbara Stanwyck, 1907, Movie Actress

Barnard Hughes, 1915, Stage Actor
Barry Sanders, 1968, Football Player
Bela Schick, 1877, Scientist
Bella Davidovich, 1928, Pianist
Bernard W. Rogers, 1921, War Hero
Bess Myerson, 1924, Model
Bill Woodson, 1917, Voice Actor
Billie Lawless, 1950, Sculptor
Blossom Seeley, 1891, Jazz Singer
Bobby Lashley, 1976, Wrestler
Bozidar Jakac, 1899,
Brandon Pent, 1995, Dancer
Brent Weber, 1980, Movie Actor
Brett Johnson, 1982, Screenwriter
Brian Bianchini, 1978, Model
Brian Ownby, 1990, Soccer Player
Brogan Ellis, 1997, Soap Opera Actress
Cade Holt, 2001, Family Member
Caito Potatoe, 1997, YouTube Star
Cal Tjader, 1925, Drummer
Caleb Ruminer, 1992, TV Actor
Calum Gittins, 1986, Movie Actor
Carli Lloyd, 1982, Soccer Player

Carlito Olivero, 1989, World Music Singer
Caroline Blackwood, 1931, Novelist
Chad Griffin, 1973, Civil Rights Leader
Charles Graham Baker, 1883, Screenwriter
Charles Ray Hatcher, 1929, Criminal
Charles Sheeler, 1883, Painter
Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, 1965, Reality Star
Chris Chetti, 1974, Wrestler
Chris Pontius, 1974, Reality Star
Chris Tamburello, 1980, Reality Star
Clara Shortridge Foltz, 1849, Lawyer
Cody Pladsbjerg, 1995, YouTube Star
Corey Feldman, 1971, Movie Actor
Corin Redgrave, 1939, Movie Actor
Craig Campbell, 1969, BMX Rider
Dakoda Armstrong, 1991, Race Car Driver
Dana Fox, 1976, Screenwriter
Daniel Pearson, 1996, TV Actor
Daryl Mitchell, 1965, TV Actor
Dave Goelz, 1946, Puppeteer
David Campbell, 1915, Poet
Dawn Ward, 1973, Reality Star
Dean Julian, 1967, Voice Actor

Deirdre Kelly, 1971, Reality Star
Dejan Jakovic, 1985, Soccer Player
Denise Faye, 1963, Movie Actress
Dhanraj Pillay, 1968, Field Hockey Player
Dick Thornburgh, 1932, Politician
Drew Tabor, 1993, Pop Singer
Dross, 1982, YouTube Star
Duane Clark, 1963, Screenwriter
Duncan Keith, 1983, Hockey Player
E.B. Wright, 1991, Family Member
Eben E. Rexford, 1848, Songwriter
Ed Kowalczyk, 1971, Rock Singer
Eddie Hassell, 1990, TV Actor
Eddie Thompson, 1940, Entrepreneur
Eleanor Calder, 1992, Instagram Star
Eleanor Matsuura, 1983, TV Actress
Evariste Kimba, 1926, Politician
Evelyn Preer, 1896, Movie Actress
Everett Warner, 1877, Painter
Faye Grant, 1957, TV Actress
Frank Gingerich, 2002, Movie Actor
Frits Zernike, 1888, Scientist
Ganna Rizatdinova, 1993, Gymnast
Gareth Bale, 1989, Soccer Player
Genc Prelvukaj, 1981, Music Producer
George Mueller, 1918, Scientist
Georges Rodenbach, 1855, Poet
Gera Streisand, 1992, YouTube Star
Ginger Rogers, 1911, Movie Actress
Gladys Marin, 1941, Politician
Goldie Sayers, 1982, Javelin Thrower
Gopichand Lagadapati, 1981, Movie Actor
Gordon W. Prange, 1910, Novelist
Grigory Leps, 1962, Rock Singer
Hannah Williams, 1911, Stage Actress
Haris Pasovic, 1961, Director
Ida B. Wells, 1862, Civil Rights Leader
Irwin Rose, 1926, Scientist
Isobel Lang, 1970, TV Show Host
Jack Kornfield, 1945, Religious Leader
James Atherton, 1987, TV Actor
James Maslow, 1990, Pop Singer
James Still, 1906, Poet
Janet Huckabee, 1955, Political Wife
Jay Gardner, 1987, Reality Star
Jay-r Reyes, 1984, Basketball Player
Jayma Mays, 1979, TV Actress
Jen Bayer, 1983, Reality Star
Jeremy Enigk, 1974, Rock Singer
Jeremy Hanson, 1994, YouTube Star
Jerome Dillon, 1969, Drummer
Jesse Jane, 1980, Model
Jimmy Johnson, 1943, Football Coach
Joanna MacGregor, 1959, Pianist
Joe Jackson, 1887, Baseball Player
Joe Lynch, 1925, TV Actor
John Lautner, 1911, Architect
Johnny Vaughan, 1966, News Anchor
Jonathan Adams, 1967, TV Actor
Jonathan Heit, 2000, Movie Actor
Jonathan Johnson, 1974, Baseball Player
Jordan Anne, 1995, YouTube Star
Jordan Matthews, 1992, Football Player
Jose Rodrigues, 1828, Painter
Joseph Wilton, 1722, Sculptor
Joshua Reynolds, 1723, Painter
Jules De Martino, 1969, Pop Singer
Julius Plucker, 1801, Scientist
Jurgen Ligi, 1959, Politician
Kamron Bradbury, 1990, Guitarist
Katrina Kaif, 1984, Movie Actress
Kayliyah Weems, 2004, Rapper
Keaton Stromberg, 1996, Pop Singer
Keith Steinbach, 1985, YouTube Star
Kellie Wells, 1982, Hurdler
Kevin Helle, 1999, Star
Kim Woo-bin, 1989, TV Actor
Kimberly Susan Rhode, 1979, Sports Shooter
King Zakarine, 1840, Royalty
Kira Buckland, 1987, Voice Actor
Knowshon Moreno, 1987, Football Player
Kristian Korlevski, 1992, Model
Larry Sanger, 1968, Entrepreneur
Larry Semon, 1889, Comedian
Lars Lagerback, 1948, Soccer Coach
Laura Lehmann, 1994, TV Show Host
Laurence Guittard, 1939, Stage Actor
Leena Jumani, 1989, TV Actress
Lil Donald, 1991, Rapper
Lindsey Berg, 1980, Volleyball Player
Lorraine Chase, 1951, TV Actress
Lucy Hannah, 1875,
Luisa Fernanda Rios Catano, 1993, Instagram Star
Luke Hemmings, 1996, Pop Singer
Luke Potter, 1991, Pop Singer
Mabel Wayne, 1904, Composer
Maher Zain, 1981, R&B Singer
Manuel Ortiz Guerrero, 1897, Poet
Maret Maripuu, 1974, Politician
Margaret Court, 1942, Tennis Player
Mari Evans, 1923, Poet
Mark Indelicato, 1994, TV Actor
Mark McEntee, 1952, Guitarist
Mary Baker Eddy, 1821, Religious Leader
Mary Philbin, 1902, Movie Actress
Matt Peck, 1980, Field Hockey Player
Matthew Santoro, 1985, YouTube Star
Max McGee, 1932, Football Player
Melanie Marquez, 1964, Model
Michael Dennis Rogers, 1958, Politician
Michael Flatley, 1958, Dancer
Michael Umana, 1982, Soccer Player
Michelle Morgan, 1981, TV Actress
Mighty Igor, 1931, Wrestler
Miguel Indurain, 1964, Cyclist
Mike D. Rogers, 1958, Politician
Mike Malin, 1970, Reality Star
Mike Scott, 1988, Basketball Player
Milly Shapiro, 2002, Stage Actress
Mirza Babayev, 1913, Movie Actor
Miss Frances Horwich, 1907, TV Actress
Morgan Gingerich, 2002, Movie Actor
Mousa Dembele, 1987, Soccer Player
Nafe Smallz, 1997, Rapper
Nat Pierce, 1925, Pianist
Nathan Rogers, 1979, Folk Singer
Nicky Jones, 1996, Voice Actor
ObeyDario, 1998, Vine Star
Olivia Hoellein, 2009, Family Member
Orville Redenbacher, 1907, Entrepreneur
Phil Hellmuth, 1964,
Phoebe Cates, 1963, Movie Actress
Pinchas Zukerman, 1948, Composer
Polly Stenham, 1986, Playwright
Rain Pryor, 1969, TV Actress
Randall Bentley, 1991, TV Actor
Reggie Zippy, 1984, Pop Singer
Reinaldo Arenas, 1943, Poet
Rene Elizondo Jr., 1962, Dancer
Reynold B. Johnson, 1906, Scientist
Richard LeParmentier, 1946, Movie Actor
Roald Amundsen, 1872, Explorer
Robert C. Henry, 1921, Politician
Robert Kranjec, 1981, Skier
Robert Lieberman, 1947, Director
Robinne Lee, 1974, TV Actress
Ron Yary, 1946, Football Player
Rosa Salazar, 1985, TV Actress
Rosi Sexton, 1977, MMA Fighter
Ross Spano, 1966, Politician
Ruben Blades, 1948, World Music Singer
Ruger Henrie, 1995, YouTube Star
Ruth Perry, 1939, Politician
Ryan McCombs, 1974, Metal Singer
Safiya Nygaard, 1992, YouTube Star
Sahra Wagenknecht, 1969, Politician
Sarah Ashcroft, 1994, Blogger
Seb Mueller, 1995, Bassist
Sergio Busquets, 1988, Soccer Player
Shaun Pollock, 1973, Cricket Player
Shirley Hughes, 1927, Illustrator
Solomon Jones, 1984, Basketball Player
Srecko Katanec, 1963, Soccer Player
Stacie Scott Turner, 1967, Reality Star
Stanley Shapiro, 1925, Screenwriter
Steve Jenkins, 1972, Soccer Player
Steven Diaz, 1995, Instagram Star
Stewart Copeland, 1952, Drummer
Stuart Cage, 1973, Golfer
Taj Anwar, 1978, Model
Taryn Southern, 1987, YouTube Star
Teddy Buckner, 1909, Trumpet Player
Teni Panosian, 1984, YouTube Star
Terry Pendleton, 1960, Baseball Player
Terry Price, 1945, Rugby Player
Theo Horan, 2013, Family Member
Theodore C. Blegen, 1891, Historian
TiffanyD, 1984, YouTube Star
Tim Ryan, 1973, Politician
Timofey Mozgov, 1986, Basketball Player
Tina Yong, 1990, YouTube Star
TJ Jackson, 1978, Pop Singer
Tommie Frazier, 1974, Football Player
Tony Kushner, 1956, Screenwriter
Tristen Caniff, 2009, Family Member
VanBanter, 1997, YouTube Star
Veno Miller, 1991, Reality Star
Vick Ballard, 1990, Football Player
Victor Sloan, 1945, Photographer
Vincenzo Gemito, 1852, Sculptor
Wayne Anderson, 1968, Race Car Driver
Wendell Sailor, 1974, Rugby Player
Will Ferrell, 1967, Movie Actor
William Bishop, 1918, TV Actor
Wizkid, 1990, World Music Singer
Zach Mettenberger, 1991, Football Player
Zach Randolph, 1981, Basketball Player
Zdravko Mamic, 1959, Soccer Player
Zoran Jolevski, 1959, Politician


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