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Famous Events For July 10

Famous Events For July 10 – Today In History

July 10: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 10  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 10th July 1040: Lady Godiva rode naked on her horseback through Coventry, by the legend to force Earl of Mercia, her husband, to lower taxes.
2. 10th July 1212: A severe fire in London burnt down most of the city.
3. 10th July 1376: English “good parliament”, the longest sitting parliament at that time, ends.
4. 10th July 1460: King Henry VI was defeated by Richard of York at Northampton.


5. 10th July 1520: The Treaty of Calais was signed by King Henry VIII of England and King Charles V of France today.
6. 10th July 1568: The Dutch water garrison beat the Spanish at the Battle of Eems.
7. 10th July 1609: The Catholic League was formed by the Catholic German monarchy.
8. 10th July 1629: The first non-Separatist Congregational Church, the first such church in the US, was founded today in Salem, Massachusetts.
9. 10th July 1652: England declared war on the Netherlands which marked the beginning of the Anglo-Dutch war.

18th Century – What Happened on July 10 – The 1700s

10. 10th July 1739: King Georg II authorized the Admiralty Board to seek maritime reprisals against Spain.
11. 10th July 1762: At Westminster’s Abbe in London, Louis-Francois Roubiliac’s monument to George Fredric Handel was unveiled today.


12. 10th July 1775: Military leader Horatio Gates issued an order which excluded blacks from the Continental Army.
13. 10th July 1778: Louis XVI of France today declared war on the Kingdom of Great Britain.
14. 10th July 1796: Carl Friedrich Gauss, a mathematician, astronomer, and physicist, discovered that every positive integer can be represented as a sum of at most three triangular numbers.

19th Century – July 10 This Day That Year – The 1800s

15. 10th July 1800: British ruled Indian government established the Fort William College to promote vernaculars of the sub-continent such as Hindi, Urdu, etc.
16. 10th July 1806: In the first instance of mutiny of Indian sepoys against the British East India Company, sepoys mutinied in Vellore.


17. 10th July 1832: The legislation to re-charter the 2nd Bank in the US was vetoed by President Johnson.
18. 10th July 1850: Replacing President Zachary Taylor, Millar Fillmore was today sworn in as President of the US.
19. 10th July 1861: Lincoln wrote to Kentucky’s militia today and said Union troops would not enter the state.
20. 10th July 1862: Construction of the Central Pacific Railroad began in the US today.
21. 10th July 1866: Edson P Clark patented the indelible pencil at Northampton, Massachusetts.
22. 10th July 1877: The Royal Crown of Spain grants a city charter to the villa of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.
23. 10th July 1892: The first concrete paved steel bridge was built at Bellefontaine, Ohio.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 10th – The 1900s

24. 10th July 1905: Dutch Queen Wilhelmina opened the Technical Hague court today.
25. 10th July 1908: Helium was liquefied for the first time by Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes.
26. 10th July 1913: Romania declared war on Bulgaria today.
27. 10th July 1915: British South African troops today marched into German South West Africa.
28. 10th July 1917: Emma Goldman was imprisoned today for obstructing graft.
29. 10th July 1918: The formation of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic happened today.
30. 10th July 1919: Women suffrage was approved by the Dutch 1st Chamber today.
31. 10th July 1919: The Treaty of Versailles was personally delivered to the Senate by President Woodrow Wilson today.
32. 10th July 1923: A huge hailstone weighing 2 pounds fell in Rostov in Russia killing 23 men and many cattle.

33. 10th July 1923: In Italy all non-fascist parties were dissolved today.
34. 10th July 1924: As Norway ended its claim on Greenland, Denmark took it.
35. 10th July 1924: A railroad strike was called off today in Amsterdam.
36. 10th July 1925: TASS, the official news agency of the USSR was formed today.
37. 10th July 1925: Indian Spiritual Master Meher Baba began his 44 years of silence today.
38. 10th July 1926: An explosion in the arsenal at Lake Denmark in New Jersey killed 21 and resulted in a loss of $75 million.
39. 10th July 1929: New smaller-size paper currency was issued in the US today.
40. 10th July 1933: The first police radio system started operations in Eastchester Township, New York.
41. 10th July 1934: President Franklin D Roosevelt visited Columbia. He became the first sitting President to visit South America.

42. 10th July 1936: Turkish re-armament of Dardanelles was allowed by the New Straits Convention.
43. 10th July 1938: Aviator Howard Hughes flew around the world in 91 hours.
44. 10th July 1940: The attack of shipping convoys in the English Channel by Nazi forces marked the beginning of the Battle of Britain.
45. 10th July 1941: In Poland, Jewish people living in and near the village of Jedwabne were massacred today.
46. 10th July 1942: Heinrich Himmler ordered that all Jewish women be sterilized at Ravensburck camp.
47. 10th July 1943: During World War II, Sicily was invaded by the US, British, and Canadian forces today.
48. 10th July 1944: RAF sinks German submarine U-821.
49. 10th July 1947: In China a train derailed and fell into a river in Canton, killing 200 people.
50. 10th July 1947: British Prime Minister Clement Atlee recommended Mohamad Ali Jinnah to be the 1st Governor General of Pakistan.

51. 10th July 1948: The Israeli army captured the Lydda Airfield today.
52. 10th July 1949: The first functional rectangular TV tube was announced in Toledo, Ohio today.
53. 10th July 1951: Armistice talks to bring an end to the Korean conflict began at Kaesong today.
54. 10th July 1956: Atmospheric nuclear test performed by the US at Bikini Island today.
55. 10th July 1956: 650,000 steel workers in the US went on strike today.
56. 10th July 1958: Parking meters, the first of its kind, installed in England today.
57. 10th July 1960: Belgium sent its troops to Congo today.
58. 10th July 1962: Civil Rights Activist, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested in Georgia during a demonstration.
59. 10th July 1962: The first geosynchronous communication satellite “Telstar” was launched today.
60. 10th July 1962: The United States performed an atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island today.
61. 10th July 1964: In Congo, the leader of the Confederation of Tribal Associations of Katanga, Moïse Tshombé became the Prime Minister today.

62. 10th July 1964: American Tony Lima won his only major title, British Open Golf at St Andrews, beating compatriot Jack Nicklaus by 5 strokes.
63. 10th July 1967: Uruguay became a member of the Berne Convention Copyright Treaty.
64. 10th July 1971: 101 people were killed in Morocco in a failed assassination attempt on King Hassan II.
65. 10th July 1972: In India, a herd of stampeding elephants killed 24 people in Chandka Forest.
66. 10th July 1981: Nuclear test performed by the US at their Nevada test site.
67. 10th July 1985: French foreign intelligence agents, to prevent it from interfering with the French nuclear test in the South Pacific, blew up the Greenpeace boat “Rainbow Warrior” in Auckland harbor in New Zealand.
68. 10th July 1991: Boris Yeltsin was today sworn in as the President of the Russian Federation. He was the first elected President in Russia.
69. 10th July 1998: In a sex abuse case associated with the Roman Catholic Church, the Diocese of Dallas agreed to pay $23.4 million to nine former altar boys who claimed they were sexually abused by former priest Rudolf Kos.

21st Century – July 10 This Day In History – The 2000s

70. 10th July 2000: About 250 villagers who were scavenging a leaking Southern Nigerian petroleum pipeline were killed when the pipeline exploded today.
71. 10th July 2001: Amerada Hess agreed to the acquisition of Triton Energy for $2.7 billion in cash.
72. 10th July 2002: Peter Paul Ruben’s painting “The Massacre of the Innocents” was sold for $49.5 million to Kenneth Lord Thomas, at the Sotheby’s auction today.
73. 10th July 2003: In one of the deadliest traffic accidents in Hong Kong, a Kowloon Motor Bus owned Neoplan bus fell off a bridge on Tuan Mun Road and plunged into a valley after colliding with a truck killing 21 people.
74. 10th July 2006: In Pakistan, Flight PK-688 of Pakistan International Airlines crashed in Multan shortly after takeoff killing 45 people on board.
75. 10th July 2012: The American Episcopal Church was the first to approve a rite for gay marriages.
76. 10th July 2015: One day after the state legislature ordered it to be removed, the Confederate flag is taken down for the last time in South Carolina Capitol grounds.
77. 10th July 2015: There was a stampede at a free clothing drive in Mymensinhg in Bangladesh in which 23 people were killed and 50 others were injured.
78. 10th July 2016: Scotsman Andy Murray beat Canadian Milos Raonic, 6-4, 7-6, 7-6 in the Wimbledon finals for his 2nd Wimbledon and 3rd Grand Slam title today.

79. 10th July 2018: EH Shepard’s original sketch of Winnie-the-Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood was sold for £43 million. This was a record price for a book illustration.
80. 10th July 2018: Footballer and Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo struck a deal of £99.2 million and joined Italian champions Juventus today. He became one of the 4 most expensive players of all time.

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