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July 10 Famous Birthdays

July 10 Famous Birthdays

Famous birthdays of JULY 10 are ruled by the Moon. As a Cancer, the Moon represents their sixth sense, visions and thoughts. They have excellent recall as an observant person.

Typically, change bothers  famous people born on July 10. So they make it a point to plan for things to happen rather than wait for it. They like for their home, office and their life in general to be in order. They are someone who use the resources at hand skillfully.


Normally, famous celebrities born on July 10 are straight up with people. They don’t tell little white lies to make others feel good. On the other hand, they are sensitive and are likely to get their feelings hurt by someone who is rude. More so, they are scared of failing where relationships are concerned.


They should look for qualities that are perhaps seen in a Taurus for companionship. When searching for the best career, they should seek for occupations in which they are allowed to travel. They are good at what they do and expect a salary based on their experience and expertise.

Famous people born on July 10th are Cancerians who are naturally competent. Occasionally, they can be hurtful as they tell it like they see it … uncut and uncensored. Otherwise, they are a delight to be around.


July 10 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

10 July Good Traits:

  • Delightful,
  • Attractive
  • Objective
  • Organized
  • Generous
  • Straightforward
  • Proficient

10 July Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Restrained
  • Hurtful
  • Intolerant
  • Shy
  • Blunt

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July 10 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron D. Spears, 1971, TV Actor
Aaron Lawd, 1989, YouTube Star
Adam Foote, 1971, Hockey Player
Adam Hills, 1970, Comedian
Adam Petty, 1980, Race Car Driver
Adam Reynolds, 1990, Rugby Player
Adande Thorne, 1988, YouTube Star
Adolphus Busch, 1839, Entrepreneur
Adonis Bosso, 1990, Instagram Star
Adrian Grenier, 1976, TV Actor
Akeem Ayers, 1989, Football Player
Alanas Chosnau, 1974, Pop Singer
Alec Mapa, 1965, TV Actor
Alex Gouon, 1997, Vine Star
Alexandra Hedison, 1969, TV Actress
Alice Munro, 1931, Novelist
Alma Krantic, 1999, YouNow Star

Alok Nath, 1956, Movie Actor
Alyssa Shafer, 1998, TV Actress
Amiri King, 1979, YouTube Star
Andre Dawson, 1954, Baseball Player
Andrew Firestone, 1975, Reality Star
Angel Haze, 1992, Rapper
Angel Merino, 1990, Makeup Artist
Annie Mumolo, 1973, Film Producer
Antara Mitra, 1987, World Music Singer
Antonio Brown, 1988, Football Player
AO Scott, 1966, Journalist
Ariel Castro, 1960, Criminal
Arlo Guthrie, 1947, Country Singer

Arthur Ashe, 1943, Tennis Player
Atsuko Maeda, 1991, Pop Singer
Aubrey Cleland, 1993, Pop Singer
Aviva Farber, 1984, TV Actress
Becca Grace, 2000, YouTube Star
Bela Fleck, 1958, Banjo Player
Benjamin Paul Akers, 1825, Sculptor
BigFoltz, 1993, Twitch Star
Bill Thompson, 1953, Politician
BitsAndLoz, 1996, YouTube Star
Blake Coleman, 1998, YouNow Star
Bob Allison, 1934, Baseball Player
Bobo Brazil, 1924, Wrestler
Brendan Gaughan, 1975, Race Car Driver
Bresha Webb, 1987, TV Actress
Brian Belo, 1987, Reality Star
Brittany Joyal, 1991, YouTube Star
Bubba Ganter, 1969, TV Actor
Caitlyn Rose, 1991, Blogger
Cameron Jordan, 1989, Football Player
Camia-Marie Chaidez, 1993, Model
Camille Pissarro, 1830, Painter
Carl Richard Jacobi, 1908, Novelist
Carla Jeffery, 1993, TV Actress
Carleton Carpenter, 1926, Stage Actor
Carlon Jeffery, 1993, TV Actor
Carter Thicke, 1997, Reality Star
Cary Fukunaga, 1977, Director

Cassidy Jayne Tucker-Sharples, 1992, YouTube Star
Chad King, 1985, Pop Singer
Chelsea Browning, 1992, Reality Star
Chemmy Alcott, 1982, Skier
Cheryl Wheeler, 1951, Folk Singer
Chiwetel Ejiofor, 1977, Movie Actor
Christopher Martin, 1962, Rapper
Chuck Nice, 1966, Radio Host
Cindy Sheehan, 1957, Politician
Claudia Leitte, 1980, Pop Singer
Conner Taylor, 1995, Family Member
Cooper Harris, 1987, Entrepreneur
Cootie Williams, 1911, Trumpet Player
Daniel Polich, 1996, Vine Star
David Andrews, 1992, Football Player
David Brinkley, 1920, TV Show Host
David Dinkins, 1927, Politician
Davis Phinney, 1959, Cyclist
Davon House, 1989, Football Player
Deja Carter, 1995, Dancer
Diane Hegarty, 1942, Religious Leader
Dick Cary, 1916, Pianist
Don Herbert, 1917, TV Actor
Don Revie, 1927, Soccer Player
Doug Kramer, 1983, Basketball Player
Doug TenNapel, 1966, Animator
Douglas Jackson, 1954, Politician

Earl Hamner Jr., 1923, TV Producer
Edho Zell, 1990, YouTube Star
Edwin D. Kilbourne, 1920, Scientist
Eiji Tsuburaya, 1901, Director
Eileen Montgomery, 1990, YouTube Star
Eileen Rodgers, 1930, Pop Singer
Elijah Blue Allman, 1976, Rock Singer
Elliot Knight, 1990, TV Actor
Elwy Yost, 1925, TV Show Host
Emily King, 1985, Soul Singer
Emma Smith, 1804, Family Member
Eric Statz, 1990, Rapper
Erica Figueroa, 1989, Reality Star
Erika Jayne, 1986, Pop Singer
Eunice Shriver, 1921, Entrepreneur
Evelyn Laye, 1900, Movie Actress
Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist-Schmenzin, 1922,
Finley Peter Dunne, 1867, Journalist
Fiona Shaw, 1958, Movie Actress
Florian Kohler, 1988, Snooker Player
Fred Gwynne, 1926, TV Actor
Gabriel Arenas, 1983, Soccer Player
Gale Harold, 1969, TV Actor
Gary Levox, 1970, Country Singer
George Clayton Johnson, 1929, Screenwriter
George Estregan, 1939, Movie Actor
George M. Dallas, 1792, Politician
Gina Bellman, 1966, Movie Actress
Giorgio de Chirico, 1888, Painter
Gleison Tibau, 1983, MMA Fighter
Gloria Romero, 1955, Politician
Golshifteh Farahani, 1983, Movie Actress
Gong Yoo, 1979, Movie Actor
Graham Johnson, 1950, Pianist
Graham McNamee, 1888, Sportscaster
Grant Kirkhope, 1962, Composer
Gwendoline Yeo, 1977, TV Actress
Hal McRae, 1945, Baseball Player
Haley Pullos, 1998, TV Actress
Hanna Edwinson, 1996, Model
Harper Beckham, 2011, Family Member
Harry Wright, 1835, Baseball Manager
Harvey Ball, 1921, Entrepreneur
Hasan Rashid, 1896, Composer
Heather Hemmens, 1984, TV Actress
Hector David Jr., 1989, TV Actor
Helene Dutrieu, 1877, Pilot
HeyParis, 1993, YouTube Star
Hiltgunt Zassenhaus, 1916, Doctor
Hugo Raudsepp, 1883, Playwright
Ifo Ekpre-olomu, 1993, Football Player
Ima Hogg, 1882,
Imelda May, 1974, Rock Singer
Isabela Moner, 2001, TV Actress
Isabella Melling, 1989, TV Actress
J-Diggs, 1970, Rapper
Jack Diamond, 1897, Criminal
Jackie Lane, 1941, TV Actress
Jacky Cheung, 1961, Gospel Singer
Jacques Klein, 1930, Composer
Jaeger Scheppe, 1996, Instagram Star
Jake Eberts, 1941, Film Producer
Jake LaMotta, 1921, Boxer
James Rolfe, 1980, YouTube Star
Janet Julian, 1959, TV Actress
Jared Dudley, 1985, Basketball Player
Jared Dudley, 1985, Basketball Player
Jaron Bock, 2000, Instagram Star
Jason Orange, 1970, Pop Singer
Jaxon McClure, 1993, Instagram Star
Jean-Baptiste Fresez, 1800, Photographer
Jeff Bergman, 1960, Voice Actor
Jeffrey Walker, 1982, TV Actor
Jennifer Nielsen, 1971, Young Adult Author
Jennika Anderson, 1991, YouTube Star
Jeremy Ray Valdes, 1980, TV Actor
Jerry Herman, 1931, Composer
Jerry Miller, 1943, Guitarist
Jerry Nelson, 1934, Puppeteer
Jesse Lacey, 1978, Rock Singer
Jessica Simpson, 1980, Pop Singer
Jimmy McAleer, 1864, Baseball Player
Jimmy McHugh, 1894, Composer
Jiri Vesely, 1993, Tennis Player
Joe Shuster, 1914, Cartoonist
John Belcher, 1841, Architect
John Bradley, 1923, War Hero
John Calvin, 1509, Religious Leader
John Gilbert, 1897, Movie Actor
John Motson, 1945, Sportscaster
John Simm, 1970, TV Actor
Johnny Bach, 1924, Basketball Coach
Johnny Grunge, 1966, Wrestler
Jonathan Gilbert, 1968, TV Actor
Jonny Goood, 1987, Bassist
Juan Francisco Luis, 1940, Politician
Julie Payne, 1940, TV Actress
Jumpin’ Gene Simmons, 1933, Rock Singer
Karen Russell, 1981, Novelist
Katrina Bryan, 1980, TV Actress
Kelly McCreary, 1981, TV Actress
Kelly Ryan, 1972, Bodybuilder
Ken Charles, 1951, Basketball Player
Kentrell Collins, 1987, Dancer
Kim Cesarion, 1990, Pop Singer
Kim Heechul, 1983, Pop Singer
Kim Mitchell, 1952, Guitarist
Kostas Garcia, 1995, YouTube Star
KS Balachandran, 1944, Movie Actor
Kurt Alder, 1902, Scientist
Larissa Marolt, 1992, Model
Lawrence Olum, 1984, Soccer Player
Ledri Vula, 1989, Rapper
Lee Morgan, 1938, Trumpet Player
Levi Eirinberg, 2002, Chef
Lewla Was Here, 1987, YouTube Star
Lili Damita, 1904, Movie Actress
Ljuba Welitsch, 1913, Opera Singer
Ludovic Giuly, 1976, Soccer Player
Magda Gessler, 1953, Reality Star
Magdalena Gessler, 1953, Chef
Mahathir Mohamad, 1925, Politician
Mahathir Mohamad, 1925, Politician
Major Holley, 1924, Bassist
Marc Riley, 1961, Guitarist
Marcel Proust, 1871, Novelist
Marco Rodríguez, 1953, TV Actor
Maria Julia Mantilla, 1984, Model
Mario Gomez, 1985, Soccer Player
Mark Apsolon, 1976, YouTube Star
Mark Gonzalez, 1984, Soccer Player
Mary McLeod Bethune, 1875, Civil Rights Leader
Mary O’Hara, 1885, Novelist
Mavis Staples, 1939, Soul Singer
Mehdi Hasan, 1979, Journalist
Melissa Maker, 1982, YouTube Star
Michaela Dietz, 1984, Voice Actor
Mike Saxon, 1962, Football Player
Mikel Iglesias, 1996, TV Actor
Mildred Wirt Benson, 1905, Children’s Author
Mills Watson, 1940, TV Actor
Milt Buckner, 1915, Pianist
Mitchell Parish, 1900, Songwriter
Moe Norman, 1929, Golfer
Muhammad Shahidullah, 1885, Teacher
Nataliya Gotsiy, 1985, Model
Nathan Sawaya, 1973, Sculptor
Neil Tennant, 1954, Rock Singer
Neile Adams, 1932, TV Actress
Nettie Stanley, 1974, Reality Star
Nic Kelly, 1995, Blogger
Nicolas Guillen, 1902, Poet
Nikita Katsalapov, 1991, Figure Skater
Nikola Tesla, 1856, Inventor
Noble Sissle, 1889, Jazz Singer
Oli Herbert, 1969, Guitarist
Omar Andres Narvaez, 1975, Boxer
Owen Chamberlain, 1920, Scientist
Park Chu-young, 1985, Soccer Player
Paul Andreu, 1938, Architect
Pavle Vujisic, 1928, Movie Actor
Pearl V Puri, 1989, TV Actor
Perrie Edwards, 1993, Pop Singer
Peter Serafinowicz, 1972, Movie Actor
Phil Gingrey, 1942, Politician
Philip Howard, 1976, Composer
Phyllis Smith, 1951, TV Actress
Pierre Joseph Redoute, 1759, Painter
Pierre Pay-Pay Wasyakasighe, 1946, Politician
Princess Alexia, 1965, Royalty
Pyotr Klimuk, 1942, Astronaut
Raghav Juyal, 1991, Dancer
Rajnath Singh, 1951, Politician
Raul Julia-Levy, 1971, TV Actor
Ray Kay, 1978, Director
Rebekah Del Rio, 1967, World Music Singer
Reg Smythe, 1917, cartoonsit
Rick Wasserman, 1974, Voice Actor
Rik Emmett, 1953, Guitarist
Robert Pine, 1941, Movie Actor
Roger Abbott, 1946, Comedian
Roger Craig, 1960, Football Player
Ron Cyrus, 1935, Family Member
Ron Glass, 1945, TV Actor
Ronnie James Dio, 1942, Rock Singer
Russell Hinder, 1979, Basketball Player
Ryan Curry, 2015, Family Member
Ryan Wheeler, 1988, Baseball Player
Sahil G, 1999, YouNow Star
Salman Agah, 1972, Skateboarder
Salvador Espriu, 1913, Poet
Sam Sadler, 1996, YouTube Star
Sam Wood, 1884, Director
Sandra Seaton, 1942, Playwright
Sandy West, 1959, Drummer
Sarah-jane Mee, 1979, Sportscaster
Sarfaraz K. Niazi, 1949, Scientist
Sarkodie, 1988, Rapper
Sawamura Ikki, 1967, TV Actor
Schapelle Corby, 1977, Criminal
Scott Styris, 1975, Cricket Player
Sean Wing, 1982, TV Actor
Seth Godin, 1960, Entrepreneur
Seth Isaac Johnson, 2000, TV Actor
Simenona Martinez, 1990, Movie Actress
Sixto Rodriguez, 1942, Folk Singer
Sofia Vergara, 1972, TV Actress
Sonyae Elise, 1988, R&B Singer
Sophie Clarke, 1989, Reality Star
Stacey Tookey, 1976, Dancer
Stefan Karl Stefansson, 1975, TV Actor
Sue Lyon, 1946, Movie Actress
Sung Joon, 1990, TV Actor
Sunil Gavaskar, 1949, Cricket Player
Talay Riley, 1990, R&B Singer
Tanith Belbin, 1984, Figure Skater
Theodore Miller Edison, 1898, Scientist
Thomas Gomez, 1905, Movie Actor
Thomas Ian Nicholas, 1980, TV Actor
Thomas Terry Stevens, 1911, Movie Actor
Thomas Terry Stevens, 1911, Movie Actor
Tom Bleasby, 1996, Pop Singer
Tom Farmer, 1940, Entrepreneur
Tom McClintock, 1956, Politician
Tom Meents, 1967, Monster Truck Driver
Tommy Bowden, 1954, Football Coach
Trent Richardson, 1990, Football Player
Tunne Kelam, 1936, Politician
Tura Satana, 1938, Movie Actress
Ulla Kockambrink, 1961, TV Show Host
Urban Meyer, 1964, Football Coach
VenomExtreme, 1981, YouTube Star
Victor Hugo Pena, 1974, Cyclist
Virginia Wade, 1945, Tennis Player
Vivek Murthy, 1977, Doctor
William Conselman, 1896, Screenwriter
Winston Rekert, 1949, TV Actor
Wyatt Russell, 1986, Movie Actor
Yasemin Allen, 1989, TV Actress


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