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Famous Events For April 30

Famous Events For April 30 – Today In History

April 30: Today in History – Historical Events

18th Century – What Happened on April 30 – The 1700s

1. 30th April 1798: George Washington was inaugurated today as the first president of the United States at the Federal Hall in New York City.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day April 30th – The 1900s

2. 30th April 1921: Pope Benedict XV encyclical “On Dante”.
3. 30th April 1921: American Professional Football Association recognizes in Akron.
4. 30th April 1921: The Treaty of Versailles: How to enforce reparations by Germany for World War II is causing a rift between England, France, and Italy. France and Italy with the British Prime Minister Lloyd George called for an emergency cabinet meeting, with Britain opting for diplomatic means against a more aggressive stand taken by the other two countries.
5. 30th April 1927: Princess Juliana gets a seat in the Dutch Council of States.
6. 30th April 1929: Ernest Steeruwitz today became the chancellor of Austria.
7. 30th April 1932: Tuberculosis is getting more widespread in the USA, mostly among infants and young children. It is found to be often transmitted from milk from diseased cows. This is the reason why milk is pasteurized and homogenized.


8. 30th April 1935: The World Congress for Women’s Rights concluded today in Istanbul.
9. 30th April 1937: Philippines holds a plebiscite for Filipino women on whether they should get the right to suffrage. Over 90% vote in the affirmative.
10. 30th April 1937: General Douglas McArthur married Jean Faircloth.
11. 30th April 1938: The first televised final of the FA Cup takes place between Huddersfield Town and Preston North End.
12. 30th April 1939: Tropicana Ballet of Havana, Cuba was formed.
13. 30th April 1939: The New York World’s Fair was officially opened today by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with over 200,000 people attending the fair on the opening day. It featured “The World of Tomorrow” featuring picture phones, electric typewriters, electric calculators, punch cards, etc.
14. 30th April 1939: The first regular television service in America began today with President Roosevelt appearing on television at the opening of the New York World’s Fair.
15. 30th April 1940: Germany today announced that its conquest of Norway was now complete with more British soldiers taken prisoners of war, and lodged in prison camps.


16. 30th April 1941: The spread of Judaism begins in Croatia.
17. 30th April 1943: “Operation Mincemeat” was started by pushing “The Man Who Never Was” into the sea with fake invasion plans of invading Balkans and Sardine on the corpse which Germans would find. The deception was a complete success.
18. 30th April 1945: Lord Haw-Haw calls for a crusade against the Bolsheviks.
19. 30th April 1945: US troops attack the Elbe.
20. 30th April 1945: The Red Army occupies Demmin.
21. 30th April 1945: Soviet Army frees the Ravensbruck concentration camp today.
22. 30th April 1945: This month the Allies sank a record 48 U-boats.
23. 30th April 1945: Just after a day they were married, German Dictator Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide in a bunker before the Russians entered the bunker at the end of World War II.
24. 30th April 1947: Today the Boulder Dam was renamed in honor of Herbert Hoover.
25. 30th April 1948: The US today performed an atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak.
26. 30th April 1948: The Amsterdam Car show today featured the Land Rover a four-wheel drive car belonging to the Rover family. The original parts were from Rover salon cars including the 1.6 engine.


27. 30th April 1948: Organization of American States charter signed at Bogota in Cambodia.
28. 30th April 1951: The Iranian government today voted to nationalize all the oil fields in Iran. The oil fields will be taken over from the Anglo-Iranian companies and the ownership will be transferred to the government, to ensure the wealth created by the national resources will benefit the people of Iran.
29. 30th April 1952: Mr. Potato Head was today advertised on the TV. It became the first toy to be advertised on the TV.
30. 30th April 1953: Little-Bigger League today changed its name to Babe Ruth League.
31. 30th April 1955: In India, the Imperial Bank of India was nationalized today.
32. 30th April 1955: In West Germany, unions protested for 40 hours work week and higher wages.
33. 30th April 1955: Element Mendelevium with atomic number 101 was announced today.

34. 30th April 1961: The first shuttle flights between Washington D.C., New York City and Boston began today.
35. 30th April 1961: Cuban Premier Fidel Castro today received the Lenin Peace Prize.
36. 30th April 1962: Civilian pilot of NASA, Joseph A Walker takes X-15 to 75,190 meters.
30th April 1966: The Church of Santa was founded today in San Francisco, California by Antony LaVey.
37. 30th April 1970: US troops invade Cambodia.
38. 30th April 1972: “Arthur Godfrey Times” ends a 27-year run on the radio.
39. 30th April 1973: In the Watergate bugging scandal four members of President Nixon’s closest aides including the attorney general resigned.
40. 30th April 1973: Women’s tennis groups today ended their disputes over sanctioning tournaments.
41. 30th April 1974: President Nixon hands over partial transcripts of Watergate tape recordings.
42. 30th April 1975: The Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army took total control as South Vietnam surrendered unconditionally to North Vietnam.

43. 30th April 1976: The Royal Canadian Mint today opened its branch in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
44. 30th April 1978: The soft drink industry is debating if the sale of bottled water is going to make an impact on the sale of the more traditional sugary soft drink in America.
45. 30th April 1979: Mary Therese Friel of New York was today crowned 28th Miss USA.
46. 30th April 1980: Princess Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard becomes the queen of the Netherlands after Queen Juliana abdicates the Netherlands.
47. 30th April 1980: Six terrorists laid siege on the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, South Kensington in central London, and took 26 hostages including a police constable on protection duty. The terrorists demanded the release of 91 political prisoners held in Iran and a plane to take them and the hostages away.
48. 30th April 1981: Barbara Mandrell and George Jones win the 16th Academy Country Music Award.

49. 30th April 1982: Alvaro Magana was today chosen as President of El Salvador. He will succeed Jose N Juarte.
50. 30th April 1982: Iranian offensive in Khusistan.
51. 30th April 1984: In the Chad war the Prime Minister of Libya has offered to withdraw Libyan troops from Chad if France withdraws their troops from the former African French Colony.
52. 30th April 1984: At an Alpine event at Are in Sweden 1,700 skiers participated.
53. 30th April 1985: The last edition of Brink Daily Mail/Sunday Express in South Africa was published today.
54. 30th April 1985: France today performed a nuclear test at Muruora Island.
55. 30th April 1986: Ashrita Furman today performed 8,341 somersaults over 12 miles.
56. 30th April 1988: World Exposition Expo 88 opens in Brisbane in Australia today.
57. 30th April 1988: The largest banana split ever at 455 miles long was made in Pennsylvania.

58. 30th April 1989: Pope John Paul II beatifies Victoire Rasoamanarivo of Madagascar.
59. 30th April 1990: After being held hostage for four years by pro-Iranians, Frank Reed of the US was freed today.
60. 30th April 1990: STS 31, Discovery 10, the 66th manned space mission of the US, returns from space today.
61. 30th April 1991: A severe cyclone struck Bangladesh leaving over 131,000 dead and 9 million people homeless.
62. 30th April 1993: Virgin Radio broadcasts for the first time in the United Kingdom.
63. 30th April 1993: During a quarterfinals match in Hamburg, a man leaned over three feet high barrier and stabbed promising tennis player Monica Seles in the back. She will be out of tennis till she recovers.
64. 30th April 1993: The “World Wide Web” was born at CERN.
65. 30th April 1994: Soccer legend Pele weds Assyria Seixas Lemos today.
66. 30th April 1995: The last of the 15 A&S department stores closed after 120 years.
67. 30th April 1995: “Blood Brother” closed after 839 performances at the Music Box Theater in New York City.

68. 30th April 1996: US President Bill Clinton today approved a sale of crude oil worth $ 227 million from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. US gas prices were at the highest levels in 5 years.
69. 30th April 1996: Dutch/Italian Beppo-SAX launched from Cape Canaveral.
70. 30th April 1997: There was an assassination attempt on Tajik President Imomali Rakhmonov which he escaped with injuries.
71. 30th April 1997: President Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea chooses to attend Stanford College.
72. 30th April 1997: 43 million people watch Comedian and TV star Ellen DeGeneres admit she is gay.
73. 30th April 1999: Today Cambodia joined the Association of South East Asian Nations, bringing the total membership of ASEAN to 10.
74. 30th April 1999: There was a nail bomb attack in London at the Admiral Duncan Pub, killing two and injuring 30 others. This was the third nail bomb attack.

21st Century – April 30 This Day In History – The 2000s

75. 30th April 2001: To meet America’s energy demand, US Vice President Cheney called for increased production of domestic fossil fuel and increased usage of nuclear power.
76. 30th April 2001: Today, the Mitchell report on Arab-Israel was published.

77. 30th April 2002: A referendum in Pakistan went overwhelmingly in favor of approval of Parvez Musharraf’s Presidency for another five years.
78. 30th April 2004: American media today released graphic photographs of Iraqi prisoners being abused and sexually humiliated at Abu Gharib prison.
79. 30th April 2007: At a summit in Washington, the United States and the European Union today committed to a transatlantic economic partnership to boost trade and investment by harmonizing regulatory standards and laying down the basis of the US-EU single market.
80. 30th April 2007: Scores of Taliban fighters are reported killed by the US-led forces and Afghan troops in the western province of Hearth in a battle between Taliban and the Afghan forces.
81. 30th April 2008: Two skeletal remains were found near Ekaterinburg in Russia. Russian scientists confirm that the remains are those of Alexei Nikoelavich, Tsarevich of Russia, and one of his sisters.
82. 30th April 2008: The State Department in its report on terrorism has said Al-Qaeda is still the greatest terrorist threat to the U.S. It also named Iran as the biggest State Sponsor of terrorism.
83. 30th April 2009: A field attack on the Dutch Royal family leaves 7 dead and 17 injured.
84. 30th April 2009: The US carmaker Chrysler today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and allied with Fiat.
85. 30th April 2009: The United Kingdome today formally ended its Iraq operation.
86. 30th April 2010: The lower house of parliament in Belgium today voted for a law that would ban women from wearing Islamic face veils in public. The law bans any clothing that would obscure the identity of the wearer.
87. 30th April 2010: First oil reaches washes ashore at Venice, Louisiana on the Louisiana coast from deep water horizon drilling disaster.
88. 30th April 2011: The President of Yemen, Ali Abdul Saleh, did not sign the deal that would create a transitional government and force him to step down. He had agreed to sign the deal earlier.
89. 30th April 2012: The nearly finished One World Trade Center building overtook the Empire State Building as the tallest building in New York City.
90. 30th April 2012: A ferry reportedly carrying three hundred passengers capsized during a storm while on the Brahmaputra River in Assam state. Over 103 people were killed in the accident.
91. 30th April 2012: Spain’s economy double dips after a 0.3% contraction and 25% unemployment rate.
92. 30th April 2013: A two-year-old Korean-Canadian child, Henna Warren, who was born without a trachea became the youngest patient to receive a stem cell in the bioengineered organ.
93. 30th April 2013: A bomb exploded in Damascus killing 13 people.
94. 30th April 2013: Apple Inc. initiated the largest non-bank-bond offering of $17billion.
95. 30th April 2013: Willem-Alexander, today, became the first male monarch of the Netherlands in 123 years.
96. 30th April 2014: Sultan Hassanal Bolkia the ruler of Brunei announced that starting 1st May, the country would slowly introduce Islamic Penal Code. Fairly restrictive Islamic Laws are already in force in the country.
97. 30th April 2014: Masked gunmen and pro-Russian separatists took control of more buildings in east Ukraine.
98. 30th April 2014: World Bank reports that India is the third largest economy behind the US and China based on purchasing power parity replacing Japan. Japan however retains the third place when GDPs are compared on an exchange-rated basis.
99. 30th April 2015: Senator Bernie Sanders today announced that he would seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for US President.
100. 30th April 2015: NASA’s Messenger spacecraft today made a panned crash into Earth after completing three years in Mercury’s orbit. The mission which was originally planned for one year was extended to three after some fuel-saving efforts.

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