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April 30 Famous Birthdays

April 30 Famous Birthdays

Some of the famous people born on APRIL 30 are Isiah Thomas and Willie Nelson. As a Taurus, they are an unrestricted individual who has been known to do things that are perhaps not safe to do.

Famous people born on April 30 live just a bit on the wild side. It is a part of being rebellious, I suppose. They love their home. It shows inside and out. It’s a place that family and friends come to share good times. However, no one should come if they are not invited. They tend to be moody and will not answer the door for intruders.


In love, a Taurus born on April 30th such as you will bring a lot of romance to the bedroom or kitchen or bathroom even. It doesn’t matter where, they can make it magical. A lot of romance could produce a child. If this should happen, they will likely be a great parent and use the values they were brought up on.


Famous people born on APRIL 30th can be risk takers. Famous people with Taurus birthdays celebrated on April 30th typically are mature but can be moody individuals. Close to their family, they can be disciplinarians. Whatever career path is taken, they are likely to be successful. they possess good instincts.


April 30th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

30th April Good Traits:

  • Reliable
  • Communicative
  • Warm
  • Calming
  • Mature
  • Instinctive
  • Diligent
  • Methodical
  • Appreciative

30th April Bad Traits:

  • Gambler
  • Stubborn
  • Overprotective
  • Hesitant
  • Moody
  • Rigid

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April 30th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Goldberg, 1974, Pianist
Adam Jasinski, 1978, Reality Star
Adam Kuhn, 1990, Reality Star
Adrian Pasdar, 1965, TV Actor
Adrian Voo, 1990, Movie Actor
Al Lewis, 1923, TV Actor
Al Toon, 1963, Football Player
Alan Dunbar, 1990, Golfer
Alexander Onassis, 1948, Family Member
Alexandra Holden, 1977, TV Actress
Ali Williams, 1981, Rugby Player
Alice B. Toklas, 1877, Playwright
Allan Arkush, 1948, Director
Amanda Muse, 1985, YouTube Star
Amanda Palmer, 1976, Rock Singer
Amine Gülşe, 1993, TV Actress
Ana De Armas, 1988, TV Actress
Anandamayi Ma, 1896, Religious Leader
Andy Allen, 1988, Chef
Andy Farrant, 1982, YouTube Star
Annabelle Lopez, 1973, Dancer
Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, 1973, Choreographer
Annie Dillard, 1945, Non-Fiction Author
Anthony Foxx, 1971, Politician
Anthony Gargiula, 1999, Vine Star
Antonio Guterres, 1949, Politician

Anuschka Marek, 1974,
Armando Allen, 1989, Football Player
Ashley Dupré, 1985, Journalist
Avril, 1986, Pop Singer
Ayaan Chawla, 1997, Entrepreneur
Ayisha Diaz, 1991, Model
Baauer, 1989, Music Producer
Barrington Levy, 1964, Reggae Singer
Bella Blu, 2008, Family Member
Bill Plympton, 1946, Cartoonist
Blair McDonough, 1981, Soap Opera Actor
Bobby Vee, 1943, Pop Singer
Brandon Bass, 1985, Basketball Player
Brandon Paul, 1991, Basketball Player
Brandy Johnson, 1973, Gymnast
Buddy Cianci, 1941, Politician
Burt Young, 1940, Movie Actor
Carl Friedrich Gauss, 1777, Scientist
Carl Gustaf XVI, 1946, Royalty
Carla Collins, 1965, Comedian
Carlos Baldomir, 1971, Boxer
Carolyn Dawn Johnson, 1971, Country Singer
Carrie Lachance, 1985, Model
Cece Rogers, 1962, Pop Singer
Chad Barrett, 1985, Soccer Player
Chameleone, 1979, Reggae Singer
Chengman, 1990, YouTube Star
Chris Kreider, 1991, Hockey Player
Christopher Dalyrimple, 1973, Rapper
Claude E. Shannon, 1916, Scientist
Cleo Higgins, 1982, R&B Singer
Cloris Leachman, 1926, TV Actress
Connor Jaeger, 1991, Swimmer
Courtney Jones, 1933, Figure Skater
Craig Lucas, 1951, Playwright
Dan Lags, 1994, YouTube Star
Daniel Jerome, 1991, Dancer
Danny Briggs, 1991, Cricket Player
Darrell McCall, 1940, Country Singer
Dave Halili, 1968, Graphic Designer
David Cunliffe, 1963, Politician
David Miscavige, 1960, Religious Leader
David Zowie, 1981, DJ
Dawn George, 1959, Boxer
Dax McCarty, 1987, Soccer Player
Deanna Brooks, 1974, Model
Dianna Agron, 1986, TV Actress
Dick Twardzik, 1931, Pianist
Dickie Davies, 1933, TV Show Host
Diego Occhiuzzi, 1981, Fencer
Dillyn Troy, 1996, Vine Star
Dinda Kirana, 1995, TV Actress
Dottie Green, 1921, Baseball Player
Drew Seeley, 1982, TV Actor
Dunn Triplets, 2000,
Eddy Herrera, 1964, World Music Singer

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, 1939, Composer
Ellie Harvey, 1986, Family Member
Elliott Sadler, 1975, Race Car Driver
Emilie Hamilton, 2005, Country Singer
Emily Carey, 2003, TV Actress
Emma Anzai, 1981, Bassist
Emma Pierson, 1981, TV Actress
Erin Bell, 1987, Netball Player
Eve Arden, 1908, Movie Actress
Evelyn Suart, 1881, Pianist
Felix Guattari, 1930, Philosopher
Fernando Ferrer, 1950, Politician
Frank Kimmel, 1962, Race Car Driver
Franky Van der Elst, 1961, Soccer Player
Frederick Chiluba, 1943, World Leader
Fritz Pfeffer, 1889, Doctor
Gabrielle Taryn, 1987, Pop Singer
Gal Gadot, 1985, Movie Actress
Gary Collins, 1938, TV Show Host
Gary Davis, 1896, Gospel Singer
Georgia Douvall, 1995, Model
Gerardo Torrado, 1979, Soccer Player
Gerda Lerner, 1920, Teacher
Glyn Hodges, 1963, Soccer Player
Halit Ergenc, 1970, Movie Actor
Hans Poelzig, 1869, Architect
Harry Apted, 1925, Cricket Player
Harry Brown, 1917, Novelist
Harvey Carr, 1873, Scientist
Helen Vendler, 1933, Poet
Henry Zaga, 1993, TV Actor

Howard Brookner, 1954, Screenwriter
Ian Saville, 1953, Magician
Ian Thomas, 1997, Pop Singer
Irina Kulikova, 1982, Guitarist
Isaac Hernandez, 1990, Dancer
Isiah Thomas, 1961, Basketball Player
Jack Pendragon, 1996, YouTube Star
Jackson Miller, 1967, Politician
Jacques Audiard, 1952, Director
James Marsh, 1963, Director
James McVey, 1994, Guitarist
Jane Campion, 1954, Director
Jang Wooyoung, 1989, Pop Singer
Jeff Timmons, 1973, Pop Singer
Jeremy Maxwell, 1975, Movie Actor
Jessica Kylie, 1987, Model
Jevon Toriano, 2000, YouTube Star
Jill Clayburgh, 1944, Movie Actress
Jimmy McLaughlin, 1993, Soccer Player
Joe Blasco, 1947, Makeup Artist
Joel Futterman, 1946, Pianist
Joey McFarland, 1972, Film Producer
John Boyne, 1971, Novelist
John Crowe Ransom, 1888, Poet
John O’Shea, 1981, Soccer Player
Johnny Galecki, 1975, TV Actor
Johnny Horton, 1925, Country Singer
Jon Entine, 1952, News Anchor
Jonathan Brownlee, 1990, Triathlete
Jordan Antle, 1994, YouTube Star
JR Richards, 1967, Rock Singer
Juhan Liiv, 1864, Poet
Justin Livingston, 1988, Blogger
Justin Vernon, 1981, Folk Singer
Kate Duncan, 1999, Instagram Star
Katharine Ward, 1998, YouTube Star
Katherine Lee Graham, 1997, Instagram Star
Kenny Beatty, 1998, Family Member
Keralis, 1980, YouTube Star
Kerry Healey, 1960, Politician
Kevin Munroe, 1972, Screenwriter
Kirsten Dunst, 1982, Movie Actress
Kit Pearson, 1947, Children’s Author
Kristian Matsson, 1983, Folk Singer
Kunal Nayyar, 1981, TV Actor
Larry Niven, 1938, Novelist
Lars von Trier, 1956, Director
Laura Jackson, 1986, TV Show Host
Leigh Francis, 1973, TV Actor
Leslie Grantham, 1947, Soap Opera Actor
Levi Celerio, 1910, Composer
Lilly Ghalichi, 1983, Reality Star
Lindsay Pearce, 1991, Pop Singer
Lloyd Banks, 1982, Rapper
London Asterino, 2000, Pop Singer
Luis Scola, 1980, Basketball Player
Luke Friend, 1996, Pop Singer
Luke Slaughter, 1994, Guitarist
Mac DeMarco, 1990, Rock Singer
Malini Fonseka, 1947, Movie Actress
Marc-Andre ter Stegen, 1992, Soccer Player
Marina Squerciati, 1980, TV Actress
Martin Glaude, 1979, YouTube Star
Mary Burke, 1959, Politician
Mary II Of England, 1662, Royalty
Mat Zo, 1990, Music Producer
Mats Hatlem, 2000, Skateboarder
Matt Hankin, 1993, Rugby Player
Matteo Picarazzi, 1992, YouTube Star
Max Gresham, 1993, Race Car Driver
MegaGWolf, 1989, YouTube Star
Mercer Mayer, 1943, Children’s Author
Merrill Osmond, 1953, Rock Singer
Michael Chaturantabut, 1975, TV Actor
Michael Sutthakorn, 1997, Pop Singer
Michael Waltrip, 1963, Race Car Driver
Michael Wright, 1956, Movie Actor
Mike Matusow, 1968,
Mike Smith, 1945, Astronaut
Milo Cawthorne, 1989, TV Actor
Misha Smirnov, 2003, Pop Singer
Monroe Cannon, 2011, Family Member
Morgan Tuck, 1994, Basketball Player
Moroccan Scott Cannon, 2011, Family Member
Mr Monkey, 2005, YouTube Star
Nala Wayans, 1996, Family Member
Nathan Saidden, 1989, YouTube Star
Nikki Webster, 1987, Pop Singer
Olivia DeJonge, 1998, Movie Actress
Pam Potillo, 1974, TV Actress
Pamela Rabe, 1959, Movie Actress
Pat McQuistan, 1983, Football Player
Paul Gross, 1959, TV Actor
Paul Klein, 1988, Pop Singer
Paul Kuusberg, 1916, Novelist
Pell James, 1977, Movie Actress
Percy Heath, 1923, Bassist
Peter Bromley, 1929, Sportscaster
Peter French, 1849,
Phil Garner, 1949, Baseball Player
Philipp Kirkorov, 1967, Pop Singer
Queen Juliana, 1909, Royalty
Ray Miller, 1945, Baseball Manager
Rens Kroes, 1987, Blogger
Robbie Clark, 1991, Soccer Player
Robin Kelly, 1956, Politician
Roger L. Easton, 1921, Scientist
Roger Q. Williams, 1894, Pilot
Rohit Sharma, 1987, Cricket Player
Romolo Gessi, 1831, Explorer
Ron Eyester, 1974, Chef
Rosa Acosta, 1984, Model
Rose Rollins, 1981, Movie Actress
Ruby Frost, 1987, Pop Singer
Sam Heughan, 1980, TV Actor
Scott Savol, 1976, Gospel Singer
Sean Mackin, 1979, Violinist
SeasonBeauty97, 1997, YouTube Star
Seimone Augustus, 1984, Basketball Player
Sheldon Harnick, 1924, Composer
Sonny Ayon, 1982, Movie Actor
Stephen Harper, 1959, World Leader
Steve Knightley, 1954, Folk Singer
Steven Mackintosh, 1967, TV Actor
Stuart Mathis, 1960, Guitarist
Tarynn Nago, 1993, YouTube Star
Taylor Firth, 1991, Figure Skater
Taylor Parkes, 1972, Journalist
Terry Gregory, 1956, Country Singer
Theodore William Schultz, 1902, Scientist
Thom Bray, 1954, TV Actor
Tinker Hatfield, 1952, Fashion Designer
Tom Fulp, 1978, Entrepreneur
Tom Meeten, 1974, Comedian
Tony Fernandes, 1964, Entrepreneur
Tony Harrison, 1937, Playwright
Travis Scott, 1992, Rapper
Troy Williamson, 1983, Football Player
Vermont Royster, 1914, Journalist
Wayne Kramer, 1948, Guitarist
William H. Crane, 1845, Movie Actor
Wonder Mike, 1958, Rapper
Yasin, 1994, eSports Player


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