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Dream Symbols Starting With P

Dream Symbols Starting With P – Meaning, Interpretation, And Symbolism

Dream Dictionary: Symbols Starting With Letter P Continued…

Past Life

A dream concerning your prior life might be an indication that your subconscious mind is fixated on an incident from a previous life. It is a sign that you need to remove the hurdles in your life that are preventing you from reaching your goals.



Pastor dreams indicate that you should live in the present moment and let go of the past while on the proper spiritual path. Seeing a pastor in your dream also represents safety, security, and comfort.


Pastry dreams suggest that you have what it takes to make your aspirations a reality. You must have faith in yourself and your ability, as well as patience. This dream also represents attaining spiritual enlightenment.



A patch dream can have a variety of meanings, but it is typically associated with good fortune, fresh beginnings, and important life changes. Patched clothes in your dream represent a successful future.

Patent Medicine

What does it mean to have a patent medication dream? This dream represents your determination to pursue your goals until they are realized. Manufacturing patent pharmaceuticals in your dream represents development in your life’s position.



A straight path in your dream indicates that you are making good progress. The type of path dream you have will influence your success and where you are heading in life. If you have path dreams, reassess your life and live truthfully.


Patient dreams inspire you to constantly be there for those in need. Take care of yourself as well. This dream indicates that your efforts and hard work will be noticed by the appropriate people soon. Great chances will present themselves to you that you never imagined imaginable.



Dreaming about patios indicates that you are not scared to express yourself. You spend your waking hours doing the things that make you happy. Patios in your dream represent satisfaction and beautiful friendships.


A pattern dream represents the need to make adjustments by seeing things from a different and new viewpoint, which will accelerate your advancement. Seeing the people around you from a different perspective can allow you to engage with them more effectively.


Seeing paupers in your dream indicates that you should start helping the least fortunate members of society. Make the most of your blessings by making the world a better place.


A pavement dream represents success since your route is clear and you have all you need to succeed. Always be aware of what your subconscious mind is attempting to say.

Pawn Shop

According to pawn shop dream symbolism, redeeming an article or precious object from a pawnshop represents reclaiming lost fame, position, and property. Pawn-shop fantasies indicate that you should be cautious with your actions and choices.


The paw dream sign encourages you to be open-minded and let go of the past. This dream suggests that you must trust your instincts and yourself to make correct choices. You know what you want and how to get it.


The peace dream symbol indicates that you have gained inner peace and stability. It also means that you should be prepared for fresh beginnings.


Seeing a peach in your dream implies you should be proud of your efforts. Peaches in your dreams represent excellent health, happiness, fulfillment, love, fertility, peace, and positive growth.


Dreaming of peacocks indicates that you are ready to make the necessary adjustments. Improve your skills. New opportunities will allow you to better your life.


According to the peak dream interpretation, reaching the peak represents the start of a new adventure in your life. Believe in yourself and your ability, and everything will be OK.


In your dream, a pear represents fertility, fresh beginnings, hard work, dedication, family, intuition, confidence, and peace of mind. This dream suggests that you should be proud of your efforts to better your life.


The dream of pearls represents good news. The dream sign of pearls indicates that you cherish yourself. You will be able to do a lot of fantastic things if you have self-confidence.


Seeing peas in your dream represents wealth, peace, and harmony. This dream indicates that you should be prepared for the challenges that will come your way. Overcoming obstacles will allow you to grow wiser and stronger.


Pie dreams indicate that you need to be patient with yourself. Those who wait will be rewarded. Instead of rushing into anything, trust the process.