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Dream Symbols Starting With C

Dream Symbols Starting With C – Meaning, Interpretation, And Symbolism

Dream Dictionary: Symbols Starting With Letter C


The meaning of this dream, according to the cabana dream interpretation, is that you need to absorb valuable lessons from the natural world. Your best self will be inspired and motivated by nature as well.



This dream is a sign, according to the cabbage dream interpretation, that you will succeed in conquering difficulties if you work on them right away. In this dream, it is imperative that you express your ideas, feelings, and views openly and honestly.


If you see a cabinet in your dream, it’s a sign that you need to dig deeper. Focus on the qualities that set you apart and strive to improve on them. When you start caring about other people, you lose sight of what is most important to you.



Dreaming about cable wrapping around you represents the urge to reconnect with oneself. Explore yourself more and you will discover numerous things about yourself that will surprise you.

Cable Television

Dreaming about cable television indicates that you will make adjustments in your life that will allow you to completely realize your potential. It is also a sign that if you want to advance in your work, you must be dedicated to your responsibilities.



If you see a caboose in your dreams, it’s a good indication that you’re on the right track; all you have to do is be patient. Nobody cares whether they come in last or first. The good news is that you’ll get what you want in the end.


The cactus dream symbol represents taking care of yourself and protecting yourself from harm caused by others. Always confront life with courage and self-assurance.



Seeing a caduceus in your dreams represents a positive change in your life. You have everything you need to create something of your life. Concentrate on improving yourself and, when needed, seek advice from others.


Dreaming of cafes implies having wonderful thoughts that you like sharing with people. You like sharing your knowledge and abilities with others. It is also a sign that you should prepare for the changes that are going to occur in your life.


A cage in your dream represents the desire for personal independence in your life. Take responsibility and do what brings you joy. This dream indicates that you want wonderful things in your life.


According to the calculator dream symbolism, this dream is a sign that you should seek the services of a financial expert to help you manage your funds. Your funds are crucial, and if you mismanage them, you will compromise your future.


Calendar date dream symbolism requires you to have outstanding time management abilities in order to be effective and productive. Share your talents with the world and be delighted to make a difference in people’s lives.


Dreaming of a calf represents wealth, success, fresh beginnings, and good fortune. Allow for the manifestation of beneficial energy in your life. You will hear fantastic news that will significantly improve your life.

Calla Lily

In your dreams, a calla lily represents good fortune, new beginnings, good health, rebirth, peace of mind, happiness, and longevity. Always be thankful for the positive things that come into your life.


Dreaming of calluses indicates that you must clear and fill your mind with sound and productive thoughts. The callus dream sign encourages you to work hard for the things you want to create.


A calomel dream indicates that you should be wary of your friends. Someone close to you is working against you. Keep your secrets to yourself, as they may be exploited against you.


A camera in your dream is a good omen since it represents keeping a watch on what is going on in your waking life. It is also an indication that you need to acquire valuable life lessons from your prior experiences.


Camouflage is used to conceal objects. A camouflage dream indicates that you are concerned about what others think of you, therefore you tend to conceal and bury yourself in anxieties or fears.


The camp dream symbol encourages you to maintain a sense of balance in your life. It is now time to have fun and make the most of your life.


The campaign dream symbol indicates that you need to discover your life’s higher mission. Always strive to bring forth your best qualities.


Dreaming of owning a camper entails having the support of family and friends in all that you do. This dream may also represent the need for you to assert your power and authority in your life.


Dreaming about a campfire represents facing difficult challenges with a cheerful attitude. If you can’t handle anything on your own, seek advice, support, and help from others.

Can Opener

The can opener dream symbol represents your readiness to accept new ideas and apply them to better yourself and others. This dream also represents your want to share your knowledge and abilities with others.