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Pattern Dream Meaning
Pattern Dream Meaning

Dreaming Of Patterns – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

What Is The Meaning of a Pattern Dream?

A patterns dream signifies the need to make changes by seeing things from a different and new perspective that will fast track your progress. Seeing people around you in a different light will enable you to better interact with them.


Seeing this dream is a sign that you need to be aware of your actions and words in your waking life. You curve your destiny; therefore, you need to take charge of your life and avoid repeating things that led to your downfall in the past.


Negatively, a pattern dream symbol might mean that you are stuck in a loop of misfortunes; therefore, you need to take a break from everything and reevaluate your life.


Pattern Dream Interpretations

Dreams About Dot Patterns

According to the pattern dream dictionary, seeing dots in your dream signifies new opportunities. You will get the chance to do things better by making good use of the opportunities that cross your path.


Polka dots in your dream signify something you keep repeating or returning to. This dream might have both positive and negative connotations. Negatively, you might be repeating a bad habit that derails your growth. Positively, it might mean that you are doing something right in your life; therefore, you need to keep doing it.

Polka dots might also mean that you have a negative way of thinking that hinders you from working on creating a bright future for yourself.

What Does a Dream About Line Patterns Symbolize?

Pattern dream symbolism reveals that lines in your dream signify rules and boundaries. A straight line guides you on the right path you should take in life.

Crossing a line in your dream is symbolic of you crossing boundaries in your waking life. These might be someone else’s boundaries or your own.

Line pattern dreams generally signify focusing on the things that will lead to your growth while respecting boundaries and following the right path.

Dream About Spiral Patterns

A spiral moving clockwise in your dream signifies that things are going well in your life without any hitches. A spiral moving anti-clockwise is a sign that an aspect of your life is out of control.

Dreaming about a spiral pattern might also mean that one of your chakras is blocked, and you need to rebalance your body’s energy via meditation.

Making Patterns in Your Dream

This dream signifies being in charge of your life. Stop listening to what people have to say about your life. Live your life on your own terms as long as you are hurting no one and you are headed in the right direction.

Dreams About Clothing Patterns

A clothing pattern dream means that you look up to someone and wish to be like them. It might also signify that you lack your own identity. It is upon you to ensure that you work on yourself.

Final Analysis and Conclusion of Patterns Dreams

To better interpret this dream, you need to pay attention to the patterns you see and the things happening around you. Also, pay attention to the people in your dream, and you will get a hold of the message your subconscious is sending you.

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