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Dream Symbols Starting With T – Meaning, Interpretation, And Symbolism

Dream Dictionary: Symbols Starting With Letter T


Dreaming of a table represents being provided with several options, and you must make the best judgments to progress forward. Protect yourself from dangerous individuals by practicing caution. This implies you have a lot of resources to help you improve your life.


Table Tennis

Dreaming about table tennis indicates that you need to practice your abilities frequently in order to improve. People you interact with can help you learn new things and teach you crucial life lessons.


A tablecloth dream represents excellent things happening in your life as a result of your hard work and persistence. It represents making your own fortunes. You have the resources necessary to generate possibilities in your life.



Seeing a tailor in your dream indicates that you need to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself beyond your capabilities. This indicates that you are unsure of what you want out of life. You are conflicted, and making decisions has become difficult for you.


Telegram is a means of communication. Seeing a telegraph with good news in your dream represents pleasure, joy, and favorable consequences.



Dreaming about telepathy implies that you should communicate your thoughts and ideas with people. It also indicates that you have something significant to communicate with others around you.


The telephone dream symbol represents the necessity to take problems in your life seriously. Increase your communication with others and your social skills will improve.



The telescope dream sign indicates that you should deal with your troubles in your waking life. Always be open to new opportunities.


The television dream symbol represents making minor adjustments in your life and hoping for the better. This dream indicates that you should be cautious with your choices and how you express yourself.


Dreaming of taking your temperature indicates that you should control your temper. Don’t allow your emotions to rule your life.


Dreaming about a passing tempest represents gaining happiness in your life after a period of sadness. Concentrate on the things that make you happy and pursue them.


Overcoming temptations successfully in your dream indicates that you will discover answers to your issues in your real life. It is also a sign that you should be prepared for new chances to enter your life.


Tobacco in your dream represents the need for you to face your challenges with confidence and courage. Believe in yourself and your ability, and do what is beneficial for you.


The dream sign for toes indicates that you should be cautious in your preparations. Plan everything correctly and at the proper moment, and you will be successful.


Toilets in your dreams may indicate that you require seclusion daily. People want to observe what happens in your private life, so be cautious.


Dreaming about a toll bridge indicates that you need to improve your communication abilities. Take care of your money and use it carefully.


Dreaming of a tomb represents someone influencing your life by continually reminding you of your faults in the past. Acknowledge your faults so that others do not hold them against you. Decide to make apologies.


A torch dream indicates that a new light will enter your life, guiding you in the proper route that will lead to success. Face your worries and accept new chances to bring good fortune into your life.


Tornado dreams are warmings that teach you crucial life lessons. Find better techniques to defend yourself from harm. Examine what happens in your daily life and identify your stresses.


Dreaming of putting a trap in your dream indicates that you have chosen to do something to solve the difficulties that plague you. Take action, and things will improve in your life.

Trap Door

Dreaming about a trap door represents being open to your emotions and feelings. Stop avoiding people. People will connect to your situation and aid you if you express yourself.


Dreaming about traveling indicates that you are constantly busy, which is why you are always on the go. Investigate new possibilities and welcome fresh beginnings.


Dreaming about a tray indicates that you should take care of your loved ones. Take responsibility for their well-being. However, do not surround yourself with people who live on taking advantage of your compassion and generosity.


Seeing treason in your dreams might indicate a self-defeating mindset. You should improve yourself. Love yourself and pursue your passions.


According to the treasure dream symbolism, this dream represents financial wealth. This dream also indicates that favorable changes will occur in your life. Accept them and they will offer you happiness, peace of mind, and delight.


Dreaming about a tree indicates that you should concentrate on your own development. Live a life you’ll be proud of. A beautiful tree in your dreams represents happiness in your personal, professional, and romantic life.