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Dream Symbols Starting With P

Dream Symbols Starting With P – Meaning, Interpretation, And Symbolism

Dream Dictionary: Symbols Starting With Letter P


What does it imply to have a parasite dream? This dream indicates that you like to rely on others and are unwilling to achieve anything on your own. You are prone to reckless and harmful behavior because it benefits you in some manner.



A sealed parcel represents long-term prosperity that will secure financial security for future generations. Carrying a parcel in your dream represents future prosperity.


The symbolism of parents encourages you to find significance in your life and to focus on making the proper choices and decisions that will lead to your success. A dream involving your parent in which you are having fun with each other represents happiness.



A Paris dream represents keeping your dignity and enjoying and being grateful for your platonic and romantic connections. Dreaming of Paris also represents creativity, a passion for fashion, and independence.


Parks in your dreams represent positive transformations, fresh beginnings, and happiness. You will have difficulties and setbacks from time to time, but you are strong enough to overcome them.


Parking Lot

Parking lot dreams represent positive growth in your life as you explore new paths to a brighter future. You have the power to achieve your objectives and realize your aspirations.


A parkour dream represents your power and optimism in achieving tasks that others may find difficult since you are always striving for the best. Dreaming about doing parkour represents your capacity to conquer any obstacles in your life.



Parliament dreams are typically good omens that motivate you to improve and achieve well to lead others correctly. This dream also represents your decision-making abilities.


Being on parole also indicates that someone in a position of power in your life wants you to be your best self. A person being on parole in a dream also emphasizes the need to carefully consider the repercussions of one’s conduct.


Focus on how the settings and surroundings in your dream resemble things in your real life if you experience a parrot dream. This dream represents fresh beginnings, good changes, the quest for happiness, inspiration, and personal development.


Dreaming about parsley represents cleaning your life by releasing bad emotions and beliefs that are holding you back. You will have difficulties, but they will not prevent you from reaching your full potential.


Seeing a parsnip develop in your dream represents advancement and achievement in your professional efforts. A dream about parsnips represents excellent fortune in most areas of your life, such as business and work, but bad luck in areas of love.


Party dreams may indicate that you are a happy person that others enjoy being around. You are always cheerful, no matter what difficulties you face in life.


Passageway dreams indicate that you must welcome change. Allow yourself to grow by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and taking chances.


Passenger dreams appear when you sense the need for others to lead and assist you in achieving your goals without having to do anything. Make time to relax and refresh if you want to stay productive.

Passing Bell

Dreaming about a passing bell is a sign that you should take care of your health. Though your health will deteriorate over the day, you must take action to prevent the illness from overwhelming you.


A passport dream indicates that you want to travel to relax your mind, body, and soul or relocate to start a new life in a new place. This dream asks you to think about your future and how to best handle problems.


A passport dream indicates that you want to travel to relax your mind, body, and soul or relocate to start a new life in a new place. This dream asks you to think about your future and how to best handle problems.


Dreaming about installing passwords on your technological gadgets indicates that you value living your own life free of interruption and meddling from others. You are content when you have control over your life and are not influenced by others.


Dreaming about the past indicates that you have yet to let go of something or someone, or that you desire specific occurrences to reoccur in your life. This dream is normally not a terrible sign, but you should not allow previous events to determine your present life.