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Dream Symbols Starting With S

Dream Symbols Starting With S – Meaning, Interpretation, And Symbolism

Dream Dictionary: Symbols Starting With Letter S


The sabotage dream symbol represents that you need to rethink your life strategy. This dream also suggests that you keep peace and harmony with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.



The sack dream sign encourages you to pursue your goals. Learn how to communicate yourself effectively and don’t worry about what others think of you. Live your life on your own terms.


The sacrifice dream sign indicates that you are ready to improve your life. A sacrifice dream indicates that you must work hard in order to achieve self-discovery, growth, spiritual enlightenment, and good advancement.



The saddle dream symbol encourages you to believe in yourself and your skills since you are on your way to greatness. Dreaming about a lot of saddles represents excellent news that will improve your life.


Dreaming about a salad indicates that you should prioritize your health. This dream also represents success in both your personal and professional lives.



Dreaming about a salamander indicates that you should live in harmony with nature. Work to achieve and maintain balance, productivity, harmony, and creativity in whatever you do.


In your dream, making salami represents patience with yourself. Be open to new possibilities for dealing with the difficulties that bother you in your daily life.



Saliva dreams suggest discovering better ways to express your deepest emotions. Find better ways to deal with your emotions and feelings so they don’t consume you.


The salmon dream symbol represents the need to control your emotions. Do what makes you happy. Discover new methods to express yourself. Believe in your ability and yourself.


Dreaming of being at a salon indicates that you are happy with your life’s path. Happiness and joy will enter your life. You know how to take care of yourself.


If you see salt in your dream, it suggests you need to purify your life. Change your habits and start living a healthier lifestyle. Stop engaging in things that harm your body and degrade your values.

Salt Water

Dreaming about saltwater on your tongue indicates that you should let go of your unhappiness. It is not wrong to cry. If you need to cry, do so until you’re relieved.

Same Person

Dreaming about the same person symbol represents the necessity to release yourself from certain heavy commitments. This dream suggests that you are seeing the same person in your dreams because you have lost them and have yet to recover from the pain.


When you are focusing on making great changes in your life, a school comes in your dreams. This dream indicates that you have all you need to succeed in life. Your education and insight will allow you to make judgments that benefit both you and others.


The scythe dream represents plenty, good fortune, intuition, hard effort, dedication, commitment, and resilience. This dream indicates that you should be aware of your mental condition and cautious about who you invite into your life.


The Sea dream symbol represents your ability to deal with any problem in your life. Sea dreams represent what you must do to move your life forward; how you live your life is significant. Maintain a sense of balance and stability in your life at all times.


Do you have seed dreams? This vision represents limitless possibilities, possibility, fertility, and the continuance of life. You must devise plans to steer your life in the proper direction.


A seesaw dream teaches you to be sympathetic and attentive to others’ concerns. According to the seesaw dream interpretation, playing on a seesaw with someone and being glad about it represents the arrival of wonderful moments in your life.

Self Defense

Most of the time, dreaming of self-defense represents dread and dissatisfaction in your waking life. This dream is a message from your subconscious mind to attend to important problems in your life at the appropriate moment.


Dreaming about selling something sometimes represents attempting to convince yourself about someone or something in your life. Dreaming about selling something indicates that you are looking for ways to encourage and inspire yourself.