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dream symbols starting with m

Dream Symbols Starting With M – Meaning, Interpretation, And Symbolism

Dream Dictionary: Symbols Starting With Letter M


Dreaming of macaroni means you have a lot of energy to work hard. You are surrounded by others who share your thoughts and goals.



Seeing mace in your dreams represents safety. You will do everything possible to protect yourself from external and internal threats.


Dreaming of a machete warns you to be cautious with your words and deeds, as they may bring further troubles. Avoid unnecessary disputes by paying attention to how you act around others.



Dreaming about machinery indicates that you should efficiently perform your obligations, jobs, and tasks. Always do the things that will help you advance in life. Be inventive and original with your talents as well.

Mad Dog

Dreaming about a mad dog at your home represents aggressive thoughts. Someone or something in your life irritates you to the point where you feel the desire to lash out at them.



Dreaming about insanity indicates that you don’t care what happens to you as long as you obtain what you want. Be truthful to yourself and others with whom you contact.


A Madonna appearing in your dream represents your femininity. It is also an indication that you are healing in your life. Dreaming about a Madonna represents being faithful to yourself.



Dreaming about a mafia indicates that you struggle with power and control. Appreciate your efforts and recognize yourself for your accomplishments and skills.


Magazines on display in your dreamscape represent achievement and the power of optimistic thinking. If you believe in yourself and your ability, you can do anything.


Dreaming about a maggot might indicate that something is bothering you in real life. You must deal with your issues. Face your anxieties and manage them effectively.


Seeing a magistrate in your dream is a sign that you should be ready for legal battles emanating from your business transactions. Avoid conflicts with people.


A magnet in a dream represents attraction, determination, confidence, loss of control, trust, loyalty, and betrayal. It suggests you should bring good energy into your life.


Seeing a magpie in your dreams indicates that you need to rethink your life. Make the necessary changes to allow you to go on with hope, serenity, and pleasure. This dream, according to magpie dream interpretation, indicates that you need to review your life.


Dreaming about marigolds represents discovering everlasting love. You will meet someone who will eventually become your life partner. Prepare for a journey of dedication, understanding, honesty, and love.


Seeing a market in your dream indicates that you must have stability and order in your life in order for things to operate well. Because you are resourceful, many things work to your advantage.


Seeing marmalade in your dreams might also be a sign of survival. Dreaming of eating marmalade is a subliminal reminder from your subconscious mind to take care of your health.


Dreaming about a marmot in your house represents being prepared to face problems. You have the strength and confidence to face your worries, conquer obstacles, and cope with issues.


A marriage dream demonstrates your dedication, confidence, and determination in all facets of your life. Dreaming of marriage and being delighted about it indicates that you will have many possibilities in your life.


The melon dream sign encourages you to trust your intuition and inner voice. This dream represents joy, riches, success, good fortune, and fullness in your life.


Melting in your dreamscape indicates that you will go through a cleaning time that will allow you to get rid of harmful habits. Accept fresh starts and new ways of doing things.


Receiving a memo in your dream indicates that you are awaiting some news and are psychologically prepared to handle whatever comes your way. Finding a memo in your dreamscape represents taking on new responsibilities.


Making a memorandum in your dream indicates that you have an important message to share with others. Finding a memorandum in your dreamscape indicates that you will take on new responsibilities that will provide joy to others.


Dreaming of a memorial represents rejoicing in the good times in your life. Never forget the happy moments. A dream concerning a memorial indicates that you should accept your past and concentrate on going forward.


Dreaming of being a missionary indicates that you should experiment with new ideas. It is also a sign that you should utilize your blessings to help others and get involved in ministry.


Mistletoes are plant parasites. The presence of mistletoe on a tree indicates that you will always have a friend in need. Someone who will always be there for you no matter what.


Dreaming about a mockingbird indicates that you should focus on what makes you happy and brings joy into your life. Look up to those who have a positive effect on your life. Discover new ways to accomplish things.