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Dream Symbols Starting With O

Dream Symbols Starting With O – Meaning, Interpretation, And Symbolism

Dream Dictionary: Symbols Starting With Letter O


What does it mean to have an oak dream? This dream represents inner strength, knowledge, longevity, excellent health, development, advancement, and stability.



Oar dreams encourage you to be strong because you can overcome difficulties. Seeing an oar in your dream indicates that you should learn better methods to deal with your emotions rather than allowing them to control you.


The Oasis dream symbol informs you that difficulties will come and go, but you must stay strong, cheerful, and hopeful. You will be able to put your issues aside as you focus on the right path for your life.



The oath dream symbol represents honesty and being faithful to yourself. Dreaming of an oath represents setting achievable goals. It also shows that you are determined to make the most of your life.


Dreaming of oatmeal represents valuing the small things in life. Engage in activities and associate with people that make you happy. Take in the wonderful vibes and make the most of your existence.



Dreaming about an obelisk indicates that you should do all possible to increase your knowledge. Learn new skills from others.


Obesity dreams indicate that you are having difficulty breaking a harmful habit impeding your growth and advancement. Do not give greater attention to the negative aspects of your life.



Dreaming about an obituary represents an opportunity to better your life by accepting change. Learn new skills and expand your knowledge at every chance.


The obligation dream symbol represents being responsible to yourself and others. Perform your duties with joy and passion. Take on only what you know you can handle comfortably.


Dreaming about an observatory indicates that you need to widen your views. Be daring and open to new experiences and learning.


According to the obsessive dream dictionary, someone obsessed with you in your dream represents a loss of control. Deal with each issue one at a time until they are all resolved.


Dreaming of an obstacle might indicate that you have doubts about yourself and your talents. Believe in yourself. You can achieve your greatest potential if you challenge yourself.


Listening to an occultist’s lessons in your dream indicates that you are ready to assist people in improving their lives. Create balance, and you will be able to appreciate your life fully.


Seeing an ocean in your dream suggests improving your emotional expression. Do not allow bad feelings to overcome you. Dreaming about an ocean at repose represents calm, wealth, and success in your waking life.


Dreaming of an octagon represents spiritual awakening and knowledge. You are prepared to steer your life in the proper direction.


Seeing an octopus in your dream represents conquering obstacles, triumphing over foes, and finding answers to issues. This dream is a message that you need to think positively in order to get through life.


In your dream, an oculist represents a spiritual guide who leads you out of the darkness. This spiritual guide will assist you in bringing peace and harmony among your loved ones.


Having an odor dream suggests that you are surrounded by positive forces that will help you to achieve great things in your life. Good fortune will come your way in all parts of your life.


According to the offense dream interpretation, getting offended in your dream represents having emotional troubles that may jeopardize your relationships with others. Take care of yourself and find appropriate outlets for expressing your thoughts and sentiments.


Dreaming of an office represents being efficient in whatever you do. You are continuously looking for excellent results. Office dreams are about how you feel about your progress and work life.


The officer dream symbol represents having a lot of difficulties in your life that you need to deal with one at a time. Take responsibility for bringing happiness into your life.


The ogre dream sign warns you to be cautious of the people you trust. If you see an ogre in your dream, you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Oil Spill

Dreaming about oil spills indicates that you must work hard in order to get the benefits of your efforts. Continue to work hard in order to increase the number of benefits in your life.


A new oilcloth in your dream represents the importance of focusing on yourself and doing the things that will lead to success. Maintain your principles, values, and beliefs, and you will be well on your road to greatness.


Seeing an ointment in your dream indicates that you will be successful in most parts of your life. It is also a sign that you will get support from family and friends through difficult times.