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Dream Symbols Starting With U

Dream Symbols Starting With U – Meaning, Interpretation, And Symbolism

Dream Dictionary: Symbols Starting With Letter U


Dreaming about a UFO represents personal freedom and independence. Approach everything in your life with a good attitude, and you will get a better perspective.



Dreaming of ulcers indicates that you deal with major emotional troubles in your real life. It is your life to live; thus, choose to surround yourself with people who have a positive influence on you.


Seeing ultrasound images in your dream represents your want to be your greatest self. This will be accomplished by acquiring new talents from others and increasing your knowledge of topics that interest you.


Umbilical Cord

Dreaming about an umbilical cord being severed represents fresh beginnings. You are prepared to take your life to the next level, regardless of the obstacles and issues that may arise.


Dreaming about an umbrella represents the desire for protection in your life. You have the correct support system; as a result, you will live a joyful and fulfilling existence.



Dreaming about an uncle indicates that you should respect and cherish the parental figures in your life. This dream might also indicate that you are having problems in your romantic life.


Dreaming about being unconscious represents the need for instruction in order to live your greatest life. The unconsciousness of someone else in your dream represents money and plenty in your life.



Dreaming about an undertaker may also indicate that you are unconcerned about the bad aspects of your life. You are too passive, and you must alter this if you want to live your greatest life.


The underwater dream symbol indicates that you need to recognize and work on the emotions that are overpowering you. Being underwater in your dream is also a sign that you need to regain control of your life.


A unicorn in your dream is a sign of hope. You may feel that everything is conspiring against you, but you must remain positive, hopeful, and optimistic that things will improve.


The uniform dream sign indicates you will be honored and recognized for your excellent work. It is also a sign that you will succeed in your life and that others will be proud of you for your efforts and hard work.


Dreaming of a union represents unity of purpose with others. There are some things you cannot accomplish on your own. To reach your maximum potential, you will need the support, direction, and assistance of others.


The urn dream symbol indicates the feminine receptive principle. An urn in your dream represents letting go of the past. It also involves accepting and moving on after the loss of a loved one.