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Leash Dream Meaning

Understanding the Meaning of a Leash Dream – Interpretation and Symbolism

Did You See a Leash in Your Dream? Understand Its Meaning in Reality

Seeing a leash dream symbol means you do not want to lose control over someone or something in your waking; therefore, you remain in charge. In exercising power and authority, ensure that you do not restrain anyone’s personal freedom. Always take the lead in making your life and the lives of others better.


Dreaming of holding a leash means that you need more control in your life. Wearing a leash in your dream signifies the need to exercise restraint regarding how you express your sexuality and infatuations. Do not do things that will not sit well with others. Showing restraint in aspects of your life will enable you to receive the respect you deserve.

According to the leash dream dictionary, a dog on a leash in your dreams signifies the need to control love and loyalty in your waking life. Dreaming of someone else wearing a leash means that there is someone in your waking life you admire, and you would want to be like them.


Dreaming of broken leashes means that you are free from being controlled or someone is free from your control. Walking an animal on a leash in your sleep means that you should be cautious of the people in your social circle. Some are working hard to ensure they embarrass you and taint your image. Do not let anyone use what they know about you against you. Allow no one to humiliate you. Distance yourself from such people, and you will be free from unnecessary stress.

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