Apple Tree Symbolism

Symbolic Meanings Of Trees

Trees are undoubtedly crucial to the physical success and well-being of the planet. However, they are also highly symbolic in the natural realm of the spiritual world. Not only do they possess healing properties, provide inspiration, and bear fruit: they also correspond to the key elements and play important roles in ancient myths and lessons.

The giants of nature are open to us and invite us to be part of the world with them. By sharing their essence and energy in a completely selfless way, they allow us to tap into their energies and wisdom. When we can identify different families and types of trees, we allow ourselves to analyze and learn from the specific qualities and teachings of each individual tree.

In order to connect with trees effectively, we must be willing to learn and accept a higher level of vision. We must accept our small size yet embrace our huge responsibility, all while being grateful for the gifts that trees give us and the sacrifices that they make for us.

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Apple Tree Symbolism

The apple tree is very common around the world, particularly in the West, and we must remember not to exploit it for our own use. Just like we must form a reciprocal bond with animal totems, so, too, should we respect and work with apple (and all other) trees.

Apple tree symbolic meanings are worth exploring and investigating for their vastness in terms of variety and positivity – how could the delicious and sumptuous fruit be representative of anything negative, anyway?! Well, I suppose it was used by Satan to tempt Eve in the Biblical creation story, but for our spiritual purposes, the apple is inspirational.

The apple tree and its fruit symbolize wonderful qualities that we all should strive to achieve in our daily lives, including truthfulness, love, appreciation of both internal and external beauty, remembrance of the past, peace, and romance and fertility.

Apple Tree Blossoms Symbolism

In spring, the blossoms of the apple tree burst forth in beautiful clusters of pink and white flowers. The blossoms from an apple tree during this season of new life symbolize fertility and plentiful bounty. The light floral scent from the beautiful tree brightens the day for all passers by and were formerly used to decorate and improve the scent of people’s bedchambers.

Apple Fruit Symbolic Meaning

After the floral season comes the fruit that everyone looks forward to eating: the apple. The apple was once thought to be a fruit of paradise and one that could alter people’s state of mind. We now know that this “altered mental state” can be achieved by fermenting the apples into hard apple cider vinegar and consuming moderate to large amounts to become intoxicated. Its power was viewed as possessing transformative qualities by groups such as the Druid priests.

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Celtic Apple Tree Meanings

The apple tree has particularly bold symbolic value in Celtic culture, as it concerns many admirable qualities such as purity, integrity, completeness and generosity. These ancient people also recognized the value of every part of these trees and revered it in multiple fashions. The trunk of the tree was considered as having a female form, making the branches, flowers, and fruits symbolic of motherhood and maternal instinct.

Appropriately, its wood was burned during fertility ceremonies, rites, and festivals carried out in the barren winter months. These services were performed to call upon the swift return of spring, new life, and fertility. For humans, this was in the form of having large, healthy families.

In addition to female traits, the apple tree was also generally thought to be artistic, an emblem of creativity, poetry, and arts. For these (obvious) reasons, the Celts valued the apple tree as a treasure. In addition to their symbol and spiritual value, apples have the ability to be kept for a long period of time (when stored in the right conditions).

To the Celts, this was not only viewed as a beneficial utility, but also a representation of the longevity of true love: one that lasts long beyond its picking at the peak of ripeness. It was rather commonplace to present an apple to a woman that you fancied during that late period. This tree thus emulates the attributes of flowers, trees, and fruit – the ultimate power trio.

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