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January 23 – Aquarius Birthday Horoscope Personality Traits

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On 23rd January (Horoscope Sign Aquarius)

IF YOU ARE BORN ON JANUARY 23, you are adaptable! You can be a very observant person through your natural curiosity. You can easily be described as a chameleon. Some would say that you are your own person.

You embrace who you are instead of hiding it. Although you like to socialize, you can be a loner. Find out more about what your birthday says about you?

The January 23 birthdate zodiac sign Aquarius are flexible in their thinking. You meet new people and thrive in situations in which you are in the spotlight. Aquarians are funny but intellectual people. On top of that, you are honest to a fault. Your bluntness can be offensive to people.

23 january birthday aquariusYou are an Air sign. You have the only connection to this element. Like the wind, you never see it coming but you know it is there. It somehow can push you over with its strong burst of energy or can be as subtle as a summer’s breeze. The air is very active and is all over the place very much like you, Aquarius. You are a force to be reckoned with, that is for sure.

The birthday characteristics for January 23 birthday shows that, Uranus, however, is linked to your need for flight and independence. The combination influences you to be objective. There is little to be considered when it comes to the welfare of others, but you tend to withdraw when it comes to being concerned about yourself.

It is a self-defense method, I know, and your friends and family tend to accept that way about you but your temper tantrums and sometimes childish behavior are unbecoming to you. Your many wonderful friends tolerate this behavior only in their unmistakable need to please you.

According to the Aquarius birthday horoscope, when it comes to being traditional, you are just the opposite. Whether it is your hobby or some new trendy fashion, you find being different appealing. Some times, you go over the top.

People look at you in a weird way but again, your friend’s kindness is all there to protect you. the 23rd January birthday meaning also shows that your unpredictable nature makes it difficult to tell you certain things. Your ability to distant yourself from the world leaves your friends and family members at a loss without you.

You can be charming but levelheaded. Aquarians born on January 23 are very interesting people. You have a lot to talk about in your many plights for success. You have had a variety of career options. You are familiar with leadership and its position.

You do not even know you are special because the things you do, you just believe should be done. According to you, Aquarius, there should not be a special reward for just doing your job.

The birth date astrology analysis for Aquarians born on January 23rd says that you make wonderful friends; however, your concern for others can sometimes lack compassion.

Aquarian men may possibly seem remote and unapproachable but are actually very approachable. You are charismatic, intelligent and creative. Most are really very easy going but they have an adamant side that is infuriating.

The female Aquarius is equally talented. She is full of surprises that could be attributed to her endless creative abilities. She knows that it is her physical attributes that lure the interest of others but wish they could see past that. The independent Aquarius has lost a few loves because of their unwillingness to sacrifice their positions.

If today is your birthday, then you are down-to-earth. You are strong people but you are not always silent. You seem to hold many things inside making you prone to illnesses and diseases. Often put in the position of a leader, you have many ideals and traits that extended from your upbringing.

You take pride in your family unit. Your parenting is that of discipline and encompasses many values your parents gave you but they are somewhat upgraded or altered. With that, come some criticisms that you may or may not take into consideration.

Concluding, you are a January 23 birthday Aquarius. You have the need to explore and to satisfy your natural curiosity. You, on the surface, seem unapproachable but you are actually very easy going.

January 23 birthday

Your family means the world to you. Your creative ability makes it hard to settle down to just one idea. You are strong and independent. Life is just better with Aquarian by your side.

Zodiac Astrology

Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – January 23rd In History:

1546 – After an eleven year silence, the sequel to Gargantua and Pantagruel, Tiers Livre was published by Francois Rabelais.

1855 – The first bridge was built over the Mississippi River which paved the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1907 – Kansas had its first Native American United States Senator Charles Curtis.

1962 – Bob Feller & Jackie Robinson are framed into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Celebrities Born On 23rd January:

John Hancock, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Tito Ortiz, Chita Rivera, Randolph Scott, Antonio Villaragigosa

Birthdate Sign:

You Fall Under Horoscope Sign Aquarius

Corresponding Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Kumbha Rashi

Corresponding Chinese Zodiac Sign: TIGER

Birth Planet:

Your ruling planet is Uranus and symbolizes disruption, awakening, rebellion and sudden change of events.

Birthday Symbols:

The Water Bearer Is The Symbol For The Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Birth Date Tarot Card:

Your Birthdate Tarot Card is The Hierophant. This card symbolizes the quest for wealth, prestige, knowledge and new partnerships.

Birthday Love Compatibility:

You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Leo: This is a very loving and positive match.

You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Pisces: This is a relationship between two opposite zodiac signs who complement each other in all ways.

Birth Date Numerology:

Your Favorable numbers are:

Number 5 – This is a very imaginative, creative and flexible number.

Number 6 – This number signifies compassion, caring, gentleness and artistic temperament.

Lucky Colors For January 23rd Birthdays:

Green: This color stands for growth, fertility, regeneration and progress.

Aquamarine Blue: This color has a calming and soothing effect and symbolizes purity.

Lucky Days For 23rd January Birthdates:

Saturday – Planet Saturn‘s day that symbolizes ambition, efficient hard work and difficult lessons.

Wednesday– Planet Mercury‘s day that symbolizes communication, adaptability and versatility.

Birth Stone:

Amethyst gemstone can help you overcome your addictions and help in total transformation.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gift For People Born On The 23rd Of January:

A bead bracelet for the woman and a desert holiday for the Aquarius man.

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  1. O MY! This all follows my personality! I sent this page to my friends and they agreed that this is true! My favorite number is 5 has been since I was 7…..
    The reason why us January 23s are loners becuase people don’t like us for our intimidating look and our CRAZY, DIFFERENT personality! Always.

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