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Feng Shui for Life Problems: Fantastic Cheat Sheet

Troubleshoot Your Life Problems With Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the influence of hidden forces all around us. It can be seen in mountains, skyscrapers, and trees; it all depends on who we are. Feng Shui is the art of understanding the flow of the circulating life energy. Feng Shui for life problems can help relieve tension, help us embrace our thoughts and feelings, alleviate depression, and much more. But many believe that Feng Shui maintains inner peace within one’s self.


I’m sure everybody can relate to the belief that nothing can fix a bad day- especially when it is happening. Imagine; a stack of work, a cluttered apartment, and you’re living alone.

If a person wants to say to you,   these three issues can be solved very simply. In the art of ch’i, a person is more likely not to believe you than to believe you.

It can open your mind and accept the positive flow that Feng Shui can bring you. They cease to be catastrophes and become more like an obstacle in the way of your peace- but obstacles can always be overcome…


Feng Shui Your Life Problems

#1. Physical memories after a breakup

The age-old question of what to do with the keep-sakes after a break-up is that many of us ask after the unfortunate decline of a relationship.

Photographs, forgotten belongings, and other things of that nature can be categorized as ‘physical memories.’ Putting items like these in the bin is often a popular resolution, especially if the relationship ended on ‘frosty’ terms. While some believe that disposing of the physical memories in such a way is not a good thing to do, those who follow Feng Shui would be in favor of this.

Much like cremation or funeral, setting physical memories from a past relationship on fire (as an example) is symbolic within the traditional Chinese belief of Feng Shui. After all, no matter how long, a relationship carried us for a particular time in our lives.

Whether it is a year or ten years, who we were while in that relationship, besides the feelings we had at the same time. One should be honored in a way similar to that of a person’s death. Because it holds a particular part of us, our personalities, interests, feelings, and attitudes will likely change when we are part of a loving, healthy relationship.

Just throwing a certain amount of time’s worth of memories away without a second glance is no better than disregarding that time of our lives. While some might want that, I would advise against it; release your bitterness and move on.


#2. A cluttered home

Not everybody realizes this, but keeping our homes tidy can help our minds do the same. Often when we feel over-run with work, relationships, or whatever the case may be, we think cluttered within ourselves.

This is due to the overwhelming feeling of having to fix everything around you at once.

During this challenging time, we can often put the importance of the state of our homes to the back of our priority list, leading to a messy house and a cluttered mind. This creates only bad vibes, and who wants bad vibes?

I cannot stress the importance of maintaining the state of your home enough! Our homes are where we go to unwind and put our feet up at the end of the day. If we go home to a cluttered area, we have no space to unwind; our thinking area is compromised.

Often, this can lead to the repression of feelings. Repressing feelings is a very negative thing to do, and it can have a very significant impact on oneself. Granted, there’s a chance we will tidy our apartments in the never-land of ‘tomorrow,’ but why do tomorrow what we can do today? Significantly it can relieve tension and clear our minds!


#3.  Feng Shui Cures For Lie Problems

Cures are what we think of when we think of Feng Shui. It can be objects of color, sound, movement, weight, height, and life- cures are made to help beam energy. One popular cure and a straightforward one I’m sure many have in their home already is a mirror.

In the Feng Shui tradition, mirrors are believed to help activate, expand, circulate, and deflect energy. When we look at ourselves and are in a lousy mood, we are automatically convinced that we don’t look great today.

However, if we look at ourselves when we feel more positive, we are more likely to compliment ourselves. The mirror deflects our energy and vibes back at us, which is why the two above statements ring true.

If you are still scratching your head about what a ‘cure’ is- think of the film Hot Fuzz– in this film, the central character waters a plant called a ‘Japanese peace Lillie.’ This is an example of a ‘cure.’

Cures can be remedies to common everyday problems. After all, the definition of ‘remedy’ is very close to the meaning of ‘cure.’ The idea of a ‘cure’ cannot be applied to one specific situation. Still, instead, it can be used in all cases.

Much like the idea of a cluttered apartment, items that can be considered a ‘cure,’ such as crystals, art, and the sounds of trees in the wind, help us to unwind. They relieve tension and can often improve thinking ability and efficiency. While the go-to cure is to watch something on TV,

I recommend refraining from doing this because it fills our heads up via processing imagery and audio, limiting our capacity to relax. Instead, why not try listening to music and watering our plants?

#4. Awareness of Roads

This is a more complex idea of Feng Shui, theorized by Wu Xing. Wu Xing is a group of four experts in the Feng Shui way of life.

Wu Xing believes that the roads surrounding a person’s home and work symbolize different things. The state home at the end of a long, straight road is subject to the force of energy being funneled down this direct, narrow route.

Whereas a y-shaped road confuses a home’s occupants, i.e., you step outside of your home. Rather than a straightforward street, it splits into two different lanes, making important family/ work decisions harder.

Lastly, Wu Xing states that a road shaped like a ‘v,’ i.e., stepping outside of your house and their immediately being two split streets, as opposed to a ‘y’ shaped street that starts straight but eventually splits into two, is focused on by destructive forces at the sharp point, where the ‘v’ is formed.

The negative energy that accumulates at this point could affect the health and relationships of neighbors and oneself.’

Now, nobody has control over the shape of their streets, and it is not something that can be changed easily or quickly. However, as is the case with everything, now that we are aware of this hypothesis, our chances of falling victim to these three beliefs are now thinner because we know what to watch out for.

If a person tells us that we eat loudly, we may be inclined to eat more quietly in the future. By finding out and understanding the information we have just gone through, we are now more inclined to avoid the path of destructive forces.

#5. Locations and  personalities

Can you imagine a lion living as an average human being? Wearing a suit to work, shaving, cooking dinner? While it is an amusing thought and a good idea for a television show, it is unnatural and would cause the lion much discomfort.

Lions belong in the wild, where they can run and hunt. This idea can be applied to humans as well. If every human were born to be shipped into the family business or to graduate first in their maths class, our number of musicians, artists, actors, writers, photographers, and much more would be significantly lower than it is now.

So we cannot force a human with a non-standardized mind into a standardized environment. A person who studied art as a priority in college should not work as a bank manager, and a lion does not belong in a suit.

From personal experience, I can tell you that repressing your artistic side to try and gain an ‘academic status’ is a conflict with no merit.

Even if we succeed, it is unlikely we will feel satisfied. So express yourself – allow your true passions to shine through. If your passion is business, study business and become a businessman/woman. But if your true passion is art, become an artist. Interests cannot be forced.

The same goes for our homes. If we are generally outgoing, then an apartment towards our location is an apartment that suits us as a person.

If you decline every phone call you receive and keep conversation to a minimum, then that apartment suited to the outgoing person is not for you. Again, moving homes isn’t easy, but if you are not in an ideal living situation, I would strongly advise you to rectify that as soon as possible.

#6. Connecting each area

While the two share similarities, the state of neatness in one’s home is discussed in the sixth remedy.

However, in this remedy, a method of thinking within our homes is offered, and the benefits of which are discussed. When tidying our homes, it is common for us to tidy everywhere and not just focus on one area. We would clean our bathroom weekly but never clean our lounge.


Hence, Feng Shui is the art of positive energy and cleaning everywhere in your home. Think of associating a part of your house with a part of your life. We keep our bathroom clean and, in the process, make our priorities at work less vague.

But we keep our kitchen clean, and our thoughts on improving our relationship with our significant other. But others will become more sentimental and have a deeper meaning.

What is meant by an associating room in our homes? Is it a part of your life while we keep each room clean and uncluttered? But our thoughts and feelings on the individual parts of our life become uncluttered. This allows us to keep things in order, both in our living environment and in our minds.

#7. Keep A Balanced Mind

What is meant by keeping all aspects of our lives under our control? Staying centered means that everything around us is in balance; nothing is rolling on the ground or falling off the shelves because we are centered on everything.

But sometimes, it is necessary to sway to the left slightly. Certain aspects of our life may need more attention than others. And, it is essential to remember that swaying too far, left, right forwards, or backward for too long can result. Things are cluttered, resulting in cloudy judgment.

Thus, our attention and focus can be divided and needed by staying centered. However, I do not feel like all our minds’ divisions need all of our attention at once. So, keep things orderly and divide attention to one area at a time, following the Feng Shui tips for life problems.

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